Hilarious Designer Gains Internet Fame for Solving All Our First World Problems at Once

    Vermont based Product designer, Matt Benedetto is clearly a man on a mission. While it’s clear he has genius talents and mad skills, he channels most of his time and creative energies into solving problems that don’t exist. Nobody asked for these products, but his groundbreaking catalog of unnecessary inventions are nothing short of spectacular.

    Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

    From handy Crocs for your hands to sushi shades and sobbing spectacles, Matt has found the answer to every imaginary and millennial problem you can ask for. Since debuting his masterpieces on social media, his products have gone viral. Some of them have even been made into real products through crowdfunding campaigns. So, let’s scroll through the most impressive, hilarious, off-the-wall products that are taking the internet by storm.