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Hilarious Designer Gains Internet Fame for Solving All Our First World Problems at Once

Vermont based Product designer, Matt Benedetto is clearly a man on a mission. While it’s clear he has genius talents and mad skills, he channels most of his time and creative energies into solving problems that don’t exist. Nobody asked for these products, but his groundbreaking catalog of unnecessary inventions are nothing short of spectacular.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

From handy Crocs for your hands to sushi shades and sobbing spectacles, Matt has found the answer to every imaginary and millennial problem you can ask for. Since debuting his masterpieces on social media, his products have gone viral. Some of them have even been made into real products through crowdfunding campaigns. So, let’s scroll through the most impressive, hilarious, off-the-wall products that are taking the internet by storm.

Binge-Watch Until Your Eyes Ache With the Binge Brace

If you’ve ever tried to binge-watch an entire Netflix series on your tiny smartphone, then you’ll know that the struggle is real. Not only do you have to hold your phone up to your eyes, but then you might need your arms at any moment to binge-eat snacks. Then, if you want to browse social media at the time, you might lose your place in the series. And by that point, the whole momentum is gone!

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Thankfully, Matt has come up with the perfect solution to all your first-world problems. With his Binge Brace, he promises that binge-watching your favorite shows “just became 140x easier.” All you have to do is strap your smartphone into the headgear and all your shows can be watched inches from your eyes. With your hands-free, you can even rotate the phone to browse the net or slide the phone up during an ad break!

Display All Your Worldly Possessions at Once with the Solo Stash Pants

If you don’t have the luxury of a handbag, a rucksack or a shamelessly free shopping bag, you might be tempted to stash all your worldly possessions into your pant pockets. The only dilemma is that these pockets are not unlimited. They can usually only stretch to fit your wallet, phone and maybe your keys. But what if you want to carry your baguette or a beer!?

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Thankfully, Matt has designed a product to stash all your keepsake items in one place. With his Solo Stash Pants, you can enjoy the luxury of one gigantic pocket that extends right across your booty. From your iPad and iPhone to a giant baguette, you’ll never have to carry these every-day items with your actual hands ever again. You’ll also be a great magnet for thieves.

Be Ready for any Sushi Platter With Sushi Shades

For most of us millennials, our obsession with sushi has no bounds. So the importance of carrying chopsticks at all times might just be genius. Thankfully, this designer has tapped into his creativity to streamline multiple convenient ideas into one fashionable product.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

With Matt’s futuristic Sushi Shades, you can ensure your eyes are shaded by the sun and you’ll always look futuristic and fashionably cool. Then whether you love wearing your sunglasses in the club or at the beach and you come across an unexpected sushi platter, you’ll always be fully prepared. Simply remove the convenient chopstick arms and use the shades as an ultra-handy sushi plate!

Pre-Game Alone With the Crispy Case

Have you ever been chatting on the phone, and kicking back with an ice-cold beer alone, and you just wish that you could grow an extra hand!? You don’t know how long the conversation will last, and there are so many things that you could be accomplishing around your house at the same time.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

The revolutionary oversized case is designed to solve all your pre-gaming needs and fits perfectly onto your precious smartphone. Simply place your ice-cold beer into the flip-down case holder and you can rest it there while you chat. Now that your other hand is completely free, the possibilities are truly endless.

Never Hold a Book Again With the Easy Reader

While some of us might secretly want to be book warms, the idea of holding the book up to our faces for that long can be truly tiresome. And since our arms are in agony every few minutes, we then have to use our fingers to turn the pages. It’s enough to make us close the book altogether and take a long nap!

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Thankfully, our favorite designer has whipped up a treat for us with the ultimate reading companion, the Easy Reader. Simply place the handy harness around your body and your arms will be saved from book agony forever. The harness can be comfortably positioned so your book will be held by the hands at the optimal angle for your eyes. While your hands are free, you’re free to walk around looking like a book worm.

Smother Your Head With a Pillow With the Sleep Snorkel

Every so often, you might want to lie down on your bed and enjoy some well-deserved “me” time. So naturally, the best way to really get some “shut-eye” is to shut yourself off from the world. Some like to smother their entire faces with a giant pillow. It sounds legit, but what if you want to breathe too!?

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Thanks to the Sleep Snorkel, you can now catch some well deserved Zzzs, while you catch your breath too. With the advent of groundbreaking technology, the pillow is equipped with a nifty snorkel, so you can enjoy optimal airflow into your lungs. Now you can really hide from the world and smother your face in darkness forever.

The Cellphone Catcher Is Saving Cellphones, One Toilet Seat at a Time

Not all superheroes wear capes. But the Cellphone Catcher is designed to save cellphones, one toilet seat at a time. After hearing endless tales of poor souls dropping their cell phones down the drain, literally, Matt pushed the boundaries of creativity to devise his own ingenious invention.

With the Cellphone Catcher, you can be sure that your phone will never drop down the hole again, thanks to its convenient and rugged cargo net positioned across the seat. This way you can scroll for hours in the bathroom without a care in the world. The only problem is that it defeats the entire purpose of visiting the bathroom, but who are we to judge!

Never Be an Emotional Mess Again With the Sobbing Spectacles

If you’re about to watch a movie that you know will pull on your heartstrings, or attend a wedding of two souls that you know are meant to be together, the chances are things might get a bit emotional. Some people even look forward to their daily cry. So you might arm yourself with a pack of tissues at all times. But Matt has thought of the ultimate sobbing companion.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Thanks to these stylish Sobbing Spectacles, you can attend any emotional wedding, watch any heartwarming movie or get ready for your daily cry without looking like an emotional mess. The absorbent sponges are designed to soak up your salty tears and prevent them from running further down your cheeks. Crying has never looked more stylish!

Keep Your Baguette Safe From Predators With the Baguette Pack

Finally, Matt has devised the perfect solution to all our baguette prayers. If you’ve ever felt the excitement of purchasing a steaming hot, freshly baked baguette from the bakery, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Sometimes the bakery bag is just not enough. And once you walk with a baguette, everyone you pass will want to grab a big bite!

Matt has blown us all away with his ergonomically designed Baguette backpack. No longer will you have to worry about carrying the baguette with your hands and everyone wanting a piece of it ever again. The hands-free Baguette Pack is designed to keep your French delicacy protected, warm and dry all the way home. You can even sneak through the door without your family noticing and enjoy the baguette all to yourself!

Say Adios to Lego Pain With These Lego Socks

There’s really is no experience quite like the mind-numbing pain of stepping on a random Lego brick. As the excruciating agony sends shivers through your soul, you might wonder if that sensation will ever end. You might not even have kids, or remember owning a Lego set, so you’ll probably be wondering how on earth the Lego got into your living room floor in the first place too.

So, just in case you ever find yourself in a Lego battle, it’s important to be prepared at all times. With these revolutionary Lego Socks, you can roam around carefree, and enjoy a flexible sole and a geometric hole pattern. This way, if you ever happen to stumble on a Lego brick, you can say adios to any random Lego pain!

Puppy Thumbs Are the Gift That Keeps on Giving

With their unfaltering loyalty, adorable smirks and willingness to wag their tale with pure excitement at any moment, it’s true that puppies can be man’s best friend. Since your beloved ball of fluff can bring so much light into your life, Matt has devised the perfect gift for your pup that nobody asked for.

You see, Matt’s reasoning is that since puppies can be man’s best friend, why not give them the chance to enjoy one of the many things that set them apart from their human counterparts. That’s right, Puppy Thumbs might just be the best invention since the Baguette Backpack. The realistically designed AI canine thumbs can be controlled by your pup for no reason at all, but they will make a big statement at the dog park!

Stay Away From Fashion With Croc Gloves

Ever since the world’s infamous rubbery clogs, Crocs, first hit the shelves, they have divided the internet. For some staunch Crocs fans, they provide a practical, water-resistant, rubbery shoe wonder product. They’re a big hit with dads and practical people. However, style-less clogs soon gained many staunch haters.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

For Crocs haters, they simply could not hide their feelings and the unfashionable shoes became the subject of internet ridicule. However, thanks to Matt, Crocs fans can finally rejoice with the release of Crocs Gloves. He has ensured that the unfashionable gloves “feature all the best things from the shoes” including the strap. So even though you’ll no longer be able to bend your hands, you’ll look very practical.

Prevent a Pizza Meltdown With the Pizza Fannypack

If you’ve ever found yourself in a real pizza conundrum, then you might understand the pain. That’s because when the pizza craving gets you, and your hunger pangs kick in, you really can’t focus on anything else. That includes your TV series. And when you finally order a pizza for takeout, it’s a waiting game until your precious Pizza finally arrives at your doorstep.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

We’re guessing Matt has experienced the pizza struggle too. That’s why he let his creative juices flow and developed The Pizza FannyPack. This way you’re always moments away from taking a delicious bite. The stylish pack has been designed to perfection with two transparent pouches for your pizza, so you can enjoy on the go. It’s a great way to attract new friends and he has even added a reflector for a Pizza Party on the go.

Work Around the Clock With Scooter Computer Commuter

In the fast-paced world of business, it’s true that every second counts. So, why work just 9 to 5, when you can work around the clock and enjoy absolutely no time for yourself at all. Who needs sleep or a social life anyway!?

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

For workaholics who like to look trendy and scoot to work, they might get anxious about missing precious minutes of their workday to commute. So thanks to Matt, you can start your business day early and carry on working all the way home with the Scooter Computer Commuter stand up desk. For the ultimate in multi-tasking, you can scoot as fast as you want, drink your coffee, use your stapler and never miss an email again!

Protect Your Smartphone Before Your Own Head With the Instaparasol

For most millennials, smartphones really are life. Some might even protect their smartphones with their life, and wrap them up with the most expensive, fashionable and scratch-proof cases money can buy. But this doesn’t ensure your phone is weather resistant.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Well, Matt really has thought of everything. With his InstaParasol, you can protect your phone screen from one drop of rain, while looking super stylish. Since you never know when rain will strike, you can always put your smartphone’s priority first with your handy umbrella accessory and ensure that your phone never feels the rain, even if you do.

Hear Every Annoying Whisper Forever With These Giant Ear Horns

For those of you who might be hard of hearing, or just a little lazy to hear everything the first time, Matt has found the answers to all your hearing-impaired prayers. This way, you don’t have to waste any energy asking anyone twice to repeat anything ever again.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

With the giant ComeAgain ear horns, you can be sure to hear everything near and far. And we mean anything. From a tiny whisper in the next room to the annoying conversation on the bus, all the sounds will be amplified forever. You’ll also be making a fashion statement with your super sleek giant horn ears and everyone will want to talk loudly to you.

Nap Anytime, Anywhere With the Readynapper

Every morning, as the piercing sound of the alarm clock reverberates through your eardrums, you might regret the day you ever invested in an alarm clock. Still, you’re forced to get up and out of your bed, because of well. life. So imagine the thought of carrying your beloved pillow with you, strapped to your head all day long.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

With the oversized ReadyNapper strapped to your head, you can literally pretend you never got out of bed. And any time, 24/7 that you get bored in a meeting or in a boring conversation, all you have to do is close your eyes. And nobody will ask any questions, as you already look borderline crazy and too comfortable to disturb.

Never Smell a Smelly Cat Again With the Smellmet

Now the Smellmet is one unnecessary invention that we could all use in our lives. That’s because you never really know when a foul smell disaster will strike. You can never really predict when your colleague will bring foul fish for lunch again, you’ll stumble on a smelly street cat or when another colleague will forget to shower.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Not to sound too dramatic, but foul odours like these can make or break your day. However, with the Smellmet odor-blocking helmet, you can enjoy the luxury of a handy high-powered fan. Then if you have to stumble upon a smelly cat, you can power the fan and only smell real air all day long.

Chew Like an Animal Behind Closed Curtains With the Cuisine Curtain

Sometimes in life, you don’t always want to pretend to eat politely or be socially acceptable with table manners or etiquette. But out of common courtesy, we all have to do that when we’re in front of real people. But imagine if you can hit up a Michelin star restaurant and really enjoy your food in all it’s glory, just as nature intended.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

With the Cuisine Curtain, you can chew like an animal with your mouth open and savor every single juicy bite without anyone knowing. Who needs manners or etiquette, when you can simply attach a personal curtain to your nose and cover your mouth. While you might not be able to breathe or talk through the curtain, at least you can chew and make mumbly noises to your heart’s content.

Learn How to Ride Stilletos With these Training Heel Wheels

While it’s quite common to teach toddlers how to ride a bike with the help of training wheels, Matt has taken this concept to the next level of genius. The logic behind his madness is that if you can teach toddlers to ride that way, surely you can teach upcoming supermodels to ride in heels with the help of training wheels.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

With the Heels Wheels, you can enjoy the luxury of a more stable and safer stiletto heel. They also have super cool and trendy wheels attached, like roller skates. Who needs to practice walking in heels with a dusty old book on your head, when you can learn how to strut and roll down the catwalk with confidence!

Wear Your Snacks While You Snack With Cookie Mitts

Cookie Mitts might just be the best invention since sliced bread. Seriously, you’ll never have to wonder when you’ll get the next sugar fix ever again. For the undercover cookie monsters among us, these gooey sugary mitten treats sound like a real dream!

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

With your wearable snack accessories, you’ll always look just like a snack, and always be in style. The chocolate chip delights not only look divine but they’ll taste delicious too. While you might not be able to ever use your hands for anything else other than eating, you’ll always be ready to dip in frosting and you’ll never be hungry again.

Never Leave Your Sofa Again With the Marathon Utility Controller

If you’re preparing for a weekend-long gaming marathon, or you just can’t stand the thought of being parted from your precious sofa, then Matt has devised the ultimate sofa companion. He dubbed his masterpiece the Marathon Utility Controller and he really has thought of every possible sofa scenario.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

The utility controller is designed for all your gaming needs and even comes equipped with an extra finger in case of a finger cramp emergency. You can also enjoy a beef jerky dispenser, a chin rest, a rearview mirror, and a smartphone lockbox so you won’t be tempted to browse while you play. For hygiene purposes, you can also find a toothbrush, a deodorant, and a random but very essential electric gaming fan.

Drink Until You Cough With the Reservoir Pillow

When your lying in bed your mouth is drier than the Savannah desert, you might dream about grabbing an ice-cold glass of water to quench your thirst. However, just the idea of actually lifting your head up or moving your arms or legs feels like the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

So, thanks to Matt, you’ll never have to put any effort into your life or move your hands or feet when it’s not truly necessary every again. With the Reservoir Pillow, you can rest your head on the rugged plastic and sleep with the integrated hose into your mouth. Then with zero effort, you can consume as much water as you can handle, until the coughing wakes you up!

Smear Your Avocado on the go with the Handy Avocado Stick

As every millennial will know, avocado really is life. While it may look green and goopy to outsiders, once you try the creamy, green textured delicacy, you’ll soon be hooked. Whether you pair your avocado with sushi or prefer avocado toast, the possibilities truly are endless.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

As our appetite for avocado has intensified, there are even entire cafes dedicated to the millennial treat. So, our favorite designer has created our new best friend, Avocado on a stick. Now we no longer have to worry about an avocado drought or bringing a whole avocado in our pockets. We can just wear it, like deodorant, or smear over our favorite dishes for an instant Avo fix.

Relax and Pop in Public With the Burst Your Bubble Belt Buckle

If you’ve ever ordered a package in your life, then you’ll know that one of the main perks is opening the box and finding a fresh new sheet of bubble wrap. Whether you’ve had a hard day or are just bored of life, there’s nothing quite as soothing than the satisfaction of popping the bubbles.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

As the satisfaction of bubble popping takes over your soul, you might even forget what you even ordered in the first place. For some people, popping bubble wrap is a guilty pleasure they enjoy behind closed doors. But with this genius Bubble Belt Buckle, you can find your zen while being loud and proud to pop bubbles in public, while everybody stares at you with wonder.

Half-listen to the Outside World with the Extra Ear Pod

If you really want to be lost in your own world, then Ear Pods really are the ultimate way to cancel out all outside noise. The best part is that they have no long noticeable wires and can be cleverly disguised in your hair. People might talk to you all day and not even realize you’re not listening, or you’re already on the phone to someone else.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

So while you no longer have to worry about long earphone wires getting tangled or people noticing that you have earphones at all, they also come with their own set of struggles. Thankfully, Matt has found the solution that no one asked him to solve. If you ever want to just listen with one ear pod, or want to half-listen to the outside world, then you can just place one pod in the handy extra ear!

Block Yourself From Drama With the Family Feud Fender

When the holidays are just around the corner, some of us might be excited to spend so much quality time with our family and loved ones. This usually means your plate will never be empty, you might be pampered with presents and you can be sure to end up in a food coma. However, family gatherings have a way of escalating quickly.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Whether your uncle has drunk too many whiskeys or your aunt has pent up all her anger for the year, the dinner table can soon transform into a family feuding nightmare. However, if you have no time for more drama in your life, then you can simply unravel your signature Family Feud blocking device, and no one can crush your vibe.

Let Your Smartphone Have a Nap Too With the PillowOne S

After a long day of texting, browsing, and binge-watching on your phone, you might think that you need a long nap. However, as you get under the covers and get ready to settle in for the night to rest and recharge, this is not usually how bedtime goes.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

The chances are that as soon as you put your phone on charge, you will hear a beep or a buzz. So you’ll naturally pick up your phone to see what you missed in the last 30 seconds. As you scroll intensely with one eye open, you might even forget to sleep at all. However, with the PillowOne S, you can put your phone in a bed and pillow too and ensure you can both get your beauty sleep.

Slow Walk and Text With the Txt Bumper

They might have rules about texting and driving, nobody said anything about texting and walking. And when your on a busy schedule, who has time to stop and sit down on a bench to text or scroll. So as you slow-walk down the sidewalk, you probably won’t be aware of your natural surroundings.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

As you’re already lost in your digital world, there’s obviously no reason to look up. So you won’t even realize you’ll have a line up of angry people behind you, or that there’s any poles or signs in your path. That’s all until you crash into one of them. But with the Txt Bumper, you can text, bump and slow-walk all you want with the shock-absorbing bumper protection.

Never Miss a Thing With the LookBak Rear Mirror

While some people prefer to miss out on the real world as they’re lost in their digital world, other people really don’t like missing out on anything. If you suffer from FOMO or fear of missing out or you just have acute paranoia, then this designer has the answer to all your anxious prayers.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

With the stylish LookBak invention, you can look super slick while having a real-life personal rearview mirror attached to you. If you’re afraid of the bogey man or unexpected surprises, you’ll never have to look over your shoulder again. You’ll also never miss out on an unexpected flash mob or a crazy human encounter ever again.

Label All Your Walls With the Do Not Paint Roller

If you’ve ever hired a painter to help renovate your home, then you might know the struggle. That’s because you might have to waste at least 15 minutes of your precious time taking them on a tour of your house to explain which walls need to be painted in which color.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

However, as we all know too well. time is money in today’s fast-paced society. So, thanks to Matt’s genius invention, you can just spend 15 minutes to an hour going around all your walls and marking the areas that do not need painting. Setting aside everything practical or logical about how paint works, at least your walls will always make a statement.

Drink Your Coffee the Way Life Intended With Luke Warm Coffee

Whether your a coffee barista or an occasional coffee novice, then you’ll know that there is a fine art to perfecting the perfect cup of coffee. However, even if you’ve selected the perfect roast and used a Nespresso machine to perfect your brew, the actual chances of drinking it at the perfect temperature are pretty low.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Although you might have good intentions about your warm cup of goodness, life usually gets in the way. As you sit your piping hot cup on your desk to cool, you’ll usually get distracted. Then as you remember to pick up the cup, it’s already lukewarm. So, with Matt’s invention, you don’t even have to worry about coffee art or a strong roast, your coffee will already be ready at room temperature and taste weak, just like life intended.

Feel the Ground Between Your Toes With the Incognito Kicks

While some of us are self-confessed shoe obsessives, other people really show cynics and hate the sensation of wearing shoes. Whether they have a fully-fledged shoe phobia or just dream of the days where they could run around in the dirt as a child, they can’t wait to kick their kicks off at every opportunity.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

However, even shoe cynics have to wear shoes for the sake of society and public decency. But thankfully, Matt has got it covered with his Incognito Kicks. Now shoe cynics can walk around incognito with their cleverly disguised shoe toppers. They can be free to roam around free in the dirt and puddles, just like nature intended.

Never Pay for a Cloakroom Again With the Anywhere Hook

When it’s freezing outside or you just like to look chic in the rain, your jacket can provide a warm and stylish companion. However, we often forget that we might go indoors, the temperature might be different. But who really has time to walk around with their coat on their arms all day.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Some might put their jacket down in a public place and hope for the best. But who knows if you’ll ever find your precious companion again. And who really has $1 in their pockets in case there’s a cloakroom. So Matt really has thought of every possible scenario. With the Anywhere Hook, you be your own cloakroom and can take your personal coat with you wherever you go.

Invest in a Brushing Alarm Clock With the Freehand Toothbrush

If you oversleep in the morning, love eating onions or are just too tired for personal hygiene at night, it’s easy to forget to brush your teeth every so often. But as soon as you breathe or talk to any real-life human, they’ll soon catch a whiff of your breath and know about your shady secret.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

Even if you don’t have time for personal hygiene, it’s important for any human encounter. So, for the sake of society, Matt has solved all your lazy hygiene dilemmas at once with the Freehand Toothbrush. Simply wear your dual-sided toothbrush strap at all times and have a constant toothbrush alarm clock.

Breathe While You Build With the IKEA HÿpēR Båg

Buying IKEA furniture sounds like a great idea, in theory. With its affordable prices, cutting-edge and stylish designs, you can equip your home with every available accessory you never knew you needed. While it all sounds great, the thing we often forget is that most of the furniture has not been built yet.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

So as you spend hours searching for the perfect items, stand in line for what seems like hours and finally make it home, your work as only started. For those of us who are not so practically-inclined, we might see all the pieces in front of us and hyperventilate. However, with the Hÿpēr Båg, you can take a deep breath while you figure out who to hire to build it for you.

Cover Your Tracks With the Reverse Flopflips

For some people, the prospect of a long stroll alone along the beach is the perfect way to find their zen, relax and recharge. For other people who are a little more paranoid, they might not want anyone to find out where they really went or why.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

So whether you’re trying to run from your stalker, hide from your ex-lover or just want to disappear without a trace, then Matt has got you covered. With the reverse Flop Flips, you can really cover your tracks and the backward sole will ensure no one can find out which direction you really went in.

Block the Sun Forever With the Hand Visor

The thing about the sun is that it’s pretty random and its rays are always unexpected. Although you’ll probably be armed with your sunglasses during the heat of summer, you never really know when the sun will strike throughout the year.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

The sun might just blind you with its rays on a random winters day or during a hangover. But you can’t really carry your shades around with you all year. That just seems unnecessary. But you can always be sure to block the sun’s blinding light with this handy, ergonomically designed Helping Hand Visor.

Slice Your Pizza and Eat It Too With the Slice Slicer

The funny thing about pizza is that it has the ability to turn regular people into fully-fledged pizza fanatics. Just the sight of a freshly baked pizza, taken straight of the oven is enough to put everyone under a spell. Before you’ve even had the chance to whip out your top of the range rolling pizza cutter, everyone wants to get in on the action.

Image: Instagram / Unnecessary Inventions

However, with the Slice Slicer, you can eliminate the fuss and prevent a pizza throwdown, where everyone can’t wait to rip the pizza pie apart in uneven sections. All you have to do is press the convenient eight blade slicer down on the pizza and you can be sure that it will be cut into eight pizza-perfect slices. Then everyone can dive into the action and grab their piece of the pie.