Dunkin’ Donuts Has Created the World’s First Coffee-Powered Tiny Home

Donut and coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts has ventured into a surprising project. They’ve created a state-of-the-art tiny house with a new and sustainable edge alongside two other partner companies, New Frontier Tiny Homes and Blue Marble Energy. Truly an awesome new discovery that opens the door for more sustainable energy consumption.

Dunkin Donuts Has Created the Worlds First Coffee Powered Tiny Home3
Image: Just Jared

That’s right, coffee now has an even higher purpose. New Frontier Tiny Homes explained that “Every 170 pounds of spent coffee grounds yields about one gallon of fuel and is used in a standard biofuel generator.” Combined with the fact they’ve hopped on the tiny home trend, we might be looking at the future of housing right here.

What, How, and Why

Blue marble Energy was the one to understand how to generate power from used up coffee grinds. A biofuel blend was created, comprising of 80% oil that comes from the grinds. After that, the blend is fed into a generator that powers all 275-square-foot of the small building. Its electrical systems have been optimized especially for this unique setup.

Dunkin Donuts Has Created the Worlds First Coffee Powered Tiny Home2
Image: People

The small downside is that the remaining 20% of biofuel is alcohol, which they need to convert the coffee grinds into fuel. But it’s still more eco-friendly than dumping used coffee grounds into landfills. But the future is closer than you think as it’s possible to rent the tiny home for only $10 a night. The tiny home was previously listed on Airbnb where tickets sold out quickly. Located in Nahant, Massachusetts, people were only allowed to book for two guests at a time.

Considerate Design

And as for what’s inside? A fully functioning bathroom, a generous kitchen, and even a king-sized bed, pictured at the top of the image. It’s pretty “cosy” of course, but it utilizes a popular feature in today’s growing world; space-saving. Not to mention there’s a retractable outdoor ceder deck and floor-to-ceiling windows, which makes it feel more spacious.

Dunkin Donuts Has Created the Worlds First Coffee Powered Tiny Home1
Image: Business Insider

They’ve also gone with white walls and bright accents to ensure it feels bright and airy. Dunkin’ Donuts explained how they wanted the outside of the tiny home to be the color of coffee. They certainly concocted a deep and rich mahogany brown that matches perfectly with the walnut floors inside. The charcoal accents you see in the picture above also match the slate kitchen countertops, but the whole place is elevated with high-end appliances.