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Mexico Fans Set Off Earthquake Sensors Following Huge Win

Fans in downtown Mexico City went crazy after their team scored a goal against Germany. The celebration was filled with music, cheering, and people waving Mexican flags with pride. The energy was so intense that the people set off two earthquake sensors from jumping up and down.



Goal Achieved, Literally!

Soccer fans in Mexico were so hyped over the country’s win over Germany that they set off earthquake sensors in the ground. Officials monitoring Mexico City said that two sensors went off but the origins of the earthquake were unknown.

Turns out, it was from the celebration when Mexico scored on Germany, the defending World Cup champs. The Institute of Geologic and Atmospheric Investigations in Mexico said that what set the sensors off was probably from everyone jumping for joy in the streets.

An Underdog Moment

The country set up a giant screen in downtown Mexico City for the public to watch. Hundreds of fans were there to view the game. Gathered at the Angel of Independence monument, a sea of red, green, and white all watched in hopes that their country would score a goal on Germany.

Since Germany is the defending World Cup champion, most people expected them to win the match against Mexico. People predicted Germany beating Mexico 3-0. That’s why when Mexico scored their goal, no one saw it coming. The doubt that the world had in Mexico only made their victory that much sweeter.

When a goal was finally scored by Hirving Lozano, the crowd went wild. The goal was scored in the 35th minute and at the end of the game, the people downtown sang the country’s unofficial soccer anthem, “Cielito Lindo” or “Pretty Little Sky”.

It’s Happened Before

Believe it or not, this wasn’t the first time an enormous crowd has caused the Earth to move. In 2017 Peru defeated New Zealand 2-0 which qualified them for their first World Cup since 1982. Fans were so energetic that an earthquake warning was set off in Sismologia Chile.

Seattle Seahawk fans are so well known for generating small earthquakes after their wins that their home stadium is now part of a study by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

Sports aren’t the only occasions that these fake quakes are happening at. Music performers like U2, the Foo Fighters, and Madness have all reported having strong vibrations at their concerts. These vibrations have broken balconies, windows, and caused police to evacuate nearby buildings.


The team has never progressed beyond quarterfinals but has hosted the World Cup twice.