Epic Production Fails in TV and Movie History That Made it Onto Our Screens

Ever found yourself getting sucked into a good movie or television series, only to discover that the producers made a filming mistake of such epic proportion that the illusion is totally gone, and you’ve lost all interest in what you’re watching? It may not come as such a surprise to learn that this is, sadly, quite a common hiccup in the entertainment industry.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 29

The top dogs over at Hollywood should hang their heads in shame! Hype Galore has put its inspector cap on and found for you some of the most embarrassing moments in tv-watching history that so obviously weren’t supposed to happen. We guarantee you’ll be left cringing at quite a few of these!

The Vampire Without Vampire Skin

Every Twihard will be aware of the Cullen’s strengths in the Twilight saga. This pale-faced clan may be able to knock down a tree with one push, but their one weakness is that they’ll sadly never be able to catch a tan. Why? When stood in sunlight their skin sparkles. What a way to blow their vampire cover! Clearly, the production team forgot this detail once or twice.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 19

Well, this is a little disappointing, to say the least! Here is Edward Cullen the vampire himself, sat right in the center of a field with the sun beaming down on him. Where are his sparkles? Nowhere to be seen! Clearly, the production team for Eclipse needed to do their research before they went ahead with things, as there’s nothing worse than inconsistency.

The Unlikely Refreshment Bottle

While some of us wouldn’t dare to say a bad word about popular HBO series, Game of Thrones, even the best of the best can have their off-days. Given the olden day period in which this medieval fantasy was set, you wouldn’t expect these character’s lives to look very similar to our own. For that reason, this production slip-up caused quite the stir!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 18

Er, why exactly is there a plastic water bottle hiding behind Samwell Tarly’s leg? The producers may have thought the cast was in need of a hydration fix while filming such a lengthy final series, but sadly, the first of these bottles hadn’t been introduced until a few centuries later, so they’re just a little bit out on this one!

The Surprising Wine-Drinker

The time has come to shift our attention to our favorite bunch of science nerds! That’s right, we can only be talking about The Big Bang Theory. You’d think that after 12 series and a whopping 279 episodes, this show would be in a pristine condition regarding certain production slip-ups, but sadly that’s just not the case.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 17

This snapshot is taken from a scene where will-they-won’t-they couple Leonard and Penny are cozied up next to each other on the sofa, guzzling down a bottle of wine. This is a harmless pursuit, right? Not entirely, once you remember the countless occasions Mr. Hofstadter refuses to drink wine, often explaining that he can’t.

The Futuristic Sports Cap

2001 was a great year. Why? It was the first time we got to see the gripping crime thriller, Spy Game! The motion picture centered around Brad Pitt’s character of Tom Bishop, and whether he would find a way to escape the trouble he got himself involved in. As intense as this movie was, Pitt and the production team were a little off the mark with this one detail.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 16

As you can see, at regular intervals in the movie Mr. Pitt’s character shows support for baseball by donning a San Diego Padres’ cap with navy, white and orange colors. The major issue with this though is that during the year this movie was set, the Padres colors were, in fact, brown and yellow. The crew needed to brush up on their sporting knowledge, clearly!

The Accident-Prone Soldier

One of the leading onscreen franchises of them all was the Star Wars collection. These movies had the globe hooked on the adventures of Luke Skywalker and co, teaching us what it took to defend yourself in a galaxy far, far away! This space-opera may have received awards upon awards for being so ahead of its time when it started up, but it wasn’t 100% perfect.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 30

All of you super fans will know exactly what moment this picture is detailing, just from the photo! In the first-ever movie, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, we got introduced to the clumsy stormtrooper of the clan. As you can see on the right, the third soldier got caught bashing his head on the doorframe. Not so smooth, if you ask us!

The Injured Actor

Quentin Tarantino is the gift that keeps on giving. Don’t believe us? Just watch 2012’s Django Unchained. This gritty drama centers around the unlikely partnership between a slave and a German bounty hunter, which will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Despite this movie’s success, there was one huge slip-up we simply couldn’t overlook.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 31

If you wanted a little insight into Leonardo DiCaprio’s superb acting skills, have we got the proof for you! It turns out, in one of the scenes DiCaprio accidentally cut his hand pretty badly, but the show must go on! In true Hollywood style, Leo didn’t let the accident get the better of him, he never broke character, and the scene actually ended up making the final cut.

The Temperamental Seafood Allergy

It’s time to hop over to our favorite sitcom now! No matter how many times we may have watched and rewatched episodes from the Friends series, it would appear there was one not-so-little production hiccup that brushed past us all. We can’t believe this is the first time we’re learning about this!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 26

What’s the error? In the show’s ninth season, Ross is caught at various points in the scene getting stuck into some delicious crab cakes. What’s the problem with this? Well, this is a pretty brave move considering the character has previously admitted to being allergic to shellfish. Production crew, you’ve got to fix up!

The Ever-shifting Witch Eyes

If there’s one movie series that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout, it’s the adventures of charming British wizard, Harry Potter. The eight-part series may have generated quite a successful franchise over the years, but apparently, its millions of fans seemed to overlook this key error.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 3

Something doesn’t quite add up here. Throughout the movie series, several flashbacks have detailed Harry Potter’s mom, Lily Potter, (played by Geraldine Somerville,) to have blue eyes. That’s why it’s so confusing to us that in the final movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the child version of Mrs. Potter clearly has brown eyes.

The Revolutionary Space Figurines

If you’ve ever wanted to see some lighthearted fun take place amid the pressures of becoming an adult, That ’70s Show is the one for you. While fans could easily relate to the stories of Donna and crew, there was one factual error that seemed to ruin the show’s entire illusion for some.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 8

During a scene in which Star Wars enthusiast, Eric Forman quizzes his father, Red, on the fantasy franchise, something didn’t quite add up. What was it? The figurines the star was holding up seemed to be characters from a series that aired on screens way after the seventies. For this reason, we’re giving the production team a huge thumbs down on this occasion!

The Unconventional Cellphone User

For a number of years, the world has been hooked on the adventures of Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily on their quest to find the revenge-fueled “A” figure in ABC’s Pretty Little Liars. You’d think with such a long-standing, complex plot that the production crew would’ve nailed every part of their series to a T; but we’ve caught them out!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 2

On the surface, this shot of Aria may seem pretty unordinary; at numerous times in the series, the girls spoke to one another over the phone, sharing findings on their creepy stalker. On this occasion though, Miss. Montgomery was clearly so stressed about the situation that she completely forgot her cellphone was upside down! Do better, production crew.

The Unrealistic Infant

If there’s one movie that will teach you the importance of protecting the people that are important to you, it’s 2014’s, American Sniper. Bradley Cooper took center stage as Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL who went to extreme lengths to save his comrades. You expect such a high-intensity, detailed movie to be ridden of slip-ups, but that’s not the case here!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 14

The production team behind this high-grossing film owe us all an apology. Why? Just take a look at the way Chris Kyle is cradling his baby. Scratch that, take a look at Chris Kyle’s baby; it’s so obviously a plastic toy! We’re sure it was a tricky task to get a real baby on set, but if you’re gonna fake it, at least make it believable, guys.

The Unwelcome Extra

Like the majority of the population, we’re pretty sure you know the Friends crew like the back of your hand. We’ve been through so much with the gang from the ten-part series, at times it almost feels like we personally know them. For this reason, fans were a little unimpressed when the production crew failed to conceal this massive error.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 13

Let’s take a trip back to season 8. In one of the episodes, kooky guitar-player Phoebe Buffay is sat in the coffee house, having a conversation with her friend, Monica. The only problem here is that it’s not Monica at all, but in fact, her stunt double! We hope the production crew got a big telling off for this one.

The Not-so-subtle Cameraman

Keanu Reeves is known for his humanitarian work and efforts to make the world a better place. He may be a lifesaver now, but it all began through his performance in the three-part The Matrix movies. The sci-fi detailing the war between heroes and machines may have been gripping, but it wasn’t without a slip-up or two.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 12

This is awkward! Cameramen have to take extreme measures to make sure they don’t get caught in the making of their movies, but sadly they drew the short straw this time. Taking a careful look at the doorknob in the first movie, you can spot a member of the filming crew’s camera lens; unprofessional or what?

The Mistaken Element Chart

You’ve never seen a thriller like Stranger Things. In 2016, Netflix introduced viewers to this creepy series about a group of friends who stumble across some unexpected findings while getting answers for a missing boy. Since its opening, viewers have been hooked! While responses to the series are generally positive, one production hiccup generated a few headlines.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 9

So, here it is! During a scene taken from the show’s second season, we are met by a periodic table detailing the elements in the school’s classroom. What’s the problem with this? The chart contains a load of elements that actually hadn’t yet been discovered during the 1980s. If the production team had done their research, we wouldn’t be in this predicament!

The Missing Necklace With No Purpose

We’re paying a second visit to Westeros! This time, there’s one character in particular from the Game of Thrones clan we want to focus on. As the fans know, the Red Priestess Melisandre often wore a necklace that enabled her to stay looking young; a little like the medieval take on anti-aging serums! There’s just one minor slip-up here.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 10

It’s great Melisandre found a dual purpose necklace that not only looks great but retains her youth; there’s just one catch! In this scene, Melisandre is caught without her trusty necklace, but she’s just as radiant. Clearly, the production crew had a little case of memory loss here.

The Actress Holding Her Gaze

It’s probably all of our worst nightmares to break up with someone and then end up at the same vacation resort as them; awkward! In 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, this was sadly the reality for Peter Bretter. If there’s anything more cringy than bumping into your ex and their new beau on vacation, it’s this huge slip-up that happened in the movie.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 27

What’s the number 1 rule for starring in a big-time motion picture? Do not look at the camera! As you can see in this scene from the romantic comedy, actress Kristen Bell just couldn’t help but glare directly up at the cameras recording her; what a way to ruin the illusion! It’s a mystery to us how this error made it to the final cut.

The Innovative Car Poster

We love a film which provides us with a quick blast from the past! Dallas Buyers Club epitomized what life was like in the mid-1980s Texas, as viewers quickly became hooked on the latest goings-on for its main star, Ron Woodroof. It would appear we were all so hung up on what old Woodroof was up to, we failed to notice this epic production fail.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 7

So, what’s the damage? If you take a look at this scene, you’ll see Mr. Woodroof himself sat at his motel office, with a grand poster of a Lamborghini Aventador placed behind him. This is just a little problematic, seeing as this type of sports car wasn’t released until 25 years after this movie was set!

The Hilarious Pizza Landing

If you’re looking for the most bizarre way a man can turn his financial situation around, Breaking Bad will have the answers you’re looking for. From the first time this series aired in 2008, the globe has been hooked on Walter White’s opportunistic adventures! It seems that one small mistake in the filming made it to the series.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 6

Remember this hilarious scene? In an anger-fueled twist of events, Mr. White chucked his takeout pizza into the distance. What no one was expecting was for the pepperoni-coated meal to end up on the roof! It appeared producers found this too funny not to make the final cut; despite it being completely unplanned.

The Visible Mic Wearer

If you ever found yourself losing hope in the power of love, you’re gonna need to get your hands on a DVD of 2004’s The Notebook! This love story beginning in 1940s South Carolina will have you all wishing for a time machine. As much as this motion picture moved us, there was one blooper we simply could not ignore.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 25

We’re pretty sure it’s impossible to sit through all 2 hours 4 minutes of this movie without shedding a tear; but after spotting this production mistake, we were all left crying for a different reason! In the scene where Noah hangs off a Ferris wheel, you can actually spot the mic on Ryan Gosling’s back to reinforce that Southern accent of his. How humiliating!

The Unconvincing Computer Video

Welcome to Jurassic Park! This fantasy generated headlines for all the right reasons after its 1993 release. The blockbuster was easily the most life-like representation of what would happen if you entered a theme park ridden with ferocious prehistoric beings. You’d think a movie with such impressive graphics would’ve nailed all technical aspects, but not quite!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 4

Take a look at this scene taken of programmer Dennis Nedry’s live camera feed of the ensuing chaos. If you look closely at the computer screen you’ll notice that there’s nothing live at all about what he’s got up, as it’s actually a pre-recorded video soon to end! Visual effects team, please don’t let this blip happen again.

The Exposed Laptop Location

That age-old question children everywhere ask their parents “how did you meet?” was taken to a whole new, nine-part level in How I Met Your Mother. While this lighthearted US sitcom is generally commended for its comedic value, a select few fans couldn’t help but criticize this major error that took place in the series.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 20

Who remembers the Subway Wars? During season 6, the crew decided to challenge one another to find the quickest route around New York City. The illusion was lost completely though, once Ted got up his laptop which showed that his location was in Los Angeles, California; just a couple of miles out of New York! We’re not angry, just disappointed.

The Most Unrealistic Speakers

We love a modern remake, and 2010’s reboot of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlett Letter novel certainly didn’t disappoint. Emma Stone did a superb job as the main lead in the Easy A teen drama, but something has got to be said about that ending, and it’s not exactly positive!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 1

While it’s super romantic that Todd decided to pay tribute to the classic movies by getting his speakers up and blasting Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me” in Olive’s front yard, it’s not without its errors. Specifically, his speakers aren’t actually plugged into anything. Once again, the illusion is well and truly lost in this scene!

The Incorrectly-Timed Guitar

All of the producers in charge of 1985’s Back to the Future were an inventive bunch! The idea of a gone-wrong experiment catapulting a California teen into multiple different time periods was certainly an original one, but was it 100% accurate? Numerous fans would have to answer this question with a flat-out no.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 5

It’s not until you get down into the details that things become quite embarrassing. As you can see here, Marty McFly is giving it his all as he rocks the stage at his parent’s prom, but what’s this? The Gibson ES-345 guitar he’s strumming wasn’t actually released in stores until 1958, but this performance took place three years earlier.

The Venti Cappuccino Shot

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of this HBO franchise enter the hot seat, here it is again! Possibly one of the most iconic bloopers to come out of Game of Thrones history was taken in the final season, so it’s safe to say this show well and truly ended in a memorable way! We’re just not entirely sure it was for the right reasons.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 28

No one will ever forget this. So we’ve had water bottles, we’ve had a useless youth-enhancing necklace, but would you ever guess you’d witness an actual takeout coffee cup from Starbucks feature in this medieval fantasy series? We understand Daenerys was probably in need of a caffeine fix before riding her dragon, but this is a production mistake of an epic level!

The Most Medieval Piece of Technology

We’ve done the digging, and found yet another epic blooper that went down in the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones! As you all know, the popular show is set a good few hundred years ago in medieval times. We’re talking horses as the only form of transportation, and lighting candles instead of switching on the lights. For these reasons, we were just a little surprised to see this piece of modern equipment make an appearance in one episode!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 36

Look at this image: yes, it’s a picture of Stannis Baratheon falling down after a tragic defeat in battle, but there’s quite a bit more to this snapshot than first meets the eye. If you shift your gaze over to Mr. Baratheon’s right leg, you’ll see what appears to be a laptop charger safely tucked behind his boot! Perhaps he was initially hoping to update his Facebook friends on his epic defeat in battle?

Investing in Companies From the Future

He may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but everyone knew that Forrest Gump had a heart of gold. Indeed, there wasn’t a thing this long-distance runner wouldn’t do for his childhood sweetheart, Jenny. He might have had a rocky start, but eventually, the main protagonist in 1994’s Forrest Gump starting welcoming a lot of success in his life. In fact, one of his projects took quite a futuristic turn!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 39

We were all cheering when Mr. Gump received his letter from the big-time technology corporation, Apple. The note from 1975 allowed the figure to buy stock in the company; there’s just one minor issue with this. You see, Apple wasn’t publicly traded until the year 1980, so whatever you’re looking at here is a complete and utter impossibility!

Bullet Holes With No Explanation

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction shows audiences a completely different side to the city of Los Angeles. The 1994 masterpiece features a whole bunch of A-list stars, acting out a string of gripping crimes that had us all sitting on the edge of our seats. You’d think that hiring such a professional team of actors would ensure no errors to happen in this movie, but sadly, you’d be wrong!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 35

We were all so convinced up until this point! One of the biggest scenes from Quentin’s motion picture centers around the main villains, Vincent and Jules. This crafty duo may have stood bravely, just moments before gunshots were fired, but it looks like the production team was one step ahead; as the bullet holes are already standing out full force on the walls!

Catching Out the Crew Members

Once again, hit series Breaking Bad has made its way onto our list of TV and movie bloopers. Possibly one of the biggest, and most important rules every cameraman gets taught on their first day of filming is not to get revealed! Spotting a recording camera in the scene of your favorite television show can ruin the illusion super fast. Sadly, the Breaking Bad crew learned this fact the hard way.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 34

If you take a good look at the mirror on this scene of the popular show’s second season, you’ll be able to spot the big black box creeping over on the left. It may have been a rooky mistake, but once you spot a blunder of this proportion, it simply cannot be unseen.

Calling Out the Fake Rachel Green

We’ve mentioned before just how easy it is to feel like you personally know the six members of the Friends sitcom crew, given how many times most of have re-watched our favorite episodes. For these reasons, it’s simply unforgivable for anyone to have not noticed the scene where Rachel Green is so obviously not Rachel Green.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 33

By the time the hilarious sitcom had reached its ninth season, it was racking in a ton of viewers and already had turned into a pretty big deal. You’d expect such a highly-anticipated series to make sure they avoid any big mistakes, but sadly there’s no way around missing Jennifer Anniston’s stunt double in this brief shot taken from one of the episodes.

The Super Confusing Photo Frame

We’re probably not the only ones who would argue that The Simpsons is one of the funniest cartoons going. Airing for the first time way back in the 80s, the sitcom stands as one of the longest-running shows on primetime television. We just can’t get enough of the bright yellow characters of Springfield! As successful as the show may be, it certainly wasn’t free of its mistakes.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 40

There are many questions that enter our minds when we look back at this episode. In the sixth season, the creators gave us a flashback into the time Homer Simpson discovered Marge was pregnant with Maggie; the family of four was about to become five! One scene didn’t quite add up though, as a picture of Maggie sat comfortably in a photo frame on their wall. Maybe it was a weird case of time-travel? We’ll never know.

Failing the Movie Math Test

If you’re looking for a feel-good film that will have you believing in the power of love, it’s 1999’s Never Been Kissed. Drew Barrymore was sensational as she enacted the role of Josie, an undercover journalist who faced her fears of returning back to high school. We may have all been shedding tears at the emotional finale, but there were other scenes that just made us cringe!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 37

Here’s a moment we could never forget, but sadly, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Finding her way through high school the second time around was a breeze for Josie, but we suspect she needed to brush up a little on her math skills while she was there. The pi sign in their poster created for their bake sale is incorrect, with the real pi being 3.14159. Einstein would not be impressed.

Ahead-of-the-game Eyewear Trends

If you’ve not watched Django Unchained before, you are seriously missing out! This motion picture took the box office by storm the second it aired on our screens, not to mention the amount of critical acclaim it’s achieved over the years. The movie may have been set in the mid-nineteenth century, but there were a couple of futuristic features that somehow sneaked into shots.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 41

We all knew Jamie Foxx was a stylish guy, but it looks like the Hollywood actor likes to showcase his fashion sense in all of the big movies, too. At various scenes in the motion picture, Foxx’s character of Django is seen rocking a pair of swanky sunglasses. As suave as he may look, these shades would not have been around at the early period in which the movie was set.

Mysterious Pieces of Aircraft

If there’s one movie that can spur on a round of nightmares, it’s 1980’s psychological horror, The Shining. We probably speak for everyone when we say that Jack Nicholson has never been so terrifying. His character’s eventual journey into insanity is enough to keep anyone sleeping with one eye open. The movie may have received a ton of critical acclaim, but there’s just one feature that seemed to ruin the illusion for most.

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 32

If you’re going to make a big, Hollywood movie set to earn you the big bucks at the box office, the least you could do as a production member is ensure your set is looking believable. In this shot taken from the movie’s first scene while Jack drives through the Overlook, the shadow of a helicopter can be spotted in the bottom right corner.

Seeing Double of the Terrifying Snakes

In today’s world, Mr. Harrsion Ford is celebrated as both a prolific actor and a talented one, appearing in some of the highest-grossing motion pictures of all time. Back in the 80s, the major star got his big break as a leading actor when he was cast to play the globe-trotting archaeologist, Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. There’s no denying this movie is entertaining, but there’s also no denying it’s got a major production bloop!

Easy to Miss Production Fails in TV and Movie History 38

Ensuring your actor’s safety on set is paramount, and that fact certainly wasn’t disregarded when it came to filming here! In the Well of Souls scene, Ford comes into close contact with a pit of cobras. To ensure the celeb didn’t suffer any nasty bites, a glass pane was placed in between the man and the reptiles. This is great until you realize the snake’s reflection could actually be seen in the theatrical cut.

Underwear Mishaps

The 2013 Martin Scorsese film, Wolf of Wall Street might have been a huge success full of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have its share of production fails. For one, in the nursery scene nursery where Margot Robbie’s character, Naomi is taunting Jordan, played by Leonardo Dicaprio she seductively shows him that she is not wearing underwear.

Epic Production Fails in TV and Movie History That Made it Onto Our Screens42

However, in the shot just before she holds her legs together, you can clearly see that Robbie is wearing a pair of modest white underwear. This isn’t the only mistake caught be eagle-eyed movie watchers. In the scene when Naomi and Jordan have sex for the last time, right before their big fight, you can actually see the special sock on Dicaprio that actors generally wear when filming sex scenes.