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The Titanic is Back: In 2020 An Exact Replica of the Famous Sunken Ship Will Sail Again

We can’t decide if this is cool or creepy. An exact replica of the Titanic ship is in the making. Daredevils should buy tickets in advance! Everyone who doesn’t fall in that category should probably wait for the first trip to be successful. The ship is scheduled to follow the same route as the original Titanic (with anticipation of things like…. ICEBERGS!).



The Titanic is Back!

Everyone has seen the romantic tragedy, Titanic. If you haven’t, which we doubt, it’s a movie about the real Titanic ship that actually sank in the 20’s. What makes it an emotional rollercoaster is the way that it puts the story in the perspective of two lovers.

Forbidden Love

Jack and Rose are from polar opposite social classes. They fall in love and want to be together but Rose’s rich family does not approve of Jack. To make the forbidden love factor a bit more permanent, the movie ends with the two splitting up as the Titanic ship crashes after hitting an iceberg.  Spoiler alert, Jack dies and Rose lives on to tell the story.

A Little Hubris in the Mix

The Titanic was a ship that was “too good to sink.” Now instead of learning from our out mistakes, the people of the earth are going to just go on and do it again. That’s right, another Titanic ship is in the works and we’re sure of the fact that people are going to be just as enthusiastic about this one as they were when the tickets were selling decades ago. Hopefully, it’ll be better this time.

The creators of this replica ditched creativity and named it “Titanic II.” The ship is set to say in the year 2022… and were already talking about it! Blue Star Line is working with a $500 million budget.

The staff drafted the plan to replicate the Titanic ship back in 2012 when they announced it, but it’s catching the wind in the media once more. The project was put on pause when a financial dispute unfolded. All was sorted out and we can confidently say that the plan to replicate the Titanic is back on track.

An Exact Replica

According to reports, the Titanic II will have the same exact cabin layout as the one in the movie. It will carry a whopping 2,400 passengers along with 900 crew members. The cruise is supposed to follow a path from Dubai to South Hampton, then to New York.

If this route sounds a little familiar to you, its because it actually is the same exact route as the first Titanic. The original ship didn’t complete its rout, as most people know, it hit an iceberg and sank.

There is One Big Difference:

Although the Titanic II  will look exactly like the original, there will be a few differences to avoid the same type of catastrophe that occurred on the first Titanic. It would be very irresponsible of the architects if they skipped out on advanced technology for the sake of authenticity. Rest assured,  the Titanic II will have the latest engines and navigation tools on the market.

All that’s left is for people to decide if this voyage is cool or totally creepy. The daredevils of the world are probably buying their tickets in advance, while the risk-averse people swear off ever stepping foot on this ship.