Famous People Have Tinder Too: Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps

Everyone’s using dating apps to look for love these days – even the rich and famous. But they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves in order to keep their identity protected. From using a fake name to using a secretive dating app for celebrities, famous people are finding a way to meet local singles.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps41
Image: Cosmopolitan

Of course, people don’t only use dating apps to try and find love… but we’ll let you be the judge of what it is they were looking for. Take a look at which stars have been busy swiping left and right, and what they’ve had to say about it. Just bear in mind that you’ll be in for a few surprises.

Drew Barrymore Got Stood up by a Restauranter on Raya

Actress Drew Barrymore wasn’t ready to start dating again after divorcing her third husband Will Kopelman. She stated in September 2020: “I have been in that mentality for the past five years, thinking I just don’t have the bandwidth, I don’t know if I’m willing to open [up,] I just can’t fit it in.” But after binge-watching the hit series Bridgerton, she appears to have had a change of heart…

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps47
Image: People

Drew said: “I got back on a dating app during Bridgerton, I was like, ‘I’m not dead! I’m not dead!’ For me, that was a big step.” She also claimed to see “a lot” of other celebrities on the app, so we’re pretty sure she’s using Raya. “It was like looking through an Us Weekly,” she joked. But she hasn’t found luck so far, having “got stood up by a guy who owned a restaurant.”

Rebel Wilson Is Single and Ready To Mingle

Actress Rebel Wilson has admitted to using the services of the exclusive dating app Raya, which is only available to high-profile singles and has a strict vetting process. She revealed to PEOPLE: “I’ve been on it a few years, but I’m only active for a week or two.” As far as we know she’s single again, after having recently split from her millionaire boyfriend Jacob Busch.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps31
Image: Yahoo!

Rebel elaborated on her Raya experience: “When you’re seeing somebody, you’re not on it. It’s only for the times in between when you’re very much single. And just looking for who’s out there. But I think it’s a really good tool and a lot of the Pitch Perfect girls are on it, and a lot of my girlfriends in the industry are on it.”

Khloe Kardashian Had a Lot of Fun on OkCupid

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian is back in a relationship with NBA player Tristan Thompson, at least for time being. But she’s also admitted to trying out the online dating scene. She uploaded her profile onto OkCupid, but she owes a big thank you to her best friend Malika Haqq for helping her navigate the new world.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps28
Image: The Sun

Khloe explained: “I’ve never done online dating before, but just for s–ts and giggles, Malika and I decided to fill one out. It was actually really fun to do, LOL!” Now that a Kardashian has given her stamp of approval to the online dating sphere, we expect that they’ll be more to come in the future.

Charlize Theron Feels Awkward When the Flirting Starts

Actress Charlize Theron went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said that friend Chelsea Handler introduced her to her dating apps. “She was on her phone and she showed it to me and she was explaining it to me in that Chelsea Handler way, which is just like, ‘Yeah, everybody’s doing this. What’s wrong with you? Where have you been, under a rock?'”

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps29
Image: Listal

Charlize tried it out but has reservations about the whole experience. “I’m going to sound like I’m 80. But [guys are] in all sorts of different variations of no clothes.” She continued: “And then you have to text them and then the flirting starts and it’s kind of awkward because you don’t know the person and they’re trying to be cute and they say weird things like, ‘What’s up, sexy?’ And it’s just awkward.” It’s definitely not for everyone.

Martha Stewart Is Open-Minded About Meeting Someone Online

TV personality and retail tycoon Martha Stewart is now almost 80 years old, but she’s totally keeping up with the times. She revealed in 2013 that she uses the online dating service Match.com. She was on the Today show when she made the revelation, no doubt leading to many more people signing up for the service.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps43
Image: Insider

Martha stated: I’ve always been a big believer that technology, if used well, can enhance one’s life.” We appreciate her refreshing outlook on the often criticized internet dating world. She added: “So here I am, looking to enhance my dating life.” We’re yet to find out if she’s had much success.

Zac Efron Kept Getting Swiped Left on Tinder

Actor Zac Efron surprised a lot of his fans when he admitted to being on Tinder in 2016. Zac was being interviewed by The Times when he stated: “Dating is something I’ll never be able to do.” He elaborated: “As in the dictionary definition of dating, because one way or another I’ve impacted that person’s life and they’ll soon realize it. A date has to be very long to dispel whatever people think about me.”

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps22
Image: Twitter / Zac Efron

But believe it or not, Zac kept being swiped left by ladies on the infamous hookup app. In the same interview, he confessed: “Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me! They thought it was fake…that never happened.” We bet those women are kicking themselves now…

Katy Perry Was In Too Deep On “Hook-Up” App Tinder

Popstar Katy Perry is all happy families right now with her actor beau Orlando Bloom and their baby girl Daisy. But before the Legolas star swept her off her feet, she was busy power-swiping like the rest of us. She appeared on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 back in 2014 and let it slip that she’s on a dating app.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps20
Image: The Mirror

That app just so happens to be Tinder, but we expect that she might have used a pseudonym. She told The Breakfast Club that she was “really deep on Tinder,” adding that “I don’t have a whole lot of time.” Katy had only recently split with her singer-songwriter ex John Mayer, and it looks like Tinder was the perfect tool to help her get back in the dating pool.

Hannah Brown Met Her Current Boyfriend Through a Dating App

Former Bachelorette contestant Hannah Brown tried to get in on the exclusive celebrity dating app Raya, but it wasn’t as easy as she initially thought. She took to Instagram Stories to tell her followers: “You guys, I don’t know if you know this, but I was the Bachelorette and I can’t get on Raya!”

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps40
Image: US Weekly

Hannah explained: “I’ve been on the waiting list for months now,” before signaling to her friend in the video. “She’s a pastor, she got on Raya. I’m done – Christian Mingle here I come.” But she’s the one having the last laugh as she actually met her current boyfriend Adam Woolard on a dating app. She hasn’t revealed which app, however…

Lizzo Rates Tinder Highly for Some Summer Fun

Popstar and musician Lizzo isn’t seeing anyone at the moment, but she is making time to meet up with people on a dating app. While appearing on the late-night talk show Busy Tonight, she revealed that “I’ve done Raya. I tried to match with John Mayer — it didn’t work.”

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps27
Image: The Sun

In her opinion, the super-exclusive dating app is just “boring,” but other common dating apps have provided her with plenty of fun. “My dancer wanted to have a hoe phase, so I decided to join her, and I went on one of the, you know, lower-echelon dating apps.” She continued: “No shade, but you don’t have to get confirmed… So I hopped on it and I had a hoe phase for like a week and it was really fun.”

Orlando Bloom Was the Ultimate Catfish Before Katy Perry

Actor Orlando Bloom is currently one-half of a power couple thanks to his relationship with pop star Katy Perry. They’ve recently had an adorable baby girl together, and they’re busy enjoying family life. But before she was in the picture, Orlando wanted to get in on the internet dating hype and thought of a perfect way to do it.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps46
Image: Dazed

Orlando ended up making a fake Facebook profile to meet single women and even used his friend’s photo instead of his own. Obviously, he was scared of meeting die-hard fans or people who are just out to use him. That way, he was able to meet people without them expecting a film star. Catfish much? What if Orlando wasn’t really their type?

Luann de Lesseps Found Love Online After Her Divorce

TV personality and star of Real Housewives of New York Luann de Lesseps turned to dating apps after her 2017 divorce. “My niece got me on Hinge and then got me on Raya, so I’ve been kind of flirting on some dating apps.” But it’s not been easy with the pandemic: “It’s so much fun to date but with COVID it’s hard to date, so I feel like flirting is the next best thing.”

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps35
Image: Bravo

As it turns out, dating apps were the best thing that ever happened to her. She met her current personal trainer boyfriend Garth Wakeford on an app, having seen his photo and thought “He’s too good to be true.” They chatted, flirted, and met up for a coffee, to which she saw that he was just like his dating profile: “He’s tall, he’s handsome, he looks like a Viking.”

Matthew Perry Tries Chatting up Much Younger Women

Actor Matthew Perry is a lot less settled in his real-life than Chandler Bing. While Chandler has Monica, Matthew is still single and looking to meet Mrs. Right. He was recently engaged to talent manager and producer Molly Hurwitz, but they’ve since called the whole thing off.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps17
Image: Rappler

It wasn’t long after Matthew was outed by a 19-year-old Raya user who exposed cringy messages he’d been sending her. One of the messages read: “Am I as old as your dad?” and before he knew it their whole conversation went viral. The teenager alleged that Matthew even tried to meet up, telling her: “Maybe one day you can get a COVID test and come over.”

Demi Lovato Got Put On Raya’s Black List

Popstar Demi Lovato is currently single, but they’ve dipped her toe in the online dating pool. However, Raya’s exclusivity seems to know no bounds as they blocked Demi from rejoining after previously deleting their account. “I just deleted it out of respect to the person I was with,” they explained.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps34
Image: Listal

Demi continued: “Then we broke up and I went to get back on.” They were denied, but they took that as a sign that they should stay away from dating apps for the time being. “And I was like, ‘You know what? It’s fine. I don’t need to be on this because I think I’m supposed to be alone right now.'”

Hilary Duff‘s Mind Was Blown When She Discovered Dating Apps

Actress Hilary Duff is now a mother to two kids with her husband, singer-songwriter Matthew Koma. Before she had even met him, however, she admitted to using Tinder to look for love. She told Ryan Seacrest in an interview: “It kind of started out to be a joke with my girlfriends. I was like, ‘Explain this whole thing to me because it’s kind of blowing my mind.'”

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps45
Image: People

Hilary even featured the dating app Tinder in her music video “Sparks,” and went so far as to include some of the men she matched with. “In my life, I’ve always had really serious boyfriends, I’ve always met people through work, and I’ve never been on a blind date,” she told Ryan.

Joe Jonas Took Internet Dating Into His Own Hands

Singer and actor Joe Jonas is loved up with actress Sophie Turner and their baby girl. But before he met the love of his life he was just like everyone else at a loss in the dating world, and he turned to a dating app to help him meet some singles. But if you’re one-third of the Jonas Brothers, it makes sense that you’d want to be quiet about it. Naturally, as soon as someone saw him on the private dating app Raya they let leaked the news.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps5
Image: TMZ

He may not have found his future wife on Raya, but he did meet Sophie through social media. Joe DM’d her and she agreed to meet up, not really knowing what to expect. “I brought all my guy friends to come with me to meet him, because in the back of my mind I still worried that he could be a catfish – or I don’t know what.” See, even celebrities live in fear of the catfish!

Kiernan Shipka Tells Us to Watch This Space

Former child star and actress Kiernan Shipka is thought to be dating model and aspiring film director Christian Coppola. But she revealed to Stylist that she’s loyal to one particular dating app: “Raya for life. Love it. God bless Raya.” She’s only 21 years old, but she’s already a pro at online dating.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps33
Image: CelebMafia

“Meeting people has always been kind of a funny situation for me, growing up not going to school, but knowing everyone who went to the schools in LA. It’s good, I’ve found ways,” Kiernan told Stylist in 2019 while talking about her love life. “I’ve gone on dates from it, but nothing that’s come to fruition,” she revealed, adding, “We’ll see.”

Sharon Stone Got Blocked for Being Sharon Stone

Actress Sharon Stone took to Twitter to shame Bumble for blocking her. She wrote: “I went on the @bumble dating site and they closed my account. Some users reported that it couldn’t possibly be me! Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary? Don’t shut me out of the hive.” And she made sure to bring receipts.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps3
Image: The Sun

Sharon posted the screenshot from Bumble which read: “Your account has been blocked because we’ve received several reports about your profile being fake.” Lucky for her, Bumble quickly rectified the issue: “Sharon Stone is back on Bumble! Our apologies for the confusion as we’re so honored that Ms. Stone wants to be a part of the Hive,” adding, “we can understand how so many of our users felt it was too good to be true.”

Tiffany Haddish Blames Dating Apps for One Too Many Bad Dates

When actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish went on The Tonight Show, she vented about her personal struggles with meeting guys who she’s been chatting to online. After all, it can be risky. “Online dating – man, I don’t like it, because I feel like that’s where I meet a lot of creeps,” she explained.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps30
Image: Daily Mail

Tiffany continued: “Dudes that have a really nice picture and you’re like, ‘Oh I can’t wait to meet him,’ and then you go to the Starbucks to meet him and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, he is a booger wolf…’ His breath smells like he’s been eating eggs for days. His beard is ashy! He got an ashy beard.” Yep, meeting up IRL doesn’t go as planned, even for celebrities.

Elijah Wood Opted for the Exclusive and Elusive Dating App Experience

Actor Elijah Wood may have been in one of the most successful film franchises of all time, but even the lead character of the Lord of the Rings needed a little help when it came to finding love. Before he met his Danish film producer girlfriend Mette-Marie Kongsved, he was active on dating apps.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps12
Image: Twitter / Elijah Wood

Raya, to be specific. People who were accepted into the inner circle of Raya spoken about seeing the actor’s profile. Since you need to be verified to even be on the app, it’s safe to say that it really was Elijah. But he doesn’t need it now, as he’s recently had a baby with his girlfriend. Congrats, Elijah!

Sarah Hyland Doesn’t Realize She’s an Online Dating Success Story

Actress and singer Sarah Hyland is currently loved up with former reality show contestant Wells Adams. In fact, they’re currently engaged and living in Los Angeles, and they met after chatting on Twitter! It’s a social media platform as far as we’re concerned, but Sarah seems to feel differently.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps44
Image: Daily Mail

She told Entertainment Tonight that she would “never” consider online dating, despite meeting her fiance online in a manner that many would consider online dating. “Stranger Dangers are online!” she exclaimed, adding: “You just don’t know. Catfish can happen anytime… It freaks me out. I just like talking one-on-one.”

Cody Simpson Is Open To Dating Anyone… Who’s Famous

Australian singer Cody Simpson has famously dated several high-profile women, like Miley Cyrus, Gigi Hadid, and Kylie Jenner. And while he didn’t meet them on a dating app (that we know of?) he’s open to meeting more young and single ladies online. But his app choice might tell us something about who he’s willing to date.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps7
Image: PopSugar

Cody has had a profile on Raya, and considering his past dating history it’s highly possible that he’s only really open to dating other celebrities. Although, anyone that he meets will have to be competing with the likes of supermodels, makeup moguls, and pop stars. Good luck to whoever it is!

Lindsay Lohan Awkwardly Matched With Her Younger Brother

Actress Lindsay Lohan has her very own awkward Tinder story, but it’s a little closer to home than anyone was expecting. She tried to out her brother for being on the app when she accidentally matched with him because of their similar interests. But in turn, she ended up outing herself to everyone online.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps38
Image: Daily Mail

When she posted her brother’s Tinder profile photo, all anyone wanted cared about was that she was actually using the dating app service herself. So now you know – if you see Lindsay on Tinder at some point, don’t immediately think it’s a hoax. It could actually be the real deal.

Hannibal Buress Doesn’t Want His Matches to Talk to Him About Broad City

Comedian and actor Hannibal Buress is known for being Ilana Wexler’s love interest on Comedy Central’s Broad City. But when it comes to his own life he’s a lot more mysterious. As of yet, the public doesn’t know about anyone he’s dated, and he’s thought to be single at the moment. Especially since he’s been spotted on Raya.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps16
Image: Charlotte Magazine

And in 2015 he spoke about his disappointing experiences with Tinder, stating:  “I’ve used Tinder, but I have never met anybody from it. I’ll match with people, and then they’ll reference my character from Broad City, and then that feels weird. They’ll be, like, ‘Is this really Lincoln?’ And I’m, like, ‘That’s not my real name. You see my name, it’s on the profile.’ So I’ve been on it, but I just haven’t met anybody from it.”

Laverne Cox Met Someone Special On the Infamous Hook-Up App

Actress Laverne Cox is a firm believer in Tinder, having previously met her boyfriend (who she’s no longer with) on the app. In March 2018, she was talking with Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover on Access when she revealed that she had been dating someone from Tinder for over eight months.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps23
Image: The New York Times

Laverne told Natalie and Kit: “Honestly, I’m a Tinder girl. When I broke up with my ex, I went back on Tinder, because I feel like if you want to date, you have to be on the apps. You have to be on the apps to be in the game.” Who knew that even celebrities feel the pressure to online date!

Eminem Admits To Using Tinder, and Even Possibly Grindr

Rapper Eminem is famous for his on-again-off-again relationship with Kimberly Anne “Kim” Scott, who was his high school sweetheart. After having married and divorced each other twice, they’ve finally decided to part ways for good in 2006 and co-parent their daughter Hailie. But when the rapper was asked how he meets women in 2017, he admitted to using Tinder.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps36
Image: Facebook / Eminem

The interviewer asked him a couple of times and he continued to assert that he was on the apps, before possibly joking: “And Grindr. I also used to go to strip clubs.” The jury’s still out on whether he was joking about using the gay dating app Grindr, and many people think he was being serious. After all, he is known to frequent strip clubs.

Cara Delevingne Likes to Date Within Her Social Circle

You wouldn’t think that model and actress Cara Delevingne would need help in the dating department. But even she can be found on a dating app. She’s been spotted on the private and membership-based app Raya, meaning she’s also looking for love on the internet like the rest of us.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps1
Image: The Hollywood Gossip

It makes sense that Cara uses Raya, as she’s had a string of relationships and flings with several high-profile stars. Think of Michelle Rodriguez, Miley Cyrus, St. Vincent, and Ashley Benson, to name a few. At the moment, she’s thought to be single. So who knows, she might be swiping as we speak!

James Charles Deleted Tinder From His Phone Due To Harassment

Beauty guru James Charles was spotted on Tinder, which was then screenshotted and put on the internet. It caused quite a stir with Gen-Z as he’d set his gender to “female,” which some thought was deceiving. The news reached the Youtube star, to which he decided to set the record straight.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps24
Image: Twitter / James Charles

In doing so, he revealed that he was in fact using Tinder. “I went on many awesome dates with either gay, bisexual, or closeted men over the last 6 months,” he told his Twitter followers. Soon after the controversy, he ended up deleting the app from his phone, however. “I receive a lot of harassment from people who only match to take screenshots or make videos & a spectacle of me.”

Mariah Carey Ingenious Way to Get Her Match.com Profile Some Exposure

Singer Mariah Carey has had a string of relationships in the public eye. Before she was loved up with her choreographer boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, she was looking for love online like everyone else. She even featured her online dating pursuit in a music video for one of her songs.

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps42
Image: The Sun

The music video for her 2015 song “Infinity” was used to get the message out there that Mariah was looking for Mr. Right. There were scenes of the star browsing for dates on Match.com while reclining on her couch in a glamorous gown. That’s one way to get your profile some exposure!

Andy Cohen Needs Someone To Accept His Little One

Radio and TV talk show host Andy Cohen is the first openly gay chat show host on-air, and he recently had a baby with the help of a surrogate in 2019. These days, if you’re looking to date the 53-year-old, “You’re not only dating me, but you’re gonna date — you know, my son’s in the picture. So it seems like a lot.”

Famous People Have Tinder Too  Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps25
Image: Socialite Life

Andy was talking to Chrissy Metz on his Sirius XM show called Radio Andy when he admitted to using dating apps. “I’m on Tinder. I never check it, but I’m on Tinder,” he told her, adding that he’s “been kicked off Tinder for people saying I was impersonating me.” It seems to be a regular occurrence for the rich and famous.