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Fashion Madness Online: How the Met Gala Is Coping With the Global Situation

Due to the global situation, the 2020 Met Gala is postponed until further notice. Yeah, it totally sucks. But postponed does not mean it’s canceled. We just need to hang tight and before we know it, our favorite celebs will be walking around with some of the craziest outfits we’ve ever seen. In the meantime, the organizers of the Met Gala took to the internet and decided to give us a little preview of the madness to come.

Fashion Madness Online  How the Met Gala Is Coping With the Global Situation5
Image: InStyle

The primary organizer of the fashion extravaganza and editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour, made a statement expressing sadness at the postponement. But she said not to worry, and that when this year’s event does happen, it’ll be extraordinary. In this article, we break down what went down yesterday for the digital preview of the 2020 Met Gala. Let the madness begin!

A Little Tiny Bit of Met Gala History

Every year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City opens its doors to Hollywood. Every year there’s a different theme, and the celebs in attendance realize the theme through their outfits in the craziest ways possible. Remember Rihana’s omelet dress? Or what’s about when Lana Del Rey dressed up as Our Lady of Sorrow?

Fashion Madness Online  How the Met Gala Is Coping With the Global Situation3
Image: Fashionista

The first Met Gala was held in 1948. The idea was to showcase crazy-themed fashion and to raise money for the Costume Institute. In the first year of its existence, tickets were only $50! Today, tickets are reportedly $30,000 each. The Met Gala is regarded as one of the most exclusive social events on the globe. Every year the event raises tens of millions of dollars. Last year, it raised about $200,000,000. Big money, folks.

Met Gala 2020

We don’t know when things will go back to normal. Some countries are showing signs of opening back up. But people are cautious because no one wants another outbreak. What this means for the Met Gala is that we don’t know when the event will actually take place.

It usually happens on the first Monday of May. But since there are no gatherings and lockdowns are still largely in effect, on the eve of the Met Gala’s usual date, Anna Wintour got online with a message for the world.
She explained that many muscles of the fashion industry, the Met, and other cultural institutions heavily rely on funding raised by the Met Gala to stay strong.

Fashion Madness Online  How the Met Gala Is Coping With the Global Situation4
Image: The Guardian

Since much of the world’s retail and fashion activity ground to a halt, the industry is struggling. Wintour asked for our support. It’s not the celebs that are the beneficiaries of the money raised by the Met Gala, it’s the fashion designers, retailers, and ordinary people that are suffering the most.

After she got her important message out to the world, the livestream switched to Florence Welch from the awesome band Florence and the Machine. After a few seconds, she opens up and gives an amazing performance. Her voice is so powerful that we weren’t sure if we were hearing her from our computer speakers or whether her voice and soul are so mighty that they reached into our living rooms.

But that’s not all! The plan is to have some performances happen virtually. In addition to Florence and the Machine, there will some showcasing and stories of past events. The live stream started Monday and will continue on Tuesday. Just Google it and you can watch it from the comfort of your home.

What About the Costumes?

Well, luckily, the costumes aren’t going anywhere, and whenever the event does happen, we’ll be able to enjoy them as they’re worn by our favorite celebs. Most of the outlandish outfits that we see at the Met Gala are extremely intricate and are in their preparatory stages for months, or years. The budgets that go into them are astronomical – we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars.

Fashion Madness Online  How the Met Gala Is Coping With the Global Situation1
Image: US Weekly

Some of the planned attendees have had their costumes ready to go, fit for the 2020 theme titled, About Time: Fashion and Duration. Some celebs even decided to put their on and snap some pics. So if you’re really in dire need of your Met Gala fix, we encourage you to hit up the vast nebula of the internet and check out what some of them have in store for us