Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes

Have you ever wished that you could look like one of your favorite celebrities? Although many of us have this wish, only a few can experience this reality. There are a shocking number of stars who have random lookalikes, and the internet is going wild over just how similar they appear. Who knew that average Joes could reach such a high level of fame just by looking like superstars?

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 21

The resemblance between these models, singers, actors, and athletes has left so many people speechless and scrambling to figure out who the real star is and who is just their random twin. See for yourself if you are able to tell these famous celebs apart from their insanely accurate lookalikes.

Gigi Hadid’s Dutch Doppelgänger

Based on Gigi Hadid’s unique look and natural beauty that make her a spectacular model, nobody would think that she has an almost identical lookalike in this world. Pictured on the left is Hadid’s twin from the Netherlands, Iza Ijzerman. It makes perfect sense that the two have similar career paths, as Ijzerman is a professional plus-sized model and blogger.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 1

The mind-boggling similarities in their appearances make it hard to look away. People on the internet were quick to point out the massive amount of resemblances that the two models possess. It is almost impossible to tell Hadid apart from her Dutch counterpart. If you scroll through Ijzerman’s Instagram, you will find that her similitude to Hadid is uncanny.

Does Emma Watson Have a Long-lost Twin Sister?

It is hard not to do a double-take when looking at these images of Emma Watson and her doppelgänger. Kari Lewis, pictured on the left, is a 31-year-old woman from Indiana with a striking resemblance to the widely famous actress. Lewis has been compared to Watson since the first Harry Potter movie was released in 2001.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 11

Lewis works as an instructional assistant but has made her side-gig being a lookalike Watson. She cosplays Watson’s character, Hermoine, from the Harry Potter series. She noticed that people were constantly turning their heads and commenting on how much she resembles Emma Watson. Multiple conventions have actually paid Lewis to travel and play Hermoine at their events.

TikTok “Tom Cruise” Takes The World by Storm

Could you imagine walking down the street and being mistaken for one of the most handsome men alive? Multiple Tom Cruise lookalikes can relate to the above question. TikTok is responsible for introducing these strangers to the world, who just happen to resemble Tom Cruise.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 9

The TikTok Tom Cruise impersonator, Chris Ume, is using deep fake technology to mimic the famous actor. Not only is the world being fooled by the looks of TikTok’s ability to clone the actor, but also this person is able to replicate Cruise’s famous laugh. Even though there are minor glitches with the newly-found technology, the effect is still crazy accurate.

Kate Moss or Fake Moss?

Just when we thought we were lucky enough to have one Kate Moss, we realized there were two! Denise Ohnona, 39, opened up about being regularly stopped on the streets and mistaken for the worldly supermodel. Ohnona is flattered by the fact that she is misconstrued as her celebrity idol. Unlike many celebrities, Denise absolutely loves being photographed by the paparazzi because it boosts her confidence tremendously.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 10

Denise has been mistaken for the unique-looking supermodel for basically her entire life. The fashion brand “Vetements” actually cast Ohnona instead of Kate Moss herself to spike views and intrigue the audience during Paris Fashion Week in 2021. Denise thought to herself “why would they want a lookalike when they can have the real thing?” But, soon after, she realized that there was an appeal for lookalikes in the world of fame.

Shakira, Shakira

Not many people can belly dance like Shakira, but her random lookalike is making everyone on the internet wonder if her Hips Don’t Lie as well. Rebecca Maiellano, pictured on the left, is Shakira’s so-called international double. Maiellano actually started her own show called Shakibecca Live where she shows off her Venezuelan singer-songwriter abilities.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 8

The Shakira lookalike is making quite the living off of being mistaken as her doppelgänger. Not only does she look like the Columbian star, but her distinct voice can be mistaken for that of Shakira, too. Shakibecca pays tribute to her favorite star by singing covers of her well-known hits, and Shakira seems to support her on her journey.

Justin Timberlake’s Mirror (Image) is Staring Right Back at Him

Peter Lillyman from Phoenix Arizona looks shockingly like the former N’Sync singer. He has been working double-time as a real estate agent and a professional lookalike for nearly two decades now. Lillyman gets paid to party and has even been asked to be someone’s “boyfriend” for the night to impress others.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 7

Lillyman was told he started to look like the pop star when he cut his hair short at age 14. He has an expensive fee for his work as a celebrity double, charging around 500 dollars to do meet-and-greets and club appearances. Ironically, he is signed to a talent agency called “Mirror Images” which is specifically for celebrity lookalikes.

We’ll be There for You, Jennifer, and Your Doppelgänger Too

Mom and interior designer who goes by the name “The Kindred Ginger” on social media gets mistaken for Jennifer Aniston on a daily basis. Caitlin recently went viral when people realized she has a shockingly similar appearance to Jennifer Aniston. The first time Caitlin was told about her similarities to Jen, she was a cashier at a grocery store during high school. Someone remarked on the fact that she “looked like Rachel from Friends.”

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 6

Caitlin has told multiple sources that she actually does not see the resemblance herself, but to us, it is uncanny. She shared that she is flattered by the comparison and has always admired Jennifer. The photo of Caitlin on the left was taken directly after she got a haircut that resembled Jennifer’s signature style.

Lionel Messi Has Competition On and Off The Field

Not every lookalike story is a positive one, especially for Lionel Messi and his Irani doppelgänger, Reza Parastech. The young man earned the nickname “fake Messi” after being accused of using his looks to seduce women. Due to their already similar facial structures, Parastech decided to cut his hair and grow a beard to further resemble the Barcelona soccer captain.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 5

Although many allegations were filed, Parastech came to social media to clear his name and deny any counts of sexual harassment. The news was spreading all over the Muslim countries, so he made an Instagram video to tell the world that it is not a joke to play with anybody’s reputation and credibility, especially because it was all based on the fact that he looks like a celebrity.

Can Elton John’s Lookalike Sing Like The Rocket Man Can?

John Sims, 67, appeared outside of Cineworld in Kingswood to greet cinema-goers who gathered for the long-awaited release of Elton John’s new film Rocketman. Many people have approached Sims in the past, gushing over the fact that he looks identical to Elton John himself. After his retirement, he decided that he would be a full-time Elton John lookalike.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 4

He began dressing and acting like Elton and eventually sent his photo to an agency asking to impersonate Elton John at events. Sims was immediately accepted and began his career as Elton’s doppelgänger. He described his impersonation of Elton John as a hobby and a fun way to make some money.

Try Keeping Up With Two Kim Kardashian West’s

There is another member of the Kardashian clan in town and her name is Sonia Ali. The British beauty blogger has fan’s minds blown as they struggle to tell the difference between Kim K. and her twin. Ali regularly poses in an assortment of makeup looks and reviews beauty products alongside her sister, Fyza. Their joint Instagram account has over one million followers.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 3

A large part of Sonia Ali’s social media success is attributed to the fact that she looks strikingly like Kim Kardashian. Followers have commented on Sonia’s account, telling her that she “looks more like Kim K than Kim K herself.” In the past, she has been told that she is a Kardashian wannabe, but she responded by saying that this is always how she looked and many people in the Middle East closely resemble members of the Kardashian/Jenner crew.

We Can’t Shake Off The Fact That Taylor Has a Twin

Out of all the celebrity lookalikes, this one is truly mind-boggling. Laura Cadman, pictured on the left, is a former college student from England who gets mistaken for Swift on the daily. Cadman considers herself to be a huge Swiftie and she has fooled many fans in the audience while attending Taylor’s concerts. People began commenting on the fact that she is Taylor’s doppelgänger when she wore a poofy blue dress to her prom, similar to the one that Taylor wore in her “Our Song” music video.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 2

Ever since prom night, Cadman realized she could make a small career by continuing to cosplay Swift at events. She tops off her look with a short blonde haircut, bright red lipstick, and dresses in statement pieces that Swift has been seen performing in or wearing on the red carpet. Cadman noted that she is naturally tall, blonde, and slim, which makes her a perfect twin for Taylor.

Jay From Houston or Jenny From The Block?

Jlo is definitely one of the most influential celebs of all time. She was gifted the name a “triple threat,” as her acting, singing, and dancing have all contributed to her wide success. Janice Garay, also known as Jay from Houston, may not be able to sing as Jennifer does, but she definitely looks like her. Garay went viral on Instagram after posting one of her bodybuilding selfies, and users starting questioning whether or not she was Jlo.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 27

The pair, as seen above, share extremely similar features ranging from their facial structures to their sculpted bodies, to their blonde highlighted hair. Garay is nothing but flattered by the comparison to Lopez, calling the star “her idol.” She has admired Lopez since the Selena movie came out but wants the public to notice her for her hard work as a bodybuilder and not just looking like Jlo.

Beyonce’s Twin is To the Left, to the Left

Step aside Queen Bey because Queen Britt has entered the chat. Brittany Williams from Detroit, Michigan bears a strong resemblance to Beyonce. The resemblance between Williams and Beyonce is one that has been spoken about for many years, so much that Beyonce’s most dedicated fans even get the two confused at times.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 29

Williams has admitted to running down the street while she is chased by the Beyhive as they scream lyrics to Beyonce’s most beloved songs. She does not try to look like the superstar on purpose, although it is definitely not something she complains about. When dedicated fans stop her for a photo op she usually complies, as she does not want to let Beyonce’s fandom down.

The Duchess’ of Cambridge

As someone who used to be a waitress, Heidi Agan definitely upgraded when she started getting some royal treatment. Agan recently quit her short career serving customers at a restaurant to become a full-time Kate Middleton lookalike. The customers she used to serve as a waitress brought the idea upon her that she is, in fact, completely identical to the Duchess herself.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 20

Agan has appeared in television shows and on various media platforms where she professionally cosplays Kate Middleton. She looks so similar to Middleton, even her children would point to pictures of the new royal addition and say “mummy.” Agan loves her lifestyle change and hopes to have a long-lasting career as a Kate lookalike. She puts extreme details into her performances to make sure she captures her royal counterpart perfectly.

Even More Royalty – The Duchess’ of Sussex

If you thought there was only one double Duchess, you thought wrong! Here, on the left, is the doppelgänger of the Duchess of Sussex. Akeisha Land is a social media influencer and blogger, as well as a mom, from Missouri. Land runs an Instagram account for her daughter, Greyson, where she mainly posts photos of her children and not any photos of herself. When she finally took to social media to share a picture of her face, the internet went wild.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 13

Land turned into an overnight sensation when fans mistook her for the Duchess of Sussex. She shared that she is both flattered and overwhelmed by her new royal treatment but is always honored to be compared to Meghan. In the future, Land declared that she would be open to making lookalike appearances on Markle’s behalf at events.

Two Ariana’s? That’s Grande!

There have been multiple Ariana lookalikes in the past, but this specific one has the internet swarming. TikTok star Paige Niemann caught Grande’s attention on Twitter where she called the imitation of herself “bizarre.” Niemann took to the social media application to mouth along to the dialogue from Ariana’s former role as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s “Victorious.”

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 19

To Grande, the imitation was bizarre because Niemann tried to combine her current look with the voice of her character that has been buried in the past. Grande’s fans took to the internet to share just how weird they think the imitation is and how they know that Ariana herself is “terrified.”

We Have a Million Reasons to Believe Lady Gaga was Cloned

Gaga has set herself apart from most other celebrities, branding herself on crazy iconic looks such as a dress made completely out of raw meat. In other words, nobody ever thought there could possibly be another Lady Gaga in town until they came across Amethyst Rose. Rose has shared several side-by-side photos on social media of her and Gaga just to prove the length of similarities that they possess.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 30

Rose has shared that she is more than okay with being the Chromactica singer’s stunt double. Her bio on Instagram reads, “If I had a dollar for every time someone said I look like Lady Gaga, I’d be V rich.” The two possess equally unique features, from their arched brows to their platinum hair, all the way down to their extravagant eye makeup.

Drake Has a Twin, and That’s Too Good For us to Handle

I guess you could say it was God’s plan to have two Drake’s walking this earth. The “Hotline Bling” singer has a twin, and his name is actually Drake too! Drake Marto, not to be confused with the real Drake, is pictured on the left. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between the superstar and his doppelgänger.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 28

Marto has shockingly similar features to the famous rapper. The two men possess almost identical haircuts and almost all of the same facial features. This pair has truly left the world in awe. The only mystery to figure out now is: can Drake Marto sing like the og Drake?

Rise and Shine – Wake Up! Kylie has a Lookalike

Imagine spending 4,800 Euros on Kylie Cosmetic products to look exactly like Kylie? Gabrielle Waters from Michigan can definitely relate! She has been compared to the youngest member of the Kardashian Jenner clan since she was a teenager which has led her to land several modeling jobs. Moreover, Kylie fans began running up to Gabrielle in the streets mistaking her for the young billionaire.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 31

One of Kylie’s most eye-catching features is her unmistakable “pout” that she gained from the use of lip fillers. Waters, on the other hand, revealed that she was never allowed to get any sort of plastic surgery, but she over-lines her lips to match Kylie’s signature look. When Waters was younger, she felt the need to look and dress like Kylie for Instagram photos which led to her spending over two hours on her hair and makeup every day. Eventually, she realized she resembled Kylie without all the extra work, so she decided that she did not need to try that hard.

Rihanna Isn’t the Only Girl (In the World) Anymore

TikTok is arguably the most popular platform for bringing celebrity lookalikes to light. This is no different for Rihanna and her extremely impressive doppelgänger, Priscila Beatrice. Priscila caught the eyes of users all over the world when she uploaded a video of her impersonating Rihanna at the 2020 Fashion Awards.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 12

RiRi took to the social media platform and responded to Beatrice’s efforts, saying “Where the album sis? #R9.” This is a reference to the fact that Rihanna fans are begging the singer to drop another album as soon as possible. Rihanna made billboard history with her last album, Anti, but has since been focusing on her Fenty Beauty line.

Taking Note(book) of How we Can Reach Ryan Gosling’s Doppelgänger

Grant Hazell, an Australian police officer, shocked the world with his twin-like appearance to Ryan Gosling. His charm and good looks earned him a modeling career as well. Women are constantly stopping Hazell on the streets to tell him that they are “in love with him,” thinking that he is really Gosling.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 22

The two men are constantly being compared to one another with their chiseled jawlines and piercing blue eyes. Originally, Hazell wasn’t interested in his status as a celebrity lookalike, but eventually decided it was cool to look like one of Hollywood’s most desired men. He is now taking job opportunities at a celebrity lookalike company and using his good looks to his advantage.

Can You Find the Real Laura Dern?

This comedian from Brooklyn, New York looks so much like Laura Dern, she has created an “I Look Like Laura Dern” Instagram account that gained a huge mass of followers. Not only does Maria Wojciechowski resemble the famous actress with her oval face and wavy blonde hair, but she also recreates famous shots from her most beloved movies, photo shoots, and television shows.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 15

As seen above, one of Dern’s most beloved roles is paleontologist Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park. It is quite evident that Wojciechowski absolutely nailed her recreation of the famous look. Although the main aspect of Maria’s Instagram account is her similarity to Dern, people also seem to be amused by her humorous captions, as she is a comedian after all.

Everybody’s Teenage Dream? Two Katy Perry’s!

Aspiring actress Francesca Brown cannot leave the house without being mistaken for Katy Perry. Brown is constantly being chased down the street, screamed at, and taken photos of when strangers think she is Perry at first glance. Growing up, Brown had always dreamed of becoming an actress, but looking identical to Katy Perry has not helped her so far. Instead of being recognized for her original talent, Francesca is compared to Perry during auditions and casting events.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 18

Francesca admitted that she knew becoming an actress would be a difficult task, but she did not realize that the most difficult bump to overcome would be looking like one of the most famous pop stars in the world. She is constantly mobbed in clubs and given bodyguards at venues to protect her. She feels bizarre living life this way, as she is not actually the famous star.

Thinking Out Loud about Ed Sheeran’s Spot-on Lookalike

In addition to being a bingo caller, park ranger, and Ninja Warrior, Ty Jones is an Ed Sheeran lookalike. Jones shared that looking similar to Sheeran has actually boosted his confidence tremendously. As a ginger, he got bullied in school when he was younger, so having a role model like Ed Sheeran made him much more comfortable in his own skin. The fact that people stopped Jones on the street thinking he was Sheeran allowed him to talk to many more people and come out of his shell.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 23

Ty and Ed actually had a chance to meet one another and Ty commented on the fact that Ed was extremely down to earth and sweet. Ty said that dedicated Ed Sheeran fans stop him on the street, usually extremely worked up and shaking, and ask for a selfie or want to shake his hand. He confesses to almost feeling guilty admitting that he is not the real Ed because he does not want to let the fans down.

All We Want for Christmas is Two Mariah Carey’s

Laura Pasqualoni sounds like Mariah just as much as she looks like her. The lookalike sounds so similar to the Grammy-winning singer that she can charge up to $70,000 for one gig. Of course, due to Mariah’s hit song “All I Want for Christmas,” the holiday season is the most demanding time for Carey and her doppelgänger.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 24

Laura shared that she has made quite a profit off of her career as a celebrity lookalike and has been able to travel all over the world for appearances. Impersonating Mariah brings people so much joy during Christmas time, so Laura enjoys performing for free for good causes as well. She has been a professional Mariah look-alike for over 20 years and is still enjoying every second of it.

Crushing on Two Megans

This Megan Fox lookalike almost looks more like Megan than Megan herself. Irina from Germany has become an Instagram influencer over the years with more than 200,000 followers. She gained her fame from looking exactly like everyone’s crush, Megan Fox. The two beautiful women share many of the same features, including their arched brows, dark brown hair, and sculpted nose.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 16

What is better than two Megan Fox’s? The answer is absolutely nothing. Irina shared that she has been mistaken for Megan in public and has noticed people gushing over her amazing looks when she walks by. Irina captions her Instagram photos with extremely relatable content, such as “all the boys want her, all the girls want to be like her.”

Mrs. and Mrs. Smith

Mara Teigen’s Instagram has been blowing up ever since social media users have realized that she resembles the highest-paid actress of all time, Angelia Jolie. Teigen already had a following before her comparison to Jolie, as she is a model for Kylie Jenner’s beauty products. She is best known for hanging around the Kardashian/Jenner clan and starring in Kylie’s music videos that promote her cosmetic products.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 17

Mara has earned the title of being Angelina Jolie’s younger sister. Her base of 600,000 followers keeps rising as more and more people are recognizing her uncanny resemblance to Angelina. We can only hope that one day Mara is as successful as Jolie is today, but she still has a lot of work to do to move her way up the ranks.

“The Girl From That 70s Show”

Mila Kunis has been known to have many celebrity lookalikes that range from Sarah Hyland to Vanessa Hudgens, but few are aware of her more low-key lookalike who goes by the name Chelsea, or _chexsea_ on Instagram. Her social media profile shows off her shockingly similar looks to superstar Mila Kunis.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 25

Chelsea’s small following began to rise after her similarities to Kunis were pointed out by users. People have referred to her as “the girl from That 70s Show.” Her Instagram account displays a variety of photographs where she poses from various angles, and it seems as though she looks like Mila no matter how she is photographed.

Teenlock Holmes

Due to Benedict Cumberbatch’s distinct looks, his lookalike has quickly become an internet sensation. Tyler Michell, pictured on the left, now has over 18,000 Instagram followers and frequently gets stopped on the streets because fans mistake him for Cumberbatch. Michell shared that his likeness to Benedict originally started out as a joke between family members, but he never really took it seriously until strangers picked up on it too.

Few Can Tell These Celebrities Apart From Their Insanely Similar Lookalikes 26

Michell is actually a fan of the Sherlock Holmes actor but does not see the resemblance. People have even suggested that Tyler become “Teenlock,” a teenage version of the well-known detective. Michell commented on the idea, saying that it would be a great opportunity but it will probably never wind up happening.