Find Out What These Contestants From The Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut

19 seasons later, The Voice has become one of the most talent-filled shows that have hooked viewers in across the country! Spending countless hours watching each season, and especially the chill-inducing blind auditions, it’s only natural that fans everywhere have become more than obsessed with each contestant. After investing so much time rooting for these stars, we bet you’re dying to know what they’ve been up to since their time on the show.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut21

Whether if it was the first place winner or one of the other unforgettable contestants, Hype Galore has got the full scoop on the latest and greatest ventures of these The Voice alumni. While this opportunity was the chance to kickstart these hopeful stars’ careers, let’s see if their road to stardom has been as bright as the spotlight on the stage where it all began.

Cassadee Pope – Season 3 Winner

The producers could have never predicted that the third season of The Voice would be so significant. As it would turn out, Cassadee Pope was not only the winner of this season but is also known as the most successful winner of the show to this day. While Cassadee already had a pop-punk following before entering the show, she transitioned into a country singing diva for her TV time. Thanks to her being on “Team Blake,” she’s still a country star.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut3

Ever since Cassadee became the season three winner, she’s been busy making a name for herself in the music industry. She’s had an album make its way to the number one spot on the Top Country Albums Chart, was nominated for a Grammy, and even got her own episode on Lip Sync Battle. Recently, she released a new album and performed for the Academy of Country Music. Needless to say, the pandemic hasn’t slowed her roll.

Chloe Kohanski – Season 13 Winner

Originally enlisted on “Team Miley Cyrus,” Chloe Kohanski was snagged by “Team Blake Shelton,” which ended up making her the season 13 winner. At age 23, this American rocker proved she’s got what it takes to make it in the world of music, and the viewers backed her up every step of the way.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut18

Like several other show alumni, Chloe has since changed her name to be chloe mk – with the lowercase spelling being 100% intentional. In 2019, she released her first EP and also went on tour with famous artist Sizzy Rocket. Now that she’s parted ways with Republic Records, we’re all eager to see what’s in store for her next.

Juliet Simms – Season 2 Runner-Up

Repping “Team Cee Lo” back in 2012, Juliet Simms was definitely a fan favorite amongst her season two competitors. With her unique rocker aesthetic and Janice Joplin-type voice, she was able to stand out from the other contestants – which in turn helped her make it to the very end of the competition. While she may not have won the whole kit and caboodle, she did walk away with the first runner-up title.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut10

But honestly, not winning The Voice may have been the best thing for her. Since her time on the show, Juliet’s career has skyrocketed. Or should we say Lilith? According to her Instagram account, “Juliet Simms is gone, Lilith Czar has risen.” Yup, she’s totally embraced a completely different stage name and persona and is ruling the world of rock and roll. With her two latest singles, she’s showing the rebirth of the new her and her new music.

Meghan Linsey – Season 8 Runner-Up

She may have only been the season eight runner-up on The Voice, but Meghan Linsey was one contestant that the world would never forget. Making her mark, Meghan was neck in neck with Sawyer Fredericks until the very end. And even though she suffered a loss, her version of “Change My Mind” in the season finale had reached the Top 10 charts on iTunes.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut12

These days, the Louisiana native has been making country music with fellow artist Tyler Crain. Together, they’ve released hit singles like “Lover,” “Yee Hawt,” and “Someone You Loved.” Not to mention she’s got the title of a number one Billboard Recording Artist to add to her musical resume. With pink hair and a country flair, it seems that Meghan is doing just fine.

Matt McAndrew – Season 7 Runner-Up

Matt McAndrew might not have snagged the win on his season of The Voice but he is still considered a successful alumnus. Coming in second to Craig Wayne Boyd on the seventh season, Matt was so close to becoming the winner. Especially after his show-stopping performance of his original song “Wasted Love.” While he didn’t win, it’s no surprise that his career still managed to catapult him into a world of fame.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut11

The following year Matt was on The Voice; he signed on to be a part of Republic Records, but only for a brief time. Today, he’s the lead singer of a post-hardcore band called Slaves and has even more tattoos than when the world saw him on TV. This just goes to show that even though he wasn’t deemed a winner, his exposure from The Voice was enough to help him live out his dreams.

Maelyn Jarmon – Season 16 Winner

Unlike other contestants, Maelyn Jarmon’s musical journey started with struggle long before she reached the stage at NBC’s studio for The Voice. From the time she was 13, she had been singing but was completely deaf in her right ear and only had 80% hearing capability in the left ear. Overcoming obstacles to pursue her dream, she found herself making it to the end of the show as not just a contestant but a winner.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut26

Though she only became known to the world in 2018, she’s undoubtedly making a name for herself since her big win. Maelyn went on to record a song with John Legend which made it to the top of the Billboard 200 chart. Additionally, she released a Christmas cover and closed out 2019 with a performance at The Mercury Lounge in NYC. While her big break is still a work in progress, her TikTok presence is consistently growing.

Chris Blue – Season 12 Winner

Taking the winning title home for “Team Alicia Keys” in 2017, Chris Blue is best known as the season 12 winner from The Voice. From the moment Alicia Keys and the world heard him sing during his blind audition, there was an automatic inkling that he would be the winner. Capturing the hearts of listeners worldwide, Chris made a name for himself.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut4

Finding success within the R&B charts, the covers of songs he did on the show led him to continue to pursue music in this genre. In comparison to some of the other winners, at least he’s consistently releasing new music while waiting for his big break. We’re crossing our fingers for you, Chris!

Aliyah Moulden – Season 12 Contestant

As another young hopeful, Aliyah Moulden auditioned for season 12 of The Voice in hopes of fulfilling her teenage dreams of being a professional singer. And with chops like hers, it’s no wonder she ended up being a finalist on the show. At the time, she was also considered one of the youngest contestants to have made it on to the show and make it as far as she had.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut2

In her final years of being a teenager, at 19 years old Aliyah is using her voice for more than just singing. She’s recently taken up acting and is featured in the TV series called Chicken Girls. She has also partnered with Paramount Pictures to film a PSA on sexual harassment. Busy as ever, Aliyah has now launched her own CBD skincare line that can be found in Urban Outfitters.

Mary Sarah – Season 10 Contestant

Staying true to her country roots, Mary Sarah from Texas had originally wooed the judges in her blind audition by singing the country classic tune of “Where The Boys Are.” Resulting in all four chairs turning, it was the easiest decision for Mary to run home to “Team Blake.” But even though she finished in fifth place on the tenth season of The Voice, her infectious personality and undeniable talent would guide her back to the stage.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut23

Since her time on the show came to a close, it only meant that the gates to her music career had just opened. Mary Sarah has had the opportunity to perform at The Grand Ole Opry about five times, hosted Radio Disney’s Red Carpet Coverage for the CMA Awards, and continues to put out new music. When she’s not writing or recording new music, her new mom duties take place caring for her brand new baby girl.

Javier Colon – Season 1 Winner

Back in 2011, when The Voice first began, Javier Colon was lucky enough to establish himself as the first-ever winner of what would become a legendary TV show. After performing his rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time,” he wowed all four judges during his blind audition – something that just not anyone can do.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut29

With his celebratory win, not only did he become TV famous, but he also received a $100,000 grand prize and a contract with Universal Records. Now that it’s been almost ten years since his groundbreaking moment, he’s released multiple albums, EP’s, and singles. His latest venture? Potentially taking a shot at the world of Broadway.

Jordan Smith – Season 9 Winner

When it comes to Jordan Smith, people usually remember him most for going viral with his blind audition rather than being known as the season nine winner. Becoming a fan-favorite among the pop-listeners, he consistently reached the top charts on iTunes throughout the competition. Before the season had even reached the end, it was clear that he would be the obvious winner.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut8

His winning title spearheaded his career, as he’s written many songs over the years that have earned him a spot in Billboard history. Most recently, he wrote a song called “Ashes,” which music icon Celine Dion sang for the film Deadpool 2. When he’s not busy being a musical icon, he spends his time with his wife Kristen and their two pooches Jade and Jagger.

Melanie Martinez – Season 3 Contestant

Up against the famous Cassadee Pope, Melanie Martinez tried her luck on the third season of The Voice. And though she made it all the way to the live shows for “Team Adam Levine,” she ended up being eliminated in the fifth week. But despite not winning, she’s ended up being another huge success story as a former contestant.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut16

To start, Melanie has accrued over nine million followers on her Instagram account. That’s more than any other person who’s been featured on The Voice! She’s also released platinum-certified albums and has creatively written and directed her own music and music videos. According to her teaser messages, it looks like another album is on its way as well.

Brynn Cartelli – Season 14 Winner

At a shocking 15 years old, Brynn Cartelli showed the world that her young age meant nothing when it came to her becoming the season 14 winner. This means that she is the youngest winner of the show to date, even younger than the most recent winner from season 19! So what has happened with her music career since her coming of age and stardom?

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut17

Well, Brynn has proven to the world that she’s more than just a pretty face with talent, but that she’s incredibly driven for her age. Since winning the show, she’s released several singles, including one of her original songs that have received over seven million streams on Spotify. Additionally, she was nominated for the Competition Contestant of 2018 at the People’s Choice Awards. You go, Brynn!

Jake Hoot – Season 17 Winner

Taking home the winning title in December 2019, Jake Hoot did a solid for himself and “Team Kelly Clarkson.” At 31 years old, Jake risked everything for a chance at doing what he loves, and thankfully it paid off. A country singer at heart, Jake was always paired with his guitar before and during the show – so let’s find out if it’s still his best friend today.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut27

Ever since his time on the show concluded, Jake has been doing interviews and constantly performing. He also recently reunited with Coach Kelly Clarkson for a duet in February 2021 to sing “I Would’ve Loved You,” which peaked at the number one spot on the Country Digital Song chart. Performing at The Grand Ole Opry twice now and releasing his first EP, Jake is well on his way to getting his next big break.

Danielle Bradbery – Season 4 Winner

Taking season four by storm in 2013, Danielle Bradbery was only 16 years old when she walked away with the winning trophy. At the time, this had made her the competition’s youngest winner. Also, she became the first country artist to win The Voice. Her dedicated coach, Blake Shelton, helped her make it through each week and has even remained somewhat of a mentor since her time on the show came to an end.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut5

And thanks to her time on the screen and her award-winning talent, Danielle has continued to become a showstopper in the world of country music. She’s released two studio albums, five singles and was even featured in TV shows like Nashville and Hart of Dixie. But her biggest accolade to date was being nominated as the New Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2019 Academy of Country Music Awards.

Chevel Shepherd – Season 15 Winner

Chevel Shepherd is yet another child that rightfully earned the winning trophy to season 15 of The Voice. Braving the stage at 16 years old, she used her big voice and personality to make her way to “Team Kelly Clarkson,” which would help guide her to the winning round. Finding fame all before becoming a legal adult has been both miraculous and overwhelming for this youngster, and here’s why.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut25

She’s found her footing in the world of music, but it definitely all started as a whirlwind of an adventure. Aside from dealing with some bad publicity from the paparazzi, she’s had some positive experiences as well. Chevel performed at the national Christmas tree lighting at the White House, released a song that would become the PBR anthem, and finally graduated from high school. She may be young but has a bright future ahead of her.

Craig Wayne Boyd – Season 7 Winner

The haters can hate all they want, but when it comes to Blake Shelton, he’s produced a fair amount of winners on The Voice. And Craig Wayne Boyd is just another name to add to Blake’s list. As the season seven champ from December 2014, Craig was finally able to fulfill his dream of pursuing his professional career as a musician.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut19

Since his time on the show, his priorities about being a musician have changed. He makes it very clear that he is a part-time singer and a full-time dad. But before fulfilling his fatherly duties, he made sure to release several singles and music videos during his primetime performing days. Not to mention he joined the band Texas Hill that just so happens to be touring currently, and maybe in a city near you.

Emily Ann Roberts – Season 9 Runner-Up

Team Blake strikes again with another crowd-pleasing contestant. In season nine, Emily Ann Roberts became a finalist on The Voice but earned the runner-up role when it came down to the face-off with her and Jordan Smith. But with her ambitious personality and passion for performing, she wasn’t going to let this loss prevent her from pursuing her dreams.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut6

Continuing to sing her heart out, Emily was able to land performances at legendary places like The Grand Ole Opry. She’s also released hit singles such as “I Got Forever” and “Someday Dream.” Most recently, she even reconnected with Blake Shelton since he had her be the opening act for his show at Ole Red Orlando. Once a team, always a team.

Josh Kaufman – Season 6 Winner

Securing his winning title back in 2014 during season six, Josh Kaufman became the oldest winner The Voice had seen. At 38 years old, he proved that age doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to chasing your dreams. After bouncing between Adam Levine and Usher’s teams, Josh was able to sing his way to the top, winning the whole season.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut9

Although his glory days are now behind him, this mash-up soul singer has intentionally steered clear of the limelight. While he did release an album and perform in a Broadway show, it turns out that Josh prefers a more subdued role in the industry. In an Instagram post, he even said, “I’m spending more time using music to create smaller scale, more meaningful experiences, which is what I actually enjoy about being a musician.”

Sawyer Fredericks – Season 8 Winner

Known as one of The Voice’s youngest contestants, Sawyer Fredericks had initially won over the judges with his rendition of a folk song called “I’m A Man of Many Sorrows.” Within seconds of the judges listening to him, all four judges had turned their chairs around in awe. But in the end, it would be Pharrell that would be lucky enough to help Sawyer become the winner of the eighth season.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut14

After winning the contest, Sawyer, like other contestants, had earned himself a record deal with Republic Records and released a self-titled EP and his first album. But since 2017, he’s been an independent artist and has still managed to do quite well for himself. He recently released his latest album, “Flowers For You,” and celebrated his 22nd birthday.

Alisan Porter – Season 10 Winner

There’s no business like show business, and no one knows this better than Alisan Porter. Before she even made her way to the stage on The Voice, you might recognize Alisan from her days as the child star known as Curly Sue. After having a taste of the spotlight as a child, Alisan tried her hand at stardom again as an adult and ended up being a shoo-in as the winner of season ten.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut1

As she continued down the path of fame, Alisan had her coronation song reach the Hot 100 chart. To this day, she’s still making music and releasing albums and singles on a consistent basis. While music is her passion, she’s been leading a more low-key life these days, tending to her two children and being a Poshmark poster girl.

Jacquie Lee – Season 5 Runner-Up

Repping “Team Christina Aguilera,” Jacquie Lee made it all the way to the finals during season five of The Voice. Unfortunately, it was Tessanne Chin who ended up being the winner in the final hurdle. But no need to worry, because even though Jacquie may have taken an “L” in the competition, she’s been quite a winner since her time on the show ended.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut7

One year after she had been on the show, Jacquie Lee was signed to Atlantic Records and had released her debut single “Broken Ones.” These days, she’s known simply as Jacquie and is still releasing hit singles, even though her Instagram account states that she’s “professionally unemployed.”

Lauren Duski – Season 12 Runner-Up

From the time she was a child, Lauren Duski had tried to pursue music to fulfill her childhood dreams. But taking the safer route, she obtained a job within the dentistry field. That is until someone encouraged her to try out for season 12. Though she only ended up being a runner-up, Lauren decided not to let this stop her from following her heart. And we’re happy she didn’t.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut24

Now solely going by the name of Duski, she’s been spending the past few years going on small tours throughout the U.S. Additionally, she’s been featured amongst some of the biggest names in the country scene on the Women of iHeart Country radio. Though she hasn’t quite had her big break yet, we’re sure that there are big things in store for Duski.

Taylor Phelan – Season 7 Contestant

Up against some amazing male singers, Taylor Phelan is another unforgettable talent that was a product of season seven. Bringing his own hip and unique style to songs like “Sweater Weather” and “Cool Kids” stuck with the viewers, even after he was booted from the show. Well, here’s what Taylor’s done since his brief TV stint.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut30

Nowadays, Taylor is known as an official singer-songwriter and has been releasing music since 2017. Shortly after his first single received rave reviews, he set off on a nationwide tour to gain more recognition for his new music. He’s also been featured in publications such as Paste Magazine and Huffington Post. Win or lose, Taylor still managed to be a star.

Racheal Lynn Woodward – Season 2 Contestant

The second season of The Voice showcased many talented hopefuls who tried to become the next best nationally recognized singer. And while she didn’t walk away with a significant title, Racheal Lynn Woodward was one contender the viewers fell in love with. Although she was cut in the quarter-finals, that wouldn’t be the last time Racheal would command a stage.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut13

Shortly after her TV days came to an end, she was snatched up by Republic Nashville. She even co-wrote a song with country superstar Miranda Lambert and did some backup vocal work for her old pal and judge Blake Shelton. Now, she’s made quite a name for herself in the realm of country music, more specifically, her new stage name being Raelynn.

Gyth Rigdon – Season 16 Runner-Up

While “Team Blake” didn’t walk away with a win during season 16, he did acquire Gyth Rigdon, one contestant that the audience members would never forget. Finishing the season as runner-up, Gyth Rigdon already had one foot in the world of music. But what has Gyth been up to since becoming a singing TV icon?

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut28

Following the show, Gyth released his album titled “When I’m Gone,” which resulted in over 1.1 million streams from listeners. After having his album become such a success only one year after being on the show, he did have to pump his breaks in terms of propelling his career. As he and his wife have recently become new parents and are putting their family before anything else.

Tessanne Chin – Season 5 Winner

In the fall of 2013, Tessanne Chin made a name for herself as the first foreign contestant to win the U.S. competition of The Voice. This Jamaican reggae singer was snapped up to be on “Team Adam Levine,” which helped her make her way as the season’s winner. Eight years later, you must be wondering what’s happened since Tessanne stole the show?

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut15

Once it was time for Tessane to blaze her own career path after the show, she definitely had her work cut out for her. But it all paid off when her album had peaked at the number 41 spot on the Billboard 200. And she was even asked to perform at the White House back in 2014; now that’s definitely an honor. These days, she’s taking a break from the stage and enjoys making memories with her husband and their first child.

Dia Frampton – Season 1 Runner-Up

When Dia Frampton originally auditioned to be on the first season of The Voice, it was merely nothing more than a publicity stunt. You see, Dia was already in a band that she started with her sister. She just hoped that people would at least take an interest in her voice because she really didn’t think that she would get very far in the competition. But to her surprise, she almost won the whole thing and earned her spot as the first runner-up.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut20

Since her glory days of 2011 have quickly passed, Dia has stayed true to her roots and passion for making music. To this day, she’s still in the band with her sister, known as Meg & Dia. Together, they are recording music, producing albums, and touring as much as they can. It looks like her initial intentions ended up serving her well for her successful career.

Carter Rubin – Season 19 Winner

Carter Rubin is the most recent champion that earned the winning trophy during season 19 of The Voice. In the midst of the pandemic, his angelic voice resonated with viewers everywhere, providing not only enjoyment but a sense of hope for people to hold on to during such challenging times. Considered fresh meat in the world of music, let’s see what exactly Carter has been up to since his celebratory moment.

Find Out What These Contestants From the Voice Have Been up to Since Their TV Debut22

For starters, Carter’s now reached over 66 thousand followers on his Instagram account. Definitely way more than what he started with before the show. As he continues to grow into a young man, he’s learning to navigate his vocal range, specifically focusing on strengthening his lower register. In the meantime, we’ll continue to wait patiently until he releases his first single.