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First Fortnite Pro-Am Tournament Took Gaming to the Next Level

While many people will argue about the negative side of video games, the latest popular game found a way to engage players while raising money for charity. Creators of the game Fortnite held their first pro-am tournament which pitted celebrities against each other in the virtual world.



Gaming, the Newest Trend

Baby boomers seem to love to complain about how all millennials do these days is play video games. In today’s culture, video games and the people that play them all have a certain stigma surrounding them. The belief is that they’re lazy and unmotivated. But is that really true?

What makes Fortnite so appealing is the competitiveness. “You have 99 people in your way to a win and you have to go through every single one of them,” says Jake Mathie, a senior at Ohio University.

On the very small chance that you haven’t heard of Fortnite yet, it’s a video game that has become insanely popular as a spectator sport. When I say “insanely popular” I mean 125 million users across the world are playing this game.

In Fortnite, 100 players are dropped into an arena with a pickaxe. It’s similar to the well-known book and movie series “The Hunger Games”. The overall goal is to kill other players and be the last one standing while collecting weapons and gathering materials to build defenses.

A Sporting Event That Gives Back

The most legendary video game tournament of the year came to a conclusion on Tuesday, June 12. The owner of the games, Epic Games, hosted the first large-scale tournament called “Fortnite Pro-Am”. Held at the Bank of California Stadium, fans filled the stands with high expectations.

The competition paired professional Fortnite players with celebrities. What made this tournament special was the fact that all the players were competing for a $1 million donation to the winners’ choice of charity.

The win went to the dynamic duo Ninja and Marshmello. Pretty impressive that Marshmello was able to secure the W with his helmet on. Seems like it would be a little hard to see out of that thing.

Ninja is one of the most famous Fortnite players who makes about $500,000 a month off of his videos of him playing the game. Many people knew that no one else really stood a chance against Ninja and they were right.

The two winners decided to donate their money to the Alzheimer’s Association. Another $2 million will be split between the top 10 teams for the charities of their choosing. Second place went to Denver Nuggets basketball player, Kenneth Faried, and Fortnite player CourageJD.

Everyone Loves It

So what did people think about the pro-am? Many baby boomers agree that this event was a unique and cool way to play video games. They applauded the charity pool prize since the players taking part in the tournament aren’t necessarily strapped for cash.

Mathie also said “I thought the pro-am was DOPE. Not everybody can be a professional athlete or celebrity so it gives kids and other people something else to be good at and feel accomplished about. All of the people competing in the pro-am showing love for those that attended was really cool and it is for charity so that just made it even better. Everyone was having fun and raising money for charity and that’s just always awesome!”

While most people who aren’t part of the Fortnite world might not have been aware of this tournament, those who were there said it still had a big-game feeling to it. The energy was full of excitement and anticipation.