Forgotten Scandals That Prove These Hollywood Sweethearts Aren’t So Sweet After-all

Wed Nov 24 2021

What if America’s sweethearts weren’t so sweet? We’re all human, even celebrities, so it makes sense that even the most wholesome person has a skeleton or two in the closet. However, some of these seemingly sweet celebs have way more secrets than we ever expected.

Some of these scandals managed to get swept under the rug and never really made it into the limelight. While some scandals were brought to our attention but we’ve decided to forgive and forget. What is it about these celebrities that makes us love them no matter what? While there are other celebs who we just love to hate, no matter what they do?


Ariana Grande is known as a sweetheart with her youthful looks and innocent persona, but there’s a side to her the public rarely sees. This angelic Ariana persona came crashing down when she was caught licking donuts at a display in a shop, without any intention of buying them or letting potential buyers know that they’d been contaminated. As if that weren’t bad enough, she was caught saying some pretty unflattering things…

While inexplicably getting her saliva all over people’s donuts, Ariana told her boyfriend some things that she’s never told the public. She clearly stated “I hate Americans. I hate America.” while doing the extremely American act of eating donuts. While donut-gate was a big deal at the time, the world seems to have forgiven and forgotten. We wonder if a foreign celebrity speaking about America like that would’ve been offered the same grace?

We Know at Least One Person Didn’t Forget This Scandal…

Ashton Kutcher is a long-standing presence in Hollywood’s list of hunks. With his good looks, wit, and charm, he’s been the center of plenty of fantasies. Ashton’s good-guy image has only been enhanced with his marriage to the equally beloved Mila Kunis. The fact that the couple met when they were just teens makes their relationship appear all the more wholesome. However, we know of one person who would argue that Ashton’s not all he’s cracked up to be…

Demi Moore, Ashton’s ex-wife, saw a very different side of him than what he’s shown the public. Demi and Ashton were together for eight years, during which he cheated on her, with a woman half his age. The event was so traumatic for Demi that it compromised her sobriety and she ended up in the hospital. Ashton has never expressed remorse, and instead, tried to justify his affair before sweeping it under the rug altogether. Good luck, Mila!

This Celeb Got Away With Two Scandals!

Justin Timberlake is a white male celebrity who rose to fame in an era in which the world was built for him. Hollywood, specifically, rewarded a lot of his questionable behavior as “sexy” and “mysterious”. For the majority of his career, Justin got away with being Hollywood’s residential bad-boy with a big heart. Unfortunately for men like Justin, times have changed…

Justin’s past behavior is seen a lot differently now, and to his credit, he’s done a good job of admitting his mistakes. Mistakes like using his breakup with Britney Spears as an opportunity to elevate his image by painting her as the villain. Or the time that he made light of Janet Jackson’s (accidental?) wardrobe malfunction on live TV. A simple event that tanked Janet’s career while Justin remained unscathed. It’s becoming clear that Justin’s time is up.

Maybe This Southern Sweetheart Isn’t That Sweet…

Reese Witherspoon is seen as the Southern sweetheart, girl-next-door. But what is she like when no one’s watching? Apparently, she’s one of those celebrities who thinks she’s above the law. When Reese’s husband got arrested for a DUI (a perfectly justifiable arrest, celebrity or not), Reese managed to get herself arrested for disorderly conduct. She delivered the cringeworthy “Do you know who I am?” speech, to the cop, making all of the Internet roll their eyes.

Surprisingly, the whole incident seemed to blow over pretty much overnight. Reese wore a cap that supported the Atlanta police department, as a half-hearted apology, and that was pretty much it. She was back to being America’s Southern sweetheart. We wonder if any other celeb would get away so easily with insinuating that their status should allow them to endanger other drivers?

Hypocrisy at It’s Finest

Caitlyn Jenner is seen as a trans icon and role model. While her coming out as transgender was certainly courageous and inspiring, she hasn’t always been supportive of other communities. In fact, Caitlyn spoke out against a community that knows oppression all too well, just like she does.

Caitlyn has referred to herself as a “traditionalist” in regard to marriage. She said that she used to be against same-sex marriage but is now simply “okay” with it. Later, she backtracked and claimed that she completely supports same-sex marriage but did not give a reason for her change of heart, leading people to believe that her remorse was strictly for the sake of her image. It’s interesting that Caitlyn only seems to support causes that directly affect her, isn’t it?

When You Get Caught in a Lie in Front of the Whole World…

Taylor Swift is seen as an innocent, sweet girl who made it big. She prides herself as being a feminist and a role model for young girls, which is probably why she wanted to distance herself as much as possible from Kanye West’s song Famous. Too bad that part of the song was about Taylor. When the song came out and got feminist backlash, Taylor played the role of the victim in the song referencing her. But Kanye had a different narrative…

Kanye claimed that he had called Taylor to get her approval of the song, an interaction which Taylor vehemently denied. Unfortunately for Taylor, Kanye’s then-wife has no problem recording mundane parts of her day. Kim Kardashian, aka Mrs. West, released a recording of the phone call in question, proving that it did in fact happen. Taylor was caught in a very public lie, which she still denies to this day.

She’s Just Being Miley

Miley Cyrus went from being a Disney sweetheart to twerking all over the stage. While fans were able to understand Miley’s desire to change her music as she matured, some of her personal choices left people a bit confused. Apparently, celebrities aren’t allowed to grow up and evolve the way regular people do.

After a relationship that spanned a decade, Miley got divorced from her husband Liam Hemsworth. While no one really had an issue with that, given the lifespan of Hollywood marriages, it’s what happened afterward that raised eyebrows. Suddenly, Miley was in a relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, just days after the Miley / Liam split. The timeline simply didn’t add up for Miley’s fans, and many suspect that she cheated on Liam, a possibility which she still denies.

T.I. Gives Us T.M.I.

T.I. is known to have a checkered past but he’s managed to change his image into somewhat of a role model, considering how far he’s come. His willingness to make amends and transform into a better person has served as an inspiration for many. Unfortunately, his reformed image took a hit when he spoke about his daughter, Deyjah.

T.I. publicly admitted to taking his 18-year-old daughter to get her virginity tested, on a regular basis. Not only is Deyjah old enough to make her own decisions about her body, but it’s certainly none of the public’s business. T.I. has since apologized for the interview and has, once again, expressed a desire to become a better man. Whether or not the intrusive tests are still being conducted, is unknown to the public.

Suddenly, His Lines From Taken Sound a Lot More Ominous

Liam Neeson is a man’s man and basically our modern-day cowboy. His gruffness, combined with his good-guy roles, makes him the perfect husband material. Unless, of course, you’re not racist. In which case, Liam may not be the guy for you…

Liam has confessed to being racist after a friend of his was harmed by someone who just happens to have been black. He says that he would carry around a weapon and wait for a black person to instigate a fight with him. While we feel sorry for Liam’s friend, it seems ridiculously inappropriate to blame an entire race for one man’s actions. Somehow, no one talks about this part of Liam’s life anymore and the public seems to have returned to admiring him.

American Horror Story, Indeed

Emma Roberts comes from Hollywood royalty and is often treated accordingly. She is seen as innocent, sweet, and charming. We wonder if her ex-boyfriend feels the same way? Emma and Evan Peters had a toxic relationship that brought gender equality into question.

The cops were called to break up a domestic violence issue between the couple. Who was the victim? Evan. It seemed that the world didn’t really know how to handle a man being the victim of domestic violence. To make matters worse, Hollywood wasn’t ready to let go of Emma’s innocent sweetheart image. The result was everyone awkwardly pretending the incident never happened, leaving Evan to heal all on his own.

Maybe It’s Genetic?

Apparently, controversial relationships run in the family as Emma’s aunt, Julia Roberts, has also been involved in a scandal. Julia was known as America’s sweetheart, a torch that she’s passed on to her niece. While the world sees the Roberts women as wholesome, their boyfriends get a very different side to them.

Julia was engaged to Kiefer Sutherland and decided to end the engagement… the day of the wedding. Not only did she not show up for their nuptials but she ran away with another man instead. That’s still not scandalous enough? The other man was Jason Patric, Kiefer’s best friend. There seems to be a pattern of how the Roberts women handle relationships. Interestingly, America seems to have a pattern of forgiving the Roberts women’s scandals.

Gigi’s Giant Mistake

Victoria’s Secret model, Gigi Hadid, has the whole sexy/girl-next-door image down pat. While she occasionally gets political, the public tends to agree with most of her stances, making her seen as a hero. Despite her mistakes, her image as the do-good activist still remains.

Gigi was caught on video, squinting her eyes in an attempt to imitate Buddha while she and her friends laughed. In a related incident, Gigi’s mother was caught telling a makeup artist to put more eyeshadow on Gigi so that she wouldn’t “look Chinese.” While China has not forgotten the incident and asked Gigi not to enter their country, America seems to be living in blissful ignorance.

Only Nicole Kidman Could Pull This Off

Nicole Kidman has had an incredible career that’s had its fair share of hiccups, but she’s always come out the other side. Nicole is seen as elegant, serene, and regal, which makes her bold move at the Emmys all that more surprising. Let’s all just agree that Nicole’s ability to pull this off makes her a complete bada**.

When Nicole’s colleague, Alexander Skarsgard, won his award she decided to give him a little reward of her own. Nicole congratulated Alexander with a kiss full on the mouth. That’s not the best part, though. Standing right next to them, actually clapping, was Nicole’s husband. Perhaps there’s a bit more to this quiet starlet than we originally thought…

Terry Doesn’t Take Sides

Funny guy, Terry Crews, is basically the personification of loveable. His incredible physique, mixed with his sense of humor, makes for a cocktail that we all want to try. Although, there is one person who isn’t falling for his good-guy shtick. And that person is his former America’s Got Talent co-star, Gabrielle Union. Gabrielle parted ways with America’s Got Talent on disastrous terms, after accusing the show of being a toxic workplace. But what did Terry think?

Gabrielle claimed that racism and sexism ran rampant on the show and she was no longer able to continue working there. She expected support from her former colleague, Terry, but he actually defended the show and claimed that he hadn’t witnessed anything Gabrielle had experienced. We find it pretty hard to believe that Terry worked closely with Gabrielle and didn’t notice anything… Maybe he just chose to look the other way?

The Elevator Ride From Hell

Beyonce is undeniably Queen Bee and her royal subjects are loyal to her no matter what. Even when it turns out that their queen has been up to some shady business. The famous elevator footage from the Met Gala party shows a whole different side to Beyonce and her family. Yet, no one seems to talk about it anymore…

Leaked footage showed Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, physically attacking Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z, while Beyonce stood on the side and watched. While it’s unclear what the altercation was about, one thing is very clear: the three family members exited the elevator smiling for the cameras, as if nothing had happened at all. This begs the question of what else Queen Bey is hiding from her fans? That’s a question that no one seems to want to be answered.

Alright, Alright… Not Alright

Matthew McConaughey has had a career evolution like no other. From a leading man in rom-coms, to a serious actor, to YouTuber, philanthropist, and possibly politician, Matthew has excelled at absolutely everything he’s ever tried. But no one seems to be talking about that time in his life when Matthew may have taken on a bit too much…

Apparently, Matthew was once arrested for playing the bongos, naked, while under the influence. He was charged with disturbing the peace. While it’s not exactly a hugely scandalous crime, it is interesting how Matthew talks about the incident in a joking manner and has been mostly praised for his lust for life. Let’s imagine for a second that another celebrity was arrested for the exact same thing, but they’re not male or white. Suddenly it’s a different image, isn’t it?

JLaw Can Do No Wrong… Or Can She?

Jennifer Lawrence is easily one of Hollywood’s most beloved celebs and it often seems like she can get away with anything. While other celebrities’ every word is scrutinized, Jennifer has the ability to always come off as lovable, no matter what she’s saying. It seems that even the most offensive of comments can’t break her “cool girl” image.

Jennifer was filming a movie in Hawaii and, of course, she was being her funny and carefree self the whole time. However, she was being a bit too carefree, as she decided to use some sacred Hawaiin rocks to scratch a part of her body that’s far less sacred. She told the story in interviews and laughed about it, to the chagrin of many. Of course, like all offensive things Jennifer says, the incident has long since been forgotten.

The British Version

British celebrities have their fair share of drama, too, especially these pop artists. Apparently, there was a very British love triangle between three singers, all of whom seem like loveable sweethearts. It started off with two of Britain’s most adored pop stars: Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran.

Ed and Ellie were basically the cutest couple ever. Enter: One Direction’s Niall Horan. Ed claims that Ellie cheated on him with Niall, while Ellie claims that she did date Niall but she and Ed were just friends. Some photos of the “just friends” holding hands seem to paint Ellie as a bit of a heartbreaker. Clearly, the world has decided to ignore the evidence, as Ellie remains an international sweetheart.

This Mad Men Star May Really Be a Mad Man

Jon Hamm has secured his place in Hollywood as one of the most sought-after names, both professionally and personally. His popularity is really nothing new to him, as he was in a fraternity in college and seemingly always had it pretty easy. But what did he do with his social status and power?

Jon hazed his fellow fraternity members to the point in which the police needed to be called. The student who had been hazed required medical care and eventually left the college. Meanwhile, even after all these years to self-reflect, Jon brushes the incident off as not having been a big deal. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal for Jon, but the incident definitely affected the other kid.

From Being Called Out by Activists to Judging Them

Julianne Hough has somehow managed to go from being called out by activists to judging them. The dancer was chosen as a judge on a reality show called The Activist, which basically has activists compete for their causes to win the competition. The show has since been re-worked, for obvious reasons.

Julianne being chosen as a judge on The Activist is particularly tone-deaf seeing as how activists have judged her in the past. Julianne once dressed as Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black, on Halloween. The problem is that she decided to use blackface to complete her costume. If her new gig says anything, it’s that Hollywood has forgiven and forgotten way too quickly.

Oh Yay, More of the Same Mistake

Jimmy Fallon is known for his humor and charm, not for being particularly racist. Which is interesting, considering that he, like Julianne, has donned blackface before. When performing on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy played Chris Rock, complete with blackface and all.

To be fair, Jimmy handled the situation way better than Julianne, as he did apologize in a convincing manner. While most celebrities’ apologies can often seem forced for the sake of saving their image, Jimmy’s did seem truly genuine and heartfelt. But maybe that’s just us falling for his charms, like everyone else.

The Secret Party Girl of the 90s

Melissa Joan Hart is pretty much the definition of wholesome. From her role as the adorable Sabrina on Sabrina the Teenage Witch to her affinity for Christian films, Melissa seems as innocent as can be. However, there was a side to her that she managed to keep quiet, until recently…

Melissa was actually completely out of control when she first became famous, which is hardly shocking, but the way it was covered up is borderline terrifying. She would constantly party, was always under the influence and was involved in multiple scandals, and no one knew! She recently revealed all, on her own terms, in her book Melissa Explains It All: Tales From My Abnormally Normal Life. That’s someone who knows how to control a narrative.

What If the Roles Were Reversed?

Katy Perry is seen as a bit of a wild child, but in a quirky and loveable way that doesn’t really harm anyone. She’s still considered to be one of America’s sweethearts and the world unanimously takes her side in all of her breakups. But when the pop star did her exes dirty, no one seemed to bat an eye…

Katy went on TV and rated all of her exes according to sexual performance. While this is fine and well to do amongst close friends, it’s something else to expose celebrities to the entire world. She managed to get away with it without anyone really getting too upset (with the exception of her exes). But let’s ask ourselves this: What if the genders were reversed? What would we think then?

Aaand Taylor Again

We all already know that Taylor Swift loves to play the victim, and she plays it well. So what happened when yet another person called her out for lying and pretending that he’d treated her unfairly? Well, nothing happened, because she’s Taylor Swift. It all started when music producer, Scooter Braun, purchased Taylor’s music catalog for $300 million.

Taylor immediately expressed despair at the idea of someone else owning her work, and went on social media to label Scooter a “bully.” Scooter claims that he offered to speak with Taylor directly but she refused. He says he also offered to sell her music catalog back to her, she refused that too. Of course, we can’t really know who’s telling the truth, but does this remind anyone else of the whole Kanye situation?

Two Blunders for the Price of One

John Travolta is known to be an exceptional performer and a pretty stand-up guy, so fans were let down when he failed to meet either expectation during the 2014 Oscars. When presenting an award with Idina Menzel, she became the victim of John’s feelings of entitlement…

In an attempt to apologize for mispronouncing Idina’s name, John began to caress her face and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. Not wanting to stop the ceremony, Idina simply pulled her head away while the entire crowd cringed. This was essentially the awards-show equivalent of having a guy on a date forget your name and then still think he can get a kiss.

Girl, Interrupted While Shoplifting

Winona Ryder is so beloved and seen as so wholesome, that many of her fans still don’t believe she committed this scandal. Despite the fact that she admitted to it and the entire thing was caught on camera! Winona inexplicably stole from a Saks Fifth Avenue store, as if she couldn’t afford their merchandise.

The idolized actress was sentenced to 480 of community service, to her loyal fans’ dismay. When speaking about the incident, Winona chalks it up to the pressures of Hollywood and said that she simply needed some time off from acting. What’s wrong with just taking a vacation?

The Heart Wants What It Wants, but It Shouldn’t

Angelina Jolie is known for her acting work but also for being a humanitarian, as well. Her dedication to helping children in need is rarely matched in Hollywood. Given Angelina’s current status as being a family-oriented woman, this particular scandal hits even harder…

When Angelina Jolie won her first Oscar she was, understandably, elated. Have you ever been so happy that you just had to kiss the person next to you? Well, that’s how Angelina felt. However, the person next to her just happened to have been her brother. Let’s just hope that she teaches better sibling-related boundaries to her own children.

Well, We All Gotta Start Somewhere

Sylvester Stallone is most famous for the Rocky films, and just being an overall bada** and a great guy. However, he’s done an extremely good job of hiding the movie that actually got him into Hollywood. No, it wasn’t Rocky, it was an adult film called The Party at Kitty and Stud’s.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working in adult entertainment, we just find it interesting that Sylvester has managed to keep this so tightly under wraps. Clearly, he wants the public to see him a bit differently than who he really is. We say: Be you, Sylvester, and own all of your work.

Is This Celeb a Fake Feminist?

Hilary Duff has an image of being a body-positive feminist. While no one’s arguing the body-positive part, the feminist bit is definitely debatable. We all know about the big feud between Hilary and Lindsay Lohan, as they fought over Aaron Carter. But let’s take another look at that fight with a more mature perspective…

Aaron cheated on both Lindsay and Hilary. This would have been the perfect opportunity for the two women to bond over how he did them wrong and maybe even call him out. Instead, Hilary started a war by calling out… Lindsay, not Aaron. While Lindsay was equally responsible for the drama, somehow, it’s Hilary who got the feminist reputation. To be fair, they’re all older and wiser now, so it’s possible that this would have played out differently today.

You’ll Thank Us for Not Showing You the Picture

The members of the Dave Matthews Band are seen as surprisingly wholesome for a rock band, but are they really? While we understand that touring can be grueling and it’s easy to get cranky being on a bus all day, what happened on the DMB tour was completely unacceptable.

The band decided that they needed to empty the human waste from their tour bus, which they did, in the Chicago River. As if that weren’t bad enough, there was a cruise ship floating under the bridge they dumped their waste from. The DMB claim that they were not aware of what the bus driver was doing, but do we believe them?

Jealous, Much?

TikToker, Addison Rae, is seen as America’s sweetheart. She comes off as innocent, kind, and the perfect role model for young girls. However, this social media celebrity has a jealous side that reared its ugly head against someone who she hadn’t even met at the time…

When fellow TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio surpassed Addison’s fame, Addison turned to social media to express her frustration. She began to “like” various comments that claimed Charli wasn’t as pretty as Addison or wasn’t as talented, and that Addison deserved more fame. While she’s since apologized for her behavior, Addison has already shown her pettiness to the world.

The Victim Becomes the Bully

In a classic case of the victim becoming the bully, Charli D’Amelio showed an unflattering side of herself, as well. For a long time, Charli was seen as the innocent victim of Addison’s bullying. However, fans were shocked when footage revealed Charli being a bully to someone else, not unlike what Addison did to her.

TickTockers were able to see a video in which Charli and her family sit down for a meal, with a private chef, and blatantly insult his cooking. Right in front of him. We’re talking pretending to gag and asking for dino nuggets instead. Clearly, Charli is not one to handle fame and fortune gracefully.

Forget Horrible Bosses, How About Horrible Colleagues?

Jason Bateman is Hollywood’s resident every-man. He kind of reminds you of your dad or a cool uncle, making him universally seen as a good guy. That being said, even he admitted that he still had some learning to do after the interview the cast of Arrested Development did for the New York Times.

During the interview, Jason’s colleague, Jessica Walter stated that a fellow actor had verbally harassed her on set. Jason’s response was to lead the rest of the cast in brushing off Jessica’s experience. Not only did he belittle what Jessica was saying but he also mansplained to her how working on a set goes, as if she didn’t already know. In the end, Jason did apologize but it took a lot of public backlash to get him to do it.

This One Is Super Bad

Jonah Hill is seen as a funny guy, and overall, pretty harmless. However, we all have our bad days, but Jonah’s bad day took a pretty nasty turn. It all started when a paparazzo was following Jonah around and irritating him, as paparazzi do. We get that it’s frustrating, and usually, we don’t blame celebrities for losing their patience with paparazzi, but this situation was entirely uncalled for.

After the paparazzo insulted him, Jonah decided to throw an insult back, but he chose a gay slur to do it. What makes this incident particularly disappointing is that Jonah is a huge advocate for gay rights. Was that really just a front he put up for his image? Should we judge someone by a moment of anger? He’ll have to do some serious damage control on this one.

There Will Be a Day When Stars Learn Not to Culturally Appropriate…

Florence Pugh is relatively new to the Hollywood scene but she’s made a huge splash since she’s gotten there! The actress has gotten major roles, award nominations, and a massive fanbase to complete her star-studded life. She seems so sweet and innocent, but maybe she’s a little too innocent? As she seemingly had no idea that she did anything wrong.

When she was 17, Florence wore her hair in cornrows, despite not being from African or Caribbean culture. Now, 24-year-old Florence has apologized and explained that she was ignorant as to why her previous style was offensive. She’s expressed a desire to learn and do better in the future and has apologized for potentially offending anyone.

…But Today Is Not That Day

Pharrell Williams brought joy into all of our lives with his song “Happy”, which is essentially the adult version of “If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands.” Well, Native Americans weren’t happy and they definitely weren’t clapping when Pharrell wore a feather headdress for a magazine cover.

This particular issue is a bit complicated as Pharrell does, in fact, have Native American heritage. However, the public claims that it doesn’t matter, as he was still using a piece of important history as a fashion accessory. Were fans just doubling down after realizing Pharrell’s lineage? Or were they genuinely hurt at seeing a significant piece of culture used as a prop? Either way, one thing is clear: they were definitely not happy.

This Star’s Comment Was Definitely Not Kicka**

Chloe Grace Moretz seems to be a total sweetheart and she prides herself on setting a good example for young girls. However, in her efforts to teach her young fans about modesty, she also taught them to tear other women down. Because she seems to think that covering up is more important than being kind to other people.

When Kim Kardashian posted a nude photo of herself online, Chloe called her out, accusing Kim of setting a bad example for young women. A Twitter feud ensued, during which Chloe called Kim “sad” and stated there’s a lot of “woman-on-woman hate”. Apparently, she forgot that she was the one who started the fight in the first place.

Let’s Just Say That We’re Not “Charmed”

Rose McGowan was a Hollywood icon, with her starring role in the hit show Charmed. Her fame, and fanbase, have only grown as she’s consistently an outspoken feminist and fights for women’s rights. That being said, she seems to have taken things too far by putting another group down, in her efforts to lift women up…

Rose spoke about the LGBTQ+ community and essentially downplayed everything they’re fighting for. She claimed that the community simply wanted to “dance on floats” and “take drugs”, rather than fight for actual causes. Of course, the LGBTQ+ community clapped back, rightfully so, and set Rose straight about exactly what they’re fighting for. Unfortunately, she wasn’t listening, and she still maintains that the community is “misogynist.”

We Don’t Think Dumbledore Would Like This Very Much

Gary Oldman was everyone’s favorite godfather with his role as Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies. However, something tells us that Dumbledore and company wouldn’t be too happy with Gary’s latest controversy. It all started when he tried to defend his friend, Mel Gibson. Yup, you can already see where this is going…

When Mel’s famous rant went viral for its bigotry, Gary jumped to his defense. He claimed that people needed to “get over it,” “take a joke,” and “everybody has said similar things in their private moments.” We’re not sure who you hang out with, Gary, but we don’t speak like that in public or private. Maybe he needs some new friends?