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The Colorful Way Karma Works

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober recently invented a farting glitter-bomb to get back at the people who keep stealing packages from his front door. However, just days after he was recognized for this creative invention, he issued an apology for adding staged reactions to his promotional Youtube video.

The video got loads of attention on Youtube and impressed thousands. In the video, you see the security footage of thieves stealing his glitter bomb that was disguised as a package from his porch.

Faked Reactions Get 40 Million Views

The cool thing about Mark Rober’s invention is the camera he installed inside it to record the reactions of package thieves. These reactions were recorded and added to the video. While it was awesome to see these guys get their revenge; the reactions were not that believable.

Many people took to the comments section on Youtube to let others know that the video was partially staged.

Getting Help from a “Friend of a Friend”

The fact of the matter is that the comments were right, and the video was staged. Rober issued an apology to all the viewers who thought it was real and to all the retail companies who picked up this seemingly promising product.

Rober explained that he had no idea the whole thing was staged. What he claims happened was that he hired a “friend of a friend” who was willing to place the package on his porch to make it look like a real delivery.

The former NASA engineer also agreed to pay the “friend” to go an retrieve the pieces of the glitter bomb after the “thieves” left the scene of the glittery explosion. However, what Rober did not know was that the person he hired to drop off the package did some staging of his own. He hired friends to pretend to be the robbers and to act surprised as the glitter bomb exploded in their car.

Mark Rober Had No Idea What Went Down

Rober was clueless about the whole sham. He uploaded the video thinking he got the best footage to portray his masterpiece. He apologized for his “misleading” video clip, hoping that his fans would still trust the genuineness of all the videos he posted in the last seven years.

However, this is one of those moments when someone does the right thing and it ends up biting them in the behind. After he did the honest thing and confessed; his credibility was ruined.

The Video Was Fake but the Product Totally Works!

People started posting comments about how all of his work is a total sham. “This is my first ever video with some kind of ‘prank’ and as I mentioned in the video it’s pretty removed from my comfort zone,” he explained in his apology.

Rober also wanted to note that, although the reactions were fake, his products were real. Rober helped design and develop robots that roam around on the moon, so he is more than capable of designing a farting glitter bomb that actually works.

Hopefully, people walk away from this apology thinking that Rober did the honest thing and that he’s still awesome for creating a farting glitter bomb that gets revenge on the bad guys.