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Writer’s block- it’s that dreadful feeling when you know you have to write something down, but your brain just blanks. People who write for a living fear the inevitable day when “writer’s block” pays a visit to their office. It can literally ruin their career. The reason it happens is unknown, but the most logical reason for it to occur is just the fact that all of a person’s creative juices are squeezed out. Donald Lau experienced this same feeling.

Chief Fortune Cookie Writer Quits After a Run in With a Severe Case of Writer’s Block

Lau is no ordinary writer. He doesn’t focus on the news, sports or celebrities. No, he’s not a lifestyle blogger or a novelist; however, he does have to get creative. Donald Lau thinks of the witty sentences that people find in their fortune cookie. He holds the fate of anyone eating Chinese takeout. His sentences probably catalyzed multiple break-ups and make-ups. Who knows, he may have even helped someone win the lottery by writing the magical numbers at the bottom of the page.

After 30 years of indirectly inspiring others to make changes in their lives, Lau decided to quit his job as a fortune cookie writer. The reason: writer’s block. He held the position of “Cheif Fortune Writer” at Wonton Foods, a manufacturer that sells to one of the world’s largest producers of fortune cookies. “I used to write 100 a year, but I’ve only written two or three a month over the past year,” Lau said.

Writer’s block- it’s that dreadful feeling when you know you have to write something down, but you’re brain just blanks_1

The hard-working writer has been at the job since the 1980’s, but recent pressure to write inspiring quotes that promote health and wellness drove his mind into a full blank. Lau trained his nephew, James Wong, to take over his position. He will not be the one who holds everyone’s fate in his hands.

Lau loved writing fortunes; he aimed to gain a good reaction from diners who open up the cookie. “When they eat their fortune cookie, I want the customers to open the fortune, read it, maybe laugh, and leave the restaurant happy so that they come back again next week,” Lau said.

Although this chapter ends for Lau, a new one is in the making. The skilled writer makes plans to stay in the food industry. He will still work for Wonton Food, but this time as the Chief Financial Officer.