#FreeBritney Explained: A Look Into What Is Really Going on With Pop Princess, Britney Spears

Lately, fans and onlookers have been scratching their heads and asking ‘what is going on with Britney Spears?’ The “pop princess” who began topping the charts in the early 2000s, has been posting some curious content on social media lately and her dedicated followers are beginning to worry.

Freebritney A Look Into the Trending Hashtag and What Is Really Going on With Pop Princess Britney Spears6
Images: Daily Mail (left) Instagram / Britney Spears (right)

This concern also comes with questions revolved around Britney’s conservatorship, which appoints her father in charge of all her medical records and finances. Many are worried that Britney’s father is unwillingly controlling the 38-year-old singer and some strongly believe that the singer is sending subliminal messages through social media as a cry for help.

Behind The Conservatorship

The official definition of a conservatorship, according to California law is when  “a judge appoints a responsible person (a conservator) to care for another adult who cannot care for himself/herself or finances.” In this case, the “responsible person” assigned to care for Britney is her father, Jamie Spears. To make matters even worse, Britney also lost custody of her two children Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Britney was first placed under the conservatorship in 2008, following the singer’s numerous visits to rehab centers and psychiatric hospitals. Not to mention that famed moment when Britney shocked the world by shaving off all her hair in 2007.

Freebritney A Look Into the Trending Hashtag and What Is Really Going on With Pop Princess Britney Spears1
Image: Instagram / Britney Spears

Over a decade has passed since then but Jamie still has total control over Britney’s records and finances. This means that every dollar that she spends and every career decision that she makes needs to be ok’d by her father. Not only that but while under the conservatorship, Britney is also not allowed to get married, have children, vote, or even drive.

Here Britney is pictured with her boyfriend, personal trainer, Sam Asghari whom she seems to be spending most of her time with throughout the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Britney has expressed her desire to have a baby with Asghari, whom she has been dating since 2016, however, her father has refused.

An Unexpected Hiatus

Up until 2019, Britney was still performing and releasing new music while still under full court-ordered control of her father. Many even believe that the decision to keep performing was forced onto the star by her father, however, this was never confirmed.

Britney saw great success through her latest album Glory as well as through her Las Vegas residency, Britney: Piece Of Me. However, in 2019, Britney announced an indefinite hiatus and postponed her upcoming Domination residence due to her father’s poor health.

Freebritney A Look Into the Trending Hashtag and What Is Really Going on With Pop Princess Britney Spears8
Image: Billboard

Britney then mysteriously disappeared for three months, both from the internet and the public eye. It was later revealed that Britney had spent that time at a mental health facility, where she was allegedly placed against her will by her father. A restraining order was also placed on Jamie Spears by Federline that has barred him from seeing his grandkids Sean and Jayden.

This past March, it was reported that Britney has refused to make any more music in protest of her extended conservatorship, which is set to remain in effect until the end of August. This came a few months after her family went to court for the annual reassessment of her conservatorship where fans were seen loudly protesting holding “Free Britney” signs.

Diving Into Social Media

Since stepping away from performing and making new music, Britney has been extremely active on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. Many of her posts include close up selfies with elaborate captions as well as quirky videos of her dancing or her simply pacing and modeling for the camera.

Many of her followers have commented on how different Spears looks and sounds and have begun reading into her captions as a cry for help. Everything from her wardrobe, the way she moves, and even the emojis she includes in her captions are being interpreted as subliminal messages. And although Brintey herself has taken to social media to call these rumors “out of control,” many of her fans are still not buying it.

Freebritney A Look Into the Trending Hashtag and What Is Really Going on With Pop Princess Britney Spears7
Images: Instagram / Britney Spears

And it’s not just her die-hard fans that are chiming in. A-listers such as Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Mario Lopez, and Lindsay Lohan have also chimed in voicing their concern. Britney’s family members such as her brother Bryan and her son Jayden have also spoken out criticizing Jamie’s hold on his daughter. Meanwhile, Britney’s mother, Lynn Spears has been seen “liking” #FreeBritney posts and has since requested that she have some involvement in her daughter’s finances.