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All Kinds of Cute: Gerber Makes Down’s Syndrome Baby the Yearly Face of the Company

Gerber’s “baby of the year” is unlike any other. 2018 marks the first year a baby with Down’s Syndrome was selected to be the face of the famous baby food and baby products brand.



Each year, the famous baby food and baby products brand, Gerber, holds a contest to find the year’s cutest baby. The winner’s adorable face is found on the cover of Gerber cans and products throughout the whole year. Parents get their cute toddler’s all dressed up, and take tons of photos as they try to capture their baby’s cuteness in one picture. The best pics from the photoshoots are sent to the competition and await the voting day.

Every mom thinks their baby is the cutest in the world, but Gerber needs an objective opinion. The child who wins the “cutest baby” title out of 100,000 candidates gets a cash prize (the perfect start to a college fund). This year, Gerber’s “baby of the year” brings all kind of cute to the table. The adorable 18-month-old Lucas Warren from Dalton Georgia goes down in history as the first Gerber baby with Down’s syndrome ever.

Meet Lucas Warren:

Aside from Warren’s undeniable cuteness overload, the world will see a new message when they shot Gerber. “We’re hoping this will impact everyone, that it will shed a little bit of light on the special needs community, and help more individuals with special needs be accepted and not limited,” Lucas’s father says.

The online community was moved and happy to see a different kind of face on Gerber’s products. Gerber’s yearly winners come in all shapes sizes and colors, but until this year, they never selected a child with Down’s syndrome. Several parents of children with the disease spoke out and shared how grateful they are that Gerber chose to celebrate and include children like their own.

A twitter mom who has a daughter with Down’s syndrome tweeted just how happy she is about Luca’s win, and how much it means to her. “I am a parent of a two yr old girl with DS! I am crying tears of joy that a child like my daughter was recognized to be the face of their brand! Congratulations to this beautiful family! Way to go Lucas!,” she writes.

Another mother tweeted how Luca’s win gave her, and her family much needed hope for the future. “This brought a tear to my eye since we found out that our little fella has DS I’ve worried about some of the things these parents have worried about, but the world & my little guy keep proving me wrong, can’t wait for what lies ahead, thanks, @GerberLife!”

Agencies Have Come A Long Way Since 2016.

Overall, the world is happy to see another kind of cute. The win was overdue and much needed. In 2016, Asher Nash, a cute 15-month-old baby with Down’s syndrome was turned down by a modeling agency because of his disease. His mother dressed her boy up in the most adorable outfit and had him sit for a photoshoot. The pictures were incredibly beautiful and sweet.

downsyndrome gerber baby

Nash’s mother didn’t get a response from the agency, she knew she had to reach out. A few days later she received an email stating that they didn’t choose her son because they did not “request a special needs baby.” The rejection was incredibly offensive. Whoever said that special needs smiles are any less beautiful than other ones?

Two years later, Gerber proves the world has gone a long way since then. Lucas Warren’s win is also a win for Nash, for parents with special needs children, and for the world.