Heartwarming Reunion Signs That Welcomed These Soldiers Home at Last

Wed Feb 23 2022

Every year, brave servicemen and women sacrifice their lives to serve their country. They leave their homes, they leave their families, and they leave their friends to fight alongside their comrades. While they’re proud to call themselves soldiers, the whole experience can be tough on everyone around them. In most cases, the only thing keeping these military personnel going is knowing that they’ll be going home soon enough.

The friends and families of these soldiers also spend their days counting down the months, weeks, days, and even hours until their loved ones get home from deployment. And when the time comes, they head to the airport or the military base to welcome them home with open arms – and a custom-made sign designed just for them. These signs make their homecoming as special as possible, and thankfully, many of them have been captured on camera for us all to see.

Time to Pucker Up

One of the ways many wives and husbands of military personnel cope with distance is to count the days. Some count how many days their other halves have been deployed, while others count how many days they have until their loved ones return home. These numbers often come in handy when it comes to making adorable reunion signs.

This military wife had been waiting 207 days for her Marine husband to come home – and she wanted the world to know it. She designed this poem and this sign for his return, and she wanted to make it clear that, more than anything, she just couldn’t wait to kiss her husband after so long apart.

Now You’re All Mine

Soldiers often don’t get a choice of when or where they’re deployed, which means that they could have to leave their families during a pivotal moment in their lives. In this case, this soldier left his new wife just a short while after they said “I do”, which meant that his wife only had their adorable dog for some company during their newlywed stage. So, she had to make his return special.

Of course, she knew that she needed to take their dog along for this reunion – and it seemed pretty happy to be sat on its dad’s lap once again. But alongside this, the wife decided to make this amazing sign for his return. From the fancy lettering to the glitter additions, you can tell that she put a lot of heart and soul into making the sign as personal to their love as possible.

The Force Is Strong

Saying goodbye to the person you love can be a hugely emotional ordeal, especially if that person is your best friend. So, when this mom had to say goodbye to her soldier husband, she knew it was going to be tough without him – especially with a toddler in tow. These guys loved each other through and through, and they kept their sense of humor throughout his deployment.

In fact, she decided to show off this sense of humor when she learned that her husband was coming home. Instead of making a mushy, loved-up sign for the whole world to see, she decided to first and foremost make her husband laugh after such an intense and long experience. Personally, we love the Star Wars reference, and it seems as though the soldier did too.

Outta My Way!

Although many service personnel join the military to provide a better and safer world for their children, that doesn’t mean that they want to leave their kids behind. For many, saying goodbye to their children is one of the hardest things that they have to do – but seeing their kids on their return is also an experience that cannot be matched.

When these children learned that their hero daddy was coming home, they knew that they needed to welcome him back in style. They had spent way too long without him, and they missed him terribly. So, they whipped out their “Welcome Home” T-Shirts and topped the whole thing off with their own, homemade signs. We bet he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face when he saw those.

Your Next Mission

Whether they’re in the Army, Marines, Navy, or another branch of the Armed Forces, every member of military personnel has their own mission when they join up. It may be that they head into combat or it may be that they’re behind the scenes, but it’s their prerogative to complete these missions before they’re allowed home. That doesn’t mean the missions stop there, though…

When this husband and father made his way home after deployment, his wife and son made it pretty clear on this homemade sign that he had another mission to be getting on with. After so many months away from his family, he needed to read and play with his son – and most importantly, he needed to give mommy a big ol’ kiss. We’re sure that was a pretty easy mission.

Getting Hot in Here

While military personnel often get to travel around the world, it’s not the kind of traveling that the average Joe would undertake. These soldiers head to war-torn countries that are often boiling hot, freezing cold, dusty, loud, and uninhabitable. This soldier in particular was deployed to Afghanistan.

When his wife welcomed him home, she wanted to give him something to look forward to. So, she wrote a handmade sign that hinted towards something rather hot and steamy. More than anything, we have to admire the creativity and the artistry that went into this sign. It’s pretty incredible.

For the Pokemon Fans

One of the greatest aspects of military reunion signs is that many of them are deeply personal. The beauty of making something homemade means that those behind them can design it in any way they want – even if it doesn’t quite make sense to those around them. In this case, we can only assume that the person who made this sign and Corporal Bishop were huge Pokemon fans.

Pokemon lovers will surely appreciate the time and effort put into this poem and the sign as a whole, and we especially love the hearts that have been made into Pokeballs. As there’s no picture of the person who made this sign or the person the sign was made for, we bet they were too busy hugging it out to take a photo of this heartwarming reunion.

Who’s Excited?

While soldiers know what they’re signing up for when they join the military, that doesn’t make leaving their kids any easier. It’s also hard on the children themselves, who often have to go months without seeing their parents. But the excitement of knowing they’ll be home soon enough keeps them going, and this boy’s excitement had reached fever-pitch when he went to welcome his daddy home.

He made the coolest homemade sign ever when he made his way to the military base. We can almost imagine the little kid saying “Who has two thumbs and has missed his daddy more than anything?” to the camera – and we bet his dad was pretty impressed with his creativity. We especially love the red, white, and blue color coordination.

Time to Report for Duty

Let’s be honest; the military isn’t for people who don’t like to follow rules. No matter whether you serve in the Army or the Navy, the ability to follow orders and complete tasks are what will make you stand out from the rest – and possibly offer you a promotion in rank. But for many soldiers, they know that have more important rules to follow at home.

Take this solder, for example. While he spent his deployment following his superiors’ orders and fighting for his country, when he came home he knew that he needed to report for duty once again thanks to his daughters’ homemade signs. Thankfully, this mission was much easier than some of the others he’s done over the years, as giving his daughters hugs and kisses was his favorite thing in the world.

Mommy’s Home!

Although women are making up an increasing proportion of the Armed Forces, it’s still a highly male-dominated sector – which means you’re less likely to see women being welcomed home than men. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. In fact, this woman served away from her family and her two boys for months.

Thankfully, her two boys were over the moon to welcome her back home – and they decided to make a sign for the occasion. Although it wasn’t covered in glitter or giant in size, the adorable little rhyme was more than enough to put a smile on their mom’s face. More than anything, she was just happy to see her sons again. And we don’t blame her.

Free Hugs Here!

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing military personnel reunite with their children when they return home from their deployment, as you can see the utter joy that both parties experience during this emotional affair. These kids were over the moon to be reunited with their daddies, and we especially love the “Free Hugs Here” sign one little girl made.

Not only do we appreciate the fact that we live in a world where hugs are free, but we just can’t get enough of the fact that this sign features a pun about her dad, Justin. It’s no wonder one of the first things Justin did when he got home was to put his daughter on his shoulders and show her off for the whole world to see.

Traveling From Afar

One of the many things that military families have to deal with is the fact that soldiers can be sent anywhere at a moment’s notice. They can be sent to a base on the other side of the country, or they could be sent to the other side of the world. Meanwhile, their families are left at home awaiting their return.

This can take its toll on anyone, but this wife decided to go the extra mile when she missed her husband. Instead of waiting for him to return to their home in California, she decided to drive a whopping 1,446 miles just to surprise her husband at his base in Oklahoma. Of course, she also had to write a sign to take with her.

Daddy’s Boys

Although many soldiers fulfill their duty for the sake of their children, they miss a lot along the way. These moms and dads can’t help their kids with their homework, they can’t read them to sleep, and they can’t even attend their soccer games. These two boys felt the full brunt of their dad’s absence, which is why they wanted to make his return home as special as possible.

They made signs that read “Daddy’s boys are here to pick up their hero” and “I’m not as tiny as I used to be,” and they even wrote down the days since they’d last seen their father. And while they hadn’t seen their father in 246 days, they knew that he was sacrificing himself for them. So, he was their hero.

Finally Time for a Hug

When military spouses get the call that their other halves are coming home, they often can’t contain their excitement. They circle the return date on their calendars and they plan the reunion down to a T. In fact, many spouses make their way to the airport on the day that their loved ones return home. Just like this lady.

It had been almost seven months since she said goodbye to her husband, and she wanted nothing more than to see him and give him a hug after all that time. But while he wasn’t at home, he was still with her in her heart. She wanted to reflect this in the homemade sign she made for him, which we’re sure he absolutely loved.

A Welcome Home Accessory

While many of the people involved in military reunions want to be present and in the moment when they’re reunited with their family, there are also many who want to take pictures for the occasion. These photos showcase the pure emotion these people feel, and how much the reunion means to them. Then, they can look back at these photos for years to come.

The person who made this sign obviously wanted to mix up the excitement of the reunion and this photo opportunity, which is why they decided to turn their sign into a photo frame! This way, every member of this soldier’s family – and indeed the soldier himself – could put this sign up to their face and show the world that they were excited for Mike Laboy’s return home.

Drop Your Anchor

There are six different branches of the US Armed Forces, and they all come with their own quirks and their own objectives. As you can probably tell by these ladies’ signs, their other halves were serving in the Navy when they decided to welcome them home after months away at sea.

These ladies made sure to ensure that they included puns about dropping anchors and claiming the booty on their signs, and we have a feeling that their partners were pretty happy to see these women on the shore. They all created signs that they should be proud of, and you’ve got to love their creativity.

Turning the Tables

In most cases, military reunion signs are made by the families of soldiers who want to surprise them upon their return. However, sometimes the tables are turned – and this soldier’s daughter made a sign for herself when her dad decided to drop in unexpectedly to celebrate her graduation day.

This young woman thought that she would have to be without her father on such a special day, but then, completely out of the blue, he showed up and made her day even more incredible. He even wore his uniform for the occasion, so she could show off her hero father to the others in her class.

Now You Gotta Kiss Me!

When a soldier returns home from months abroad, at sea, or at a military base, there are certain things that they probably want to do more than most. They probably want to sleep in their own bed, have a home-cooked meal, and perhaps just sit in their favorite chair. We’re going to go ahead and assume that most of them want to kiss their partners, too.

It’s clear to see that this desire is reciprocated by their other halves. When this military wife learned that her husband was coming home after months at sea, she decided to head down to the dock and surprise him with a sign that laid out exactly what she wanted from him. A big ol’ kiss.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

In the military world, holidays don’t really exist. Protecting and serving your country is a 24/7, 365-day mission that requires soldiers to be ready for action at any minute – which means that they often miss out on popular holidays with their families. On the rare occasion, though, they can make it home in time for a celebration.

When this wife learned that her husband would be coming home for Christmas, she couldn’t contain her excitement. He had been away for so long, and it was the perfect holiday gift to welcome him into her arms once again. Of course, she needed to make a sign for the occasion, stating that she was at the airport ready to pick up her Christmas present.

Love Brings You Home

Many soldiers return home in their uniform and can be seen hugging their friends and family in their military garb. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. On many occasions, soldiers return home in their normal clothes – which means that many reunions go undetected. This wife wanted to make sure that didn’t happen.

In order to show everyone at the airport that her husband protected and served his country, she created this homemade sign complete with an adorable phrase. As soon as he entered the arrivals hall he was greeted with “Life takes you around the world, love brings you home.” We bet that put a serious smile on his face.

Better Be the Last Time

Although most families are incredibly proud of those in their brood who choose to serve their country, it can be a tough time for everyone. Saying goodbye to them can be extremely hard, and not knowing when they’re going to come back home can be even harder. This wife obviously felt that way about her husband.

When she went to pick up her husband from the military base, she made sure to let him know that she didn’t want to pick him up from there every again. She wanted to be at home with her at all times, and she didn’t want him leaving again. Whether he listened to her or not we don’t know.

Missing You Always

Many military spouses get through the time spent away from their loved ones by counting down the minutes until they get to see them again. And when this lady thought about making a reunion sign for her hubby, she knew that she wanted to put this countdown on it for everyone to see. After all, she’d waited nine months for the big reunion.

Seeing nine months rewritten as 274 days, and as 394,462 makes their time apart seem even more intense and emotional. So, we wouldn’t even blame this soldier for ignoring the sign to begin with. As soon as he set eyes on his wife, he just wanted to scoop her up and give her a big kiss and a cuddle. The sign could wait.

Best Day Ever

Military reunion signs are becoming more and more common, and while some people are pulling out all of the stops when it comes to the design and the words on these signs, there are some who are keeping things simple. While this woman missed her husband terribly, she knew that her husband would prefer something clean and simple for his welcome home.

So, she decided to let the world know that welcoming him home was the best day ever – along with a few stars in the telltale red, white, and blue colors. Although we can’t see the soldier’s face, we can only assume that’s because he was so overcome with emotion to be back home once again with his wife.