High-Speed Love: Behind the Wheel With NASCAR’S Favorite Power Couples

Stock car racing is a high-octane sport. Especially when you play with the big boys in NASCAR, which stands for the National Association for Stock Car Racing. Seriously, this sport is not for the feeble or the easily car-sick. NASCAR racers often reach speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour! Not to mention the rivalries, the crazy crashes, and the incredibly high stakes.

Image: USA Today

Behind the wheel of every outlandishly souped-up car is a committed and fiercely competitive athlete. And beside many of those athletes stands a super-strong wifey, fianc√©, or girlfriend. Fasten your seatbelts, rev your engines, grease your gears, and get ready for a look at some of NASCAR’s cutest power couples.

Austin Dillon and Whitney Ward Are High-Intensity Products of the Sports World

It matters who your friends and family are. Austin Dillon is no exception. He’s the son the Richard Childress Race league general manager Mike Childress, so it’s clear that he has some gasoline coursing through his veins. After competing in several race series from 2005 to 2011, he shifted gears and made his NASCAR debut.

Image: Rare Country

His wife, although from a different background, is no stranger to the universe of professional sports. Whitney Ward started her career as a cheerleader and eventually got an awesome gig with the NFL. Doesn’t get much better than that, top of the world. The couple got married a couple of years ago in a glittering North Carolina ceremony. We checked out some photos – the venue and the event were beautiful!

Rapid City, Rapid Couple, Meet Casey and Trisha Mears

The family guy you see here is Casey Mears. His racing history goes all the way to 1991 when he began his journey in the world of go-karts. After ten years of getting his hands and feet dirty in a bunch of different racing series, he transitioned to NASCAR in 2001. He has also tried his hands at racing trucks, where he does considerably well.

Image: Instagram / Casey Mears

Guess where his lovely wife, Trisha Mears was born. This is great: Rapid City, South Dakota. We wonder if sometimes there is such a thing as fate and destiny after all. She is an entrepreneur, and she’s half of the company called Trish & Ari, a fashion website that digitally exhibits some awesome apparel. Trisha and Casey traveled to Mexico in 2010 to tie the knot and have been loving married life ever since.

A. J. Allmendinger and Tara Meador Count the Days Since They Got Hitched

A. J. Allmendinger is a pretty diverse guy when it comes to racing high-speed pieces of steel down a concrete track. He started out at the turn of the millennium and has shown zero signs of slowing down since. He started his NASCAR career in 2006. He has also raced trucks and Formula 1-looking cars.

Image: FOX Sports

As indicated on the super cute wedding website this couple created, Allmendinger’s and Tara Meador’s wedding took place exactly 177 days ago. We’ve got to say, the whole thing is really sweet. A couple of years ago, the two lovebirds actually got caught on the “kiss cam” while they attended a basketball game together!

Martin Truex and Sherry Pollex Are as Tough as They Come

Martin Truex is a full-time competitor in NASCAR. He grew up on engine sounds and gasoline fumes, racing go-karts, and driving all sorts of motorized vehicles. As soon as he was 18 (old enough to professionally compete in motorsports), he signed up for some races at Wall Stadium in New Jersey in 1998. He made his big NASCAR debut a few years later.


Besides being a supportive girlfriend and Martin’s best bud, Sherry Pollex is tough as nails. She’s a cancer survivor. She and Martin founded the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation in 2005 to support children with pediatric cancer. Sadly, in 2014, Sherry has diagnosed with the disease herself. After a years-long struggle, though, she won! Now all is well and the two are happier and healthier than ever.

Clint Bowyer Would Be In Big Trouble Without His Wifey, Lorra Bowyer

Clint Bowyer started young: his racing career began when he started competing in motocross at only five years old. As he grew up and he continued to hone his talent, he went on to win over 200 championships. Then came time for switching from motorcycles to cars. He continued to dominate and he soon landed himself a job competing in NASCAR.


He most likely wouldn’t be where he is today with the support of his loving wife, Lorra Bowyer. They have multiple kids and she’s a great mom. What would Clint do if she wasn’t around? Would he take his kids out to the track, strap them in and have them accompany him for some laps? We think not. Anyway, Clint and Lorra are awesome, and they’re for sure on our list of favs.

Angela and Michael Ruch Are Utterly Inseparable

NASCAR can proudly claim that it is one of the only sports where men and women go head to head in the same events. Gals compete against guys and the race is all about the individual experience, skill, and need for speed, not about the gender of the racer behind the wheel. One of these high-speed women is Angela Ruch.

Image: Instagram / Angela Ruch

She’s a third-generation racing fanatic (in a good way). She started her motorsports journey at nine years old when her parents gave her a go-kart for Christmas. From that day, she raced her way to the big leagues. Her husband, Michael Ruch, is an awesome guy and their relationship is super cute. We think that about 90% of her Instagram posts are just the two of them loving life together.

Kyle and Samantha Busch Breathe All Things NASCAR

Kyle Busch first got behind the wheel when he was six years old. It was in a makeshift go-kart, going around a cul de sac on his family’s street. Throughout his childhood, he worked in the family garage. At 13, he acted on his need for speed and got started on his racing career, winning a couple of first places on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The rest is history. Now, he’s a NASCAR superstar.


His wife, Samantha Busch is one serious gal. She is 100% immersed in the world of NASCAR racing. She’s at pretty much every one of Kyle’s races. She’s always blogging and commenting on the competition and documenting their superstar lives. Also, she’s one of the cast members on CMT’s reality show called Racing Wives!

Jeff and Kim Burton; a Couple of NASCAR Classics

Jeff Burton is a NASCAR classic. Now he’s retired, but he’s still fully involved in the high-octane world of racing, where he works as a commentator. He was behind the wheel for over 20 years, so there’s no doubt he knows a thing or a thousand about motorsports.

Image: Bleacher Report

As the world of race car driving evolved, its stars took shape and gained fame. In recent years, however, the drivers’ wives also rose to prominence. Kim Burton is a perfect example of this phenomenon. As Jeff consistently killed it on the track, Kim was often seen at his side, waving her arms and bursting into tears when he won.

Kyle Larson and Katelyn Sweet Go Further Back Than Most High School Sweethearts

At just one week old, Kyle Larson attended his first race (with his parents, of course). Maybe this inspired him because he would grow up to be a genuine NASCAR pro. He competed in a bunch of small-time race leagues as a teenager, and then made his professional debut racing with the big boys in 2012.


Larson’s wife, Katelyn Sweet, also has a serious racing affiliation. She’s the sister of acclaimed NASCAR driver Brad Sweet. And we’ll admit, Brad’s racing record is definitely sweet! Kyle and Katelyn have been together for millions of years. A couple of years ago, they got married, and they now have two kids.

Kurt Bush and Ashely Van Metre Are the Quintessential High-Energy Couple

Kurt Busch is huge within the high-speed arena of NASCAR racing. He also happens to be the older brother of Kyle Busch, also a NASCAR star. In fact, both brothers are second-generation racers – their father, Tom Busch, raced cars and actually was the champion of several events held under the auspices of NASCAR. So Kurt for sure has 91 octane in his blood.

Image: Vegas To

Kurt’s wife, Ashely Van Metre, is also a high-energy gal. She’s an avid equestrian (she’s been riding horses since she was five) and even happens to be a world-class polo player! She also does modeling and all kinds of philanthropy. Kurt and Ashley were set up by her sister. The pair hit it off with instant sparks. A few years later, they found themselves happily married.

Jimmie and Chandra Johnson Put Their Fortune To Great Use

Something about the name “Jimmie Johnson” makes us almost expect that whoever has it is a race car driver. Well, this Jimmie Johnson definitely is. Actually, he’s a seven-time champion. Besides being a gargantuan NASCAR champ, Johnson also does some amazing and important philanthropy. And his awesome wife, Chandra, is just as involved as him.

Image: Jimmie Johnson

They met in 2002 and hit it off immediately. Now, they have two daughters and are happily married. In 2006, Jimmie and Chandra took a huge step and launched the Jimmie Johnson Foundation, which helps children and families in need. The Johnsons have quite a bit of money and they pour lots of into their charity work. Way to go guys! The world needs more people like you.

Joey Logano and Brittany Baca Use Their Fortune and Brains to Help the World

Joey Logano, also known by his great nickname, “Sliced Bread”, has been racing cars and burning gas since he was six years old. In 2007, NASCAR made a new rule that allowed inspiring racers aged 16 and up to participate in events. Logano jumped head-first at the opportunity. And ever since, he’s been racking up the experience and making a huge name for himself.

Image: Sporting News

He is married to an awesome woman named Brittany Baca. They go further back than any high school lovebirds. They have known each other since they were children, and they married in 2014. Brittany has a degree in sociology and psychology, which she put to good use in co-establishing the Logano Foundation along with her husband. In fact, they just donated $1 million to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

Erin Crocker and Ray Evernham Show Us That Work Place Romances Can Work

Erin Crocker grew up on sports. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she played tennis, lacrosse, and soccer, all the while also acquiring a taste for high-speed racing sports. After completing a bachelor’s degree in industrial management and engineering, she signed a racing contract with World of Outlaws. A few years later, she was inducted into the halls of NASCAR.

Image: Sporting News

Sometimes, your love life and your professional life overlap. This is the case with Erin Crocker. In 2009, Crocker married Ray Evernham, her former boss. He’s big in the world of NASCAR too. He used to race, but these days he’s less behind the wheel and more behind a desk doing consultant work.

Juan Pablo Montoya and Connie Love to Have Fun With Miniature Racing Suits

From Columbia with love (and a great deal of talent), Juan Pablo Montoya busted into the mainstream racing scene following his high-intensity career beginnings with Formula 1. Before his Formula 1 and Grand Prix days, he was slugging it out on the track in all sorts of smaller (but no less fast) racing leagues.

Image: FOX Sports

About ten years ago, NASCAR experienced a baby boom. Among the new parents were Juan and his wife Connie. Well, they had two children before, but in 2010 they became parents for the third time. Connie and Pablo get a real kick out of the little miniature racing suits they have made especially for their little ones, who, these days, actually aren’t so little anymore.

Denny Hamlin and Jordan Fish Remind Us That Your Wife Can Be Your Biggest Fan

By seven years old, Denny Hamlin was satisfying his need for speed by racing go-karts. By sixteen, he was already competing in stock car races. Shortly after, while still super young, he signed a driver development contract with Joe Gibbs Racing, and boy did he ever develop… A few short years later, boom, he’s hitting the NASCAR track with all the pros, which, of course, makes him one of them.

Image: HotCars

He’s married to an awesome woman named Jordan Fish. We think she might just be his biggest fan. Rain or shine, she’s out there on the sideline of the track, cheering him on, and hanging on to the edge of her seat with her fingers crossed. The cute couple has two daughters, and whenever the opportunity presents itself, Fish is eager to also take them to the track to cheer on their high-speed daddio.

Jeff Gordon and Ingrid Vandebosch Are the Definition of a NASCAR Power Couple

Jeff Gordon is probably NASCAR’s most colossal superstar. By age eleven, he already had experience, having grown up on BMXs and go-karts. When he entered a racing competition that year, he won all 25 races in the series! By 1990, when Gordon was about nineteen years old, his NASCAR career was already underway.

Image: The Fast and the Fabulous

During a dinner party in 2002, Ingrid Vandebosch and Jeff Gordon were introduced. Even though they didn’t actually start dating until two years later, some sparks must have flown. But going forward another two years, they’re all hitched up! She’s from Belgium and she made her way to the U.S. to pursue an energetic modeling career, which has been successful. She has even appeared in places like Vogue.

Brennan Poole and Lindsey Giannini, Young and Already-Famous NASCAR Lovebirds

Brennan Poole was pretty much born on the racetrack. As a child, he competed in what’s called the UMP modified, where the cars aren’t exactly like NASCAR – they’re beefier, but a little lest speedy perhaps. After spending his younger years behind the racing wheel, he busted into the pro scene. He even graduated high school at 17 so he could race full-time.


Poole’s longtime girlfriend, Lindsey Giannini, is also a superstar in her respective field – she’s a multiple titled beauty pageant champ. For some years, she was Miss America’s representative for New Jersey. Also, she’s got some serious brains, having completed studies in journalism. As far as we know, the pair aren’t hitched up… yet.

Ryan and Krissie Newman, Trouble in NASCAR Paradise…

In his debut year, in 1993, Ryan Newman actually won the championship and the “rookie of the year” award in an amateur league. So right off the bat, Newman started to make big waves in the racing circles. He caught the attention of NASCAR headhunters and in 2000 he was yanked into the galaxy of the pros. Even besides racing, he’s a busy guy: he enjoys fishing and is the proud owner of pub & grill.

Image: FOX Sports

We don’t know if his life would be as colorful and successful if it wasn’t for the love and support of his outstanding wife of 16 years, Krissie Newman. Sorry to burst the bubble on this one though, Krissie and Newman just recently separated. They cited the usual reason: “irreconcilable differences.” But they are continuing to co-parent and raise their girls together as much as possible. We wish them all the best.

Natalie Decker and Derek Lemke Are Two Race Kids on the Way Up

Natalie Decker is only 22 years old and she’s a fast up and coming racing goddess. When she was just a little kid, she started racing go-karts. By the time she was a young teen, she was already racing all sorts of big-engined machines and absolutely killin’ it. Just a few months ago, she signed a contract with one of NASCAR’s pro series.

Image: Instagram / Natalie Decker

The loving bf we see in this picture, Derek Lemke, isn’t just suited up so he can be Natalie’s ultimate fan. He’s also a race car driver. We guess he isn’t as huge as Natalie in the world of motorsports, but he actually is making a nice name for himself so far. The two have been together since 2017, as Natalie’s Instagram account indicates, they’re madly in love.

Chase Elliot Is a NASCAR Star, But He and His GF, Kaylie Green Like Their Privacy

Chase Elliot is among the list of younger athletes (24) to compete in the world of NASCAR. At 13, already well into his career, he was featured in a Sports Illustrated piece along with a dozen other junior athletes. The piece profiled him and made projections about his career, which at the time seemed so promising. Well, they were right. The promising youngster morphed into a professional driver in the coming years.

Image: Liverampup.

While we don’t know too much about Chase’s other half, Kaylie Green, we know that she studied journalism and mass communication at the University of South Carolina. We’re not sure how long they’ve been dating, but we do know that they like to go skiing together, watch football, and seem to be as loved up as ever.

Kevin and DeLana Harvick Are Pure Products of the NASCAR Universe

Kevin Harvick goes by the nicknames “The Closer” or “Happy Harvick.” He’s a NASCAR megastar. When he was in kindergarten, his parents bought him a go-kart. And he hasn’t looked back since. By the time he reached high school, he was already racing in NASCAR’s Featherlite Southwest Series. He started college with the intention of earning a degree in architecture but eventually dropped out in order to pursue racing full-time. It paid off.

Image: Kevin Harvick

Harvick didn’t have to leave the racing world to find love. He’s married to DeLana Harvick. She’s been in the game all of her life. When she was young, her parents always took her to see the races. After high school, she went to college and earned a degree. Then, she went into racing full-force, becoming a public relations liaison for a few teams. In 2001, she and Kevin became Mr. and Mrs. Harvick.

Brittney Zamora and Her Mystery Man Are All Set For a High-Speed Romance

By looking at this cute couple, you’d think they were posing for a high school prom shot rather than at an award ceremony for pro race car driving. This is Brittney Zamora. She’s only 20 and already she’s slaying it on the race track. So far, she’s made a huge name for her, and it’s continuing to grow.

Image: Twitter / Brittney Zamora

Based on her social media accounts, the arm candy on Brittney’s left seems to be her current boyfriend. And a supportive one at that. Zamora has posted numerous photos of them together at racing events. Well, whether they are official or not, we are glad she has supportive loved ones cheering her on.

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers Are Some of the Biggest Names In Sports Biz

Talk about a sporty couple. This race car woman photoed here is Danica Patrick. It’s hard to emphasize the magnitude of her celebrity and awesomeness. Her parents met at a snowmobile event, and since she was tiny, she has been absorbed in all kinds of motorsports. She’s one of NASCAR’s biggest stars these days, and possibly the fastest woman on the planet!


Her hubby, Aaron Rodgers, is just as big a superstar. He’s a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. We wonder what goes faster, Danica’s car, or Rodgers’s football. When Danica has a race, and when Aaron has a game, you can always find the other in the stands (or VIP booth) cheering the other on. #Relationshipgoals, #Sportsgoals.

Carl Edwards and Katherine Downey Are a Match Made in Heaven

The ultra well-known speed freak Carl Edwards made headlines in 2017 when he announced his retirement. At the time, he gave three reasons for his leaving the racing world: He is happy with what he has accomplished in NASCAR, the racing took too much of his time, and he is still healthy (he wants to leave when he’s on top). His big break came in 2002 when he competed in a NASCAR event and rocked it. in NASCAR.


He married Katherine Downey in 2009. Conveniently for Carl, Katherine is a doctor. The couple has two lovely children together. Some rumors have been swirling about a comeback for this beloved driver. Well, we can only hope. In the meantime, we wish Carl and Katherine well!