How BoJack Horseman Combines Humor, Drama, and Anxiety Into a Delicious Animated Salad

Many beautiful things happened in 2014. Amongst them was the inception of the revolutionary animated series BoJack Horseman. Yes yes, it has indeed been six years since the series came out. But, it’s now on its sixth season, and going stronger than ever. When it comes to entertainment, the creators are certainly not horsin’ around. Let’s look at why this beauty is a hit.

How Bojack Horseman Combines Humor Drama and Anxiety Into a Delicious Animated Salad 3
Image: Screen Rant

If you haven’t seen or heard of the show, we are jealous! Because that means you have six juicy seasons waiting for you. So next time you’re looking to kick back and discover a new Netflix gem, we’ve got the perfect addition to that evergrowing list. The collection of awards this show won is extensive. It includes “best animated series” accolades from major sources such as the Critics’ Choice TV Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards.

What’s It About?

BoJack Horseman takes place in Hollywood. The main character, named BoJack (voiced by Will Arnett), is a horse superstar that played in a famous TV show in the 90s. In the current times of the show, he’s sort of washed-up and plagued by existential insecurities. He’s got a huge attitude, takes advantage of people, is very intelligent, but generally miserable.

How Bojack Horseman Combines Humor Drama and Anxiety Into a Delicious Animated Salad 2
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He sounds awful right? Well, yeah, he kind of is. But somehow (credit goes to the genius writers of the show) he comes off as very likable. The viewer can genuinely sympathize with his angst, despite the fact that he’s sort of terrible.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the deal is with him being a horse. The show takes place in modern-day California, but half the “people” are literally animals. But they still stand on two feet, have human-level intelligence, speak human language, and even have normal partnerships and other relationships with humans (and other animals). Basically, there is no cultural distinction whatsoever between man and beast.

The Sweet Sound of Laughter

BoJack Horseman resists strict categorization, as it includes elements of drama, comedy, and classic cartoons. But resistance notwithstanding, this show is hilarious! First of all, the characters are super quirky. Whether it’s Todd (voiced by Aaron Paul) who takes the role of the ridiculous slapstick lovable idiot. Or Princess Carolyn (voiced by Amy Sedaris), who has the role of BoJack’s agent, killing us with her tongue twisters. You are guaranteed to laugh.

How Bojack Horseman Combines Humor Drama and Anxiety Into a Delicious Animated Salad 6
Image: Screen Rant

As mentioned, half the population in the world of the show are animals. And the writers make use of this touch in the best possible way. The show is loaded with animal puns and other animal-related jokes. For example, many of the animal characters have pet names. An actor, who is a Golden Retriever, is named Mr. Peanutbutter. Or a cop that is a cat, is named Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface.

Besides the puns and animal jokes, the show is full of society-critiquing one-liners and sophisticated sarcasm. Seriously, the writers take humor to the next level in this smash hit of a series.

Drama in Paradise

Besides being ridiculously hilarious, this show is incredibly deep. A lot of the interesting dynamics in the show revolve around troubled relationships, substance abuse, and Hollywood vanity. In fact, in some regards, the show is one big critique of Hollywood culture.

How Bojack Horseman Combines Humor Drama and Anxiety Into a Delicious Animated Salad 1
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The creators succeed in deeply tapping into the characters’ and society’s flaws. It often takes us down to the level of messed up relationships between mother and son, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, and boss and employee. Sometimes it’s so deep, and the dynamics are so realistic, that one could easily forget they are watching an animated horse yell at a feline casting agent.

Anxious Much?

Like we mentioned earlier, the ‘mane’ character, BoJack Horseman, suffers from a serious case of existentialism. In the first season, he feels that his best acting days are long behind him. (Nonetheless, he’s filthy rich and lives in a beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills). According to him, he tries and tries, but no matter what he does, he can’t seem to find happiness and is incapable of loving himself.

How Bojack Horseman Combines Humor Drama and Anxiety Into a Delicious Animated Salad 4
Image: Fandom / BoJack Horseman

He tries to fill the hole by furthering his acting career in a self-described attempt to make people genuinely like him, rather than merely liking his celebrity. When this fails, he lashes out, mistreats people (including himself), and often chemically drowns himself in alcohol and illicit substances. Yeah, it’s kind of dark, but trust us, this aspect adds even more depth to this profound and hysterical show.

Anyway, we’ll stop now in the interest of not divulging too much. If you haven’t seen the show yet, you are in for a major treat. Enjoy!