Cardi 2020: How Cardi B Is Ditching the Bling to Suit up and Speak Out

Cardi B has now cemented her status as the global rapper and straight-talking superstar the world never knew we needed. The trailblazing artist has won us all over with her oversized personality, quirky Bronx slang, and eccentric fashion statements. She has also become just as known for her fearless attitude, and outspoken opinions on absolutely everything, as for her rapping.

How Cardi B Is Slowly Ditching The Bling For Suits 4
Image: Medium

While she has unapologetically bounced onto the scene as a true Bronx girl, dripping in bling, Cardi has gradually evolved her style. Lately, she seems to be heading in a different direction. So we’re here to chart the evolution of Cardi B.

The Original Cardi B

Cardi B was originally born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx. While she has been very vocal about her life in the Bronx, she managed to break away from her past. But she’s still a Bronx girl at heart. She rose to fame as an Internet celebrity, a reality star, and an actress before making it as a rapper. She then achieved commercial success with her breakout single “Bodak Yellow” in June 2017, and her musical career exploded from there.

How Cardi B Is Slowly Ditching The Bling For Suits 2
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Cardi began to wow the world with her larger than life personality, and quirky humor. She also wasn’t afraid to rock the red carpet with a stream of eccentric or outrageous outfits, dripping in bling. While she continued to make fashion statements, she also made her mark on the world of music. Cardi has hustled hard to get to where she is today, and now has numerous accolades to her name, including a Grammy and two Guinness Records!

Outspoken Opinions

When Cardi first shot to the limelight, it was clear that she was no cookie-cutter star. In fact, Cardi has continued to stun the world with her outspoken, wild, and often controversial opinions. The fearless rapper stayed true to her Bronx roots. She didn’t hold back, apologize, or conform, just because she became famous. Her Twitter and Instagram pages are just as controversial as they are entertaining.

She gradually started to use her platforms to shift away from usual celebrity topics and raise awareness of issues like her own self-styled brand of feminism, race, money, social justice and empowerment. She also began to touch on politics. Over time she’s showed she’s not afraid to talk about social issues, tax policies, or endorse candidates she admires. Somehow she became a refreshingly relatable social influencer that we never knew we needed.

How Cardi B Is Slowly Ditching The Bling For Suits 3
Image: Cosmopolitan

In an interview with GQ, Cardi said, “I’m always watching the news. I hate when you talk about something that’s going on in the community, people think, because you’re famous, you doing it for clout. But you concerned because you are a citizen of America; you are a citizen of the world.”

Evolving Her Style

Over time, as Cardi has become more politically engaged on social media. she has also started to ditch the bling for suits. While she recently starred in the movie, Hustlers, which is a crime comedy New York drama, you might have expected her to step out in bling-popping outfits. However, she has begun to wow everyone with her new business casual style. Now you can often spot Cardi looking effortlessly classy in designer blouses, suits, and longer skirts. Still, in every outfit, she still manages to inject a little eccentricity, color or print twist, to ensure she really “werks every look”.

How Cardi B Is Slowly Ditching The Bling For Suits 1
Image: Union Journalism

In the unlikeliest news story of the century, the outspoken Bronx star has also developed an unlikely friendship with the political front runner Bernie Sanders. They recently released a video together where she interviewed him about his policies. While she wore a demure long green shirtdress, she still did it her way, and interviewed him in the nail salon in Detroit! She then took to Instagram to encourage young people and influencers to vote “and participate in the political process”.

So, only time will tell if Cardi will become more involved in politics, or even run as a candidate herself for 2020. But one thing’s for sure, she will never cease to amaze us!