How Janet Jackson’s Risque Superbowl Moment Led to the Invention of Youtube

    Most of us regard Janet Jackson as a singing-songwriting legend, providing the globe with hits like “That’s the Way Love Goes” and “Miss You Much.” However, it turns out the U.S. legend has actually achieved a little more than just that in her lifetime! If you were wondering how the video-sharing platform known as YouTube came about, the results may surprise you.

    Image: Hollywood Reporter

    Get a load of this: the inspiration behind the second biggest search engine of all time was none other than Miss. Jackson! Hype Galore is taking you through the journey of how one very brief yet risque moment taken from Janet’s performance at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show virtually broke the internet and called for a whole new video site to open up.

    The Big Performance in Question

    Let’s cast our minds back 15 years. As we all know, the Super Bowl halftime show is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year. With hundreds of millions of fans tuning in each year to get a sight of the action, this is the gig that can either make it or break it for a popular music artist. Sadly, Janet Jackson drew the short straw on this occasion!

    Airing on the CBS channel back in 2004, Jackson strutted her stuff during renditions of some her greatest hits, before partnering up with one of the music industry’s biggest heartthrobs; Justin Timberlake! While showcasing their smooth moves to the hit song “Rock Your Body,” Timberlake stirred things up a little towards the end of the performance.

    Image: Vox

    Once his popular tune finished, Justin bravely pulled off a part of Jackson’s leather bustier. Much to the surprise of both parties involved, Justin ripped off a little too much material, leaving a pretty provocative sight for the audiences to gasp over! The blunder may have been over in under a second, but the image stuck in people’s minds for quite a while longer.

    Making Big Videos Accessible to the Public

    Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, but people still hadn’t forgotten about Janet’s epic wardrobe malfunction! Software engineer Jawed Karim became frustrated that he could not access the video anywhere online. Putting his head together with partners, Chad Hurley and Stephen Chen, the trio thought up a big business idea.

    Together, these geniuses decided on a plan: they would create a video sharing site, where people could view and share moments exactly like this Super Bowl performance. After months of work on the project and a hefty payment from Google, YouTube was created! Unsurprisingly, the Jackson-Timberlake incident helped to kickstart the website’s initial success.

    Image: Sporting News

    Despite being the main reason for kickstarting one of the world’s biggest websites of all time, it wasn’t all positive for Janet Jackson. The singer’s music was removed from all the Viacom music networks, as well as all radio stations attached to these networks. It may have all been a quick mistake, but this superstar was paying a big price for what had happened!