How the Other Half Celebrates Christmas: Take a Look at What Rich Instagram Kids Get up to Over the Festive Season

Christmas brings to mind quality family time, gifts from loved ones, and good food. But for some living on the other end of the spectrum, the festive season brings more than a stuffed stocking. Some of the wealthiest young people in the world have taken to social media to show off their indulgent and extravagant holiday celebrations.

Image: Instagram / Tom Claeren

It brings us to question if Santa really does care more about rich kids? For whatever reason they found themselves in the coveted position, we at least get to peek inside their life during a time of celebration. And, perhaps expectedly, these youngsters just don’t know when to call it quits. Take a look at the excessive things rich youngsters get up to and decide for yourself whether or not their festivities are all style and no substance.

Breakfast Hustle

Some people have important business to intend to during the holiday period, such as letting everyone else know how privileged you are. Here, Instanbul-based property developer Emir Bahadir enjoys a lavish hotel room breakfast in front of the camera, before acknowledging the other photo being taken to the side of him. It’s a hard life.

Image: Instagram / Emir Bahadir

He makes up the fourth generation of a family of property developers in Turkey, boasting a Swiss education. Here, he demonstrates his “healthy start” breakfast on Christmas morning, spent in the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris. We’re certainly envious.

Too Rich for Hypothermia

Entrepreneur ad businessman Agil Mamiyev knows how to live like a king during the holiday season. Here is pictured in a dressing robe and shades, as he poses for a photo with the beautiful Swiss mountain backdrop. It wasn’t so much skiing that brought him to this part of the world, so much as the luxury hotel experience.

Image: Instagram / Agil Mamiyev

“Spa time in the mountains,” Mamiyev wrote on Instagram, which accounted for his undressed appearance but not the bottle of champagne. But he does address it: “Vibrating under the clouds, intensely refreshing Champagne,” he shares, just in case we weren’t envious enough!

Social Duty Calls

Mark-Francis Vandelli made quite a name for himself on popular British reality show Made in Chelsea, in which wealthy, young, and good-looking socialites from rich families air their personal life. He’s known for his witty quips and high-class taste, and it seems he expects no less during the high holidays.

Image: Instagram / Mark-Francis Vandelli

Partying with Emma Thynn, Viscountess Weymouth – model, socialite, and the first black viscountess in the UK – Vandelli reflected on his privileged lifestyle. He writes: “In an age of materialism and commercialization, it’s vital to appreciate the value of those one holds dear, health, family, good taste or indeed the ability to buy it.”

The President’s Daughter Is Used to the Good Life

Tiffany Trump, the 26-year-old daughter to the President, spent her Christmas holiday skiing in the snowy mountain tops of Sundance, Utah. Here she is pictured with her mother, Marla Maples, just before embarking on a 3,871 ft long zip line a few years back.

Image: Instagram / Tiffany Trump

Christmas now looks a little different for Tiffany. She spent Christmas of 2018 studying for her Law exams, as well as spending some quality time with her boyfriend Michael Boulos. The two seem inseparable these days, as she has taken to bringing him to exclusive family occasions.

Wishing You a Very Rosy Christmas

Instagram model Giulia Nati poses with her boyfriend Cristian Bruschi in this social media post. As convincingly as they’ve tried to make it, we doubt she stayed sleeping this Christmas morning. Either way, it looks like she’s behaved herself this year with all the presents Santa has stacked up for her.

Image: Instagram / Giulia Nati

As a digital entrepreneur and stylist, she’s a pro at advertising her luxurious lifestyle on Instagram. And Christmas in 2018 was no different. She and her partner were holidaying in Italy for Christmas, shopping for the latest designer goods and curating sponsored Instagram posts.

Money Gives You Access to Your Full Potential

Entrepreneur, investor, and even Doctor, Evan Luthra showed his half a million Instagram followers his dreamlike setting for the Christmas period in 2018. Posing with close friends at the edge of his Yacht, he enjoyed the delightful weather of the Dominican Republic at the end of his year.

Image: Instagram / Dr. Evan Luthra

The roomy yacht allowed for a spot of fishing, in which he managed to grab the biggest fish in the Dominican Republic since 1953! It was certainly a Christmas to remember. “Ending 2018 with 127 flights,” Luthra reveals. “Let’s see what 2019 has got in store for us.”

Giving Them No Time to Miss You

Influencer Lizzy Perridon spent her Christmas on the slopes, in a chic and eye-catching skiing ensemble that we’re sure most can’t afford. She went with her family to Crans-Montana in Switzerland, before escaping to Miami Beach in Florida to catch some of that sun and sea.

Image: Instagram / Lizzy Perridon

Perridon alluded to this time as being a period for her to “reset,” but not at the expense of depriving her 100k+ Instagram followers. She posted a total of 13 photos on the social platform during her stay in Switzerland, in which she shared her carefully chosen Christmas outfits, elaborate interiors, and luxury cars.

Picture Postcard Perfect

Clearly having the time of his life, self-confessed “high-end content producer” Tom Claeren jumps for joy outside his Christmas Chalet. A five-star ski resort, he has every reason in the world to be as happy as he seems, as he’s truly living a coveted lifestyle.

Image: Instagram / Tom Claeren

He’s not alone, as he has what every James Bond fanboy dreams of – an Aston Martin supercar. The sleek V8 510Hp Aston Martin Vantage was his ride for the Christmas that he spent in the French Alps, and Claeren made sure to let everyone know just how fancy his holiday was. Many photos were shared of his time in the Chalet and behind the wheel of the Vantage.

Affluence Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Interior Designer Roxy Sowlaty poses with her sister Tara outside their Christmas dwelling. Perhaps unfairly, Roxy was labeled a “spoiled rich brat” by Fox News who appears less than forgiving of their privilege. But what do they care, their living their best life!

Image: Instagram / Roxy Sowlaty

Wearing matching red outfits, they were clearly feeling the festive spirit this year. And they certainly leave a lot to envy as they enjoy a very affluent lifestyle. Just looking at their Instagrams, it’s clear that holidays and high-living are a frequent occurrence for the Sowlaty sisters.

Taking Your Four-Wheel-Drive to the Private Plane

A self-confessed “Brand King and Creative Director to the stars,” we might be right in assuming Ryan Dubs had every intention to be so ambiguous with his job title. Here he is posing in Toronto on the bonnet his Range Rover, before boarding a private plane with his pal.

Images: Instagram / Ryan Dubs

The destination was New York, and here he is pictured reclining with his feet up in the famous Plaza Hotel. Overlooking Central Park, he captioned this image: “I dream of Bergdorf Goodman, of F.A.O. Schwarz, of the tree at The Plaza and black SUVs on 5th avenue.” It’s certainly not an experience everyone can attest to.

Christmas Dinner With Friends

Beauty mogul Kylie Jenner chose to host her friends for Christmas back in 2015 when she had just finished moving into her new home! She was only 18 years old when she became a homeowner and took the decision to live on her own for the first time – a typical transition for her age. The only difference is she moved into a multi-million dollar Calabasas “starter home.”

Image: Instagram / Kylie Jenner

She put on a lavish Christmas dinner for her close friends, all of which are Instagram stars in their own right. Anastasia Karanikolaou, Jordyn Woods, Shamari Maurice, and Justine Sky join her for the extravagant dinner, but not before posing for a quick social media post. “First friend Christmas dinner at the house,” Kylie wrote – she almost makes her party sound ordinary!

High Living at High Altitudes

“My favorite Christmas thing to do [is travel] on-route to a cooler climate,” declares Jamie Chua, the Singaporean Instagrammer who has amassed a following of over a million followers. Here she is in the lap of luxury, enjoining some quiet time within the ease and comfort of first-class.

Image: Instagram / Jamie Chua

Flying into Hong Kong for some nice weather, Chua has all the room she needs to spread out and even catch some beauty sleep. In front of her chair is a pull-out bed, that she did end up snoozing on this flight. Christmas for wealthy people isn’t fraught with a lack of legroom or elbow bumping!

As Humble as It’s Gonna Get for the Sachs Family

Photographer and Instagram rich kid Steven Sachs celebrated his Christmas in the mountain of Utah with his immediate family. Here he is with sister Courtney, decorating gingerbread houses in their beautiful family home. Usually based in New York, he wasn’t without a sense of humor when it came to wearing matching Christmas jumpers with his sibling.

Image: Instagram / Steven Sachs

But you may not have realized that the well-to-do don’t wear your average fare-isle design. You can expect the finest yarn and a regal color palette for the upper classes. Steven and Courtney wear lobsters on their chest, with Steven captioning the Instagram post: “First and second lobsters in the nativity play.” He is referencing the Christmas film classic Love Actually, making their jumpers appropriately festive, exclusive and worthy of the label “posh.”

Dua Lipa Doesn’t Need the Glitz and Glam

Pop star Dua Lipa tries to prove that she’s still a London city girl at heart, celebrating her Christmas like everyone else. Lying on the sofa in a blanket with a glass of white wine, she’s reminding us of her humble roots. But maybe we should be more skeptical, as a little digging reveals her privileged past.

Image: Twitter / Dua Lipa News

While she was born to Albanian immigrant parents, she is the grand-daughter of notable historian Seit Lipa, who was the head of the Kosovo Institute of History. She also grew up in the heart of Central London, attending notable Sylvia Young Theatre School, an exclusive private school with famous alumni such as Amy Winehouse and Nicole Scherzinger. Despite her advantageous background, however, she chose to stay humble on Christmas.

New Money on the Block

The Dobre brothers are Youtube sensations that have amassed a subscriber base of over seven million people, gracing the internet with pranks, challenges, and general mayhem. And they aren’t subtle about their success. Here they are at Christmas in 2017 standing on their presents – the weren’t able to keep them under the Christmas tree.

Image: Instagram / Darius Dobre

Darius and Lucas show off their neon green Lamborghini and red Ferrari additions to their large supercar collection. But they were thoughtful enough to wish their followers a Merry Christmas alongside this post. If you’re in Maryland at any point, you’ll know when you see them.

Christmas Among the Fish

Social media influencer and “Croissant Connoisseur” Lisa Homsy had a pretty unique Christmas experience for most, spending the festive season in the Indian Ocean. Poised atop a seaplane float, Homsy celebrated her holiday in the Maldives – no hats and scarves needed there!

Image: Instagram / Lisa Homsy

“The holidays in my family mean sharing intimate moments with friends and family, lots of laughter and an overload of kisses,” declares Homsy. But she still made time for work – she was consistent with her sponsored advertisement posts on Instagram. These holidays don’t pay for themselves!

When in Doubt Shopping for a Millionaire, Opt for a Gag Gift

“Momager” to the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner knows a thing or two about throwing a big Christmas bash, as well as earning the money to pay for it. But in 2017 she didn’t need to put the work in with this one, as pal Jennifer Lawrence gifted her with the Porshe she requested!

Images: Instagram / Kris Jenner

But it probably came a little different to the kind she was expecting.
“My BFF #Jenniferlawrence asked me what I wanted for Christmas and of course I said a Porsche, DUH. My girl didn’t disappoint,” Jenner wrote on Instagram. Displayed among her elaborately decorated main entrance, we’re sure her grandchildren got some use out of it. And Lawrence proved to be a woman of her word!

Heirs to Family Empires

These two grew up as a couple of the most privileged children in the US. Here we have James Rothschild with his wife Nicky Hilton, standing in front of their ornate Christmas tree. You couldn’t get more expensive than this – the decorations, the tree, the luxury presents to the couple themselves – this truly is high-living!

Image: Instagram / Nicky Hilton

There’s no restraining their expensive tastes considering it led them into a relationship with each other. We’re sure that Christmas morning at the Rothschild-Hilton’s is a sight to behold. But that’s just too exclusive – this is the closest look we’re getting into the glamorous Christmas of this heir and heiress.

Christmas Under the Sun

Even at Christmas, the sun shines on the rich and famous. Here, Kourtney Kardashian has a leisurely breakfast by the pool of her Calabasas mansion. While most of us were chilling in our PJ’s and socks, this Kardashian sister enjoyed the fine Californian weather in a sleek monokini.

Image: Instagram / Kourtney Kardashian

Despite being the oldest Kardashian sister at 40 years old, she shows no sign of slowing down on social media. Kourtney made sure to show her face a few times on Instagram over the holiday period and, as we can see, her toned body too. It’s worth having your summer body during the winter if you’re still posing for swimwear snaps!

Looking for the Best Seat in the House

Rich kid Bryan traveled in luxury for their Christmas break, sitting feet up in the first-class lounge. And just in case you confused them for your average traveler, their Lous Vuitton luggage makes it clear you’re in the company of airport royalty.

Image: Instagram / bryanoffizial

For the financially blessed, flying is just an excuse to get drunk and eat in bed, albeit an airplane bed. And if you’re looking for evidence that money is an enabler, just look at how relaxed Bryan is before his flight!

Coffee in the Clouds

Meet model Johanna Emma Olsson – the London-based social media influencer who looks straight out of a catalog. Here she is pictured on the right, alongside fashion blogger Maja Malnar in Verbier, Switzerland. They’re enjoying a cute picnic in the snow with the most incredible mountain backdrop behind them.

Image: Instagram / Johanna Emma Olsson

We’re certainly jealous of how these two spent their Christmas in 2018. With a spectacular view, your best friend, a cute winter outfit and a cup of coffee, what more could you ask Santa for? These women prove that they know how to enjoy their festive season the right way.

Unashamedly Fortunate

Self-proclaimed “entertainer/influencer” Niklas Heinze sure isn’t shy about his privileges. For 2018, he chose to adorn his Christmas tree with money bills, captioning the image: “Oh fir tree Oh fir tree you are rich my tree.” He hung a plentiful amount, too, leaving no branch untouched!

Image: Instagram / Niklas Heinze

The German youngster also made sure to hashtag “#richkidsofinstagram” so you know who you’re dealing with. It may be too much for some, but that’s just Heinze’s style. Instagram is his platform to share his exceeding wealth with his 35k followers, posting rationalizations such as, “Small is beautiful but bigger is better.”

Jingle Belles

French actress Josephine de La Baume and British television presenter Alexa Chung hang out under an ornate Christmas tree in 2018. While this tree doesn’t appear to have any presents under its branches, these two appear to be trying to change that.

Image: Instagram / Harley Viera-Newton

In a photo taken by their friend Harley Viera-Newton, Roc Nation DJ, they were dressed to the nines for their glamorous evening outing. Despite their fancy evening dresses, they’re not taking themselves too seriously.

Dancing in the Deserts of Dubai

The Instagrammer known simply as “Pythagore” floods his social media account with photos of his many supercars. He calls himself a life, travel and car addict and definitely lives up to his assertion. Here he is pictured in Dubai during the Christmas of 2018, having some fun in the sun (on the left.)

Image: Instagram / thepythagore

He claims this perfectly-timed photo was unedited: “No special effects with my bro Alexandre Mourreau! I love this shot!” And as another supercar enthusiast with an equally strong social media presence, we’re sure Mourreau and “Pythagore” had plenty to talk about over Christmas.

The Blonde Trinity

As co-owner to the designer womenswear boutique Storm Fashion, Danielle Fogarty (bottom right) knows a thing or two about keeping it stylish. It may come as no surprise then that she arranged for the classiest Christmas pajamas for her and her family – silk, lavender-toned button-downs for her and her doppelganger mother and sister.

Image: Instagram / Danielle Fogarty

And from what we can see of the family home, these two beauties are used to an indulgent Christmas. After all, if you can’t spoil your family during the holidays then when can you? The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted the copious presents underneath the tree… lucky for the Fogarty’s!

Positive Vibes Only

Footballers wife Tara Maynard and husband Nicky have two gorgeous boys and grace us with their beautiful family photos for Christmas 2019. Now 30 years old with 8 -year-olds, Tara was young when she fell pregnant and started a family. She writes: “I Completed the game of life at 22… A young mum, we met earlier than expected. 8 years on, again I have everything I could have ever dreamt for.”

Image: Instagram / Tara Maynard

But she acknowledges people’s lack of understanding of her unconventional lifestyle. “‘Your 20’s are to live your life, not settle down & have kids’ …Wellllll I did both,” she exclaimed, adding “these are my G’s & they are my life.” With such a stunning family and home, we’re not surprised she’s defending herself!

‘Tis the Season to Get out the Fur

Instagram influencer and model Jessica Flanagan is making a fair few bucks on her growing social platform. And she certainly looks decked out for the festive season in her various faux fur get-ups. Judging by her outfit choice for a holiday party (left) she came to be seen.

Images: Instagram / Jessica Flanagan

But she wasn’t a shrinking violet at any point during the holiday of 2018, as proven during a film club outing (right.) She donned a bright red faux fur cropped coat and baggy leather pants, before sprawling out on the luxury sofas. Despite having the same color-palette as the furniture, we doubt she dressed to blend in…

Go Hard or Go Home

Self-professed “Hypebeast” Bader Al Safar certainly tries to live up to his title. His social media is flooded with pictures of Supreme products, the exclusive clothing brand. And the Dubai/London/Los Angeles-based streetwear enthusiast couldn’t help but dress up as “Supreme Santa” in 2018, jetting into London for the occasion very on-brand.

Images: Instagram / Bader Al Safar

Supreme is a popular brand that caters to skateboarders, collectors, youth and hip-hop cultures. Their high-price tags don’t stop them from selling out, making this Instagrammer one boastful shopper. Christmas for Al Safar is just more of the same, as he writes: “All I want for Christmas is Supreme.”

An Island Boy Spends Christmas in the Clouds

Jay Alvarrez describes himself as a “Free Spirit Boy From Hawaii,” a label that might go some way to explaining his appearance atop the volcanic hot springs in the mountains of Italy for Christmas. He looks ready for a summer’s day at the beach, opting for no top and even no shoes.

Image: Instagram / Jay Alvarrez

Alvarrez clarifies that despite how “insane” it seems, it only “looks like frozen ice but it’s all salt!!” He spent his Christmas of 2018 in a beautiful natural wonder before moving on to the next leg of his journey: “Italy was a mind-opening trip,” he writes, adding, “going to DUBAI now! Can’t wait to see friends and camels.” What a life!

Young Thug Doesn’t Exercise Restraint

Jeffery Lamar Williams, otherwise known as the rapper Young Thug, didn’t hold back for Christmas in 2016. Here he is pictured with a huge amount of gifts for his family and close circle. Whatever you might think about the sheer quantity on display, you can’t say he’s not generous!

Image: Instagram / Young Thug

We can see all manner of presents scattered across the large room; there certainly isn’t enough room under the Christmas tree. Aside from the toys for his children, we see he’s invested a lot in clothes and sports shoes. Ironically, Young Thug appears to have lost his own at this moment.

Shameless High Living

Travel expert Justin Ross Lee spends his days traveling in first class with his partner, Candis. It leaves many of his fo0llowers asking how it is he’s sorted such a sweet deal – where his occupation is fly in luxury and stay in the best hotels. It’s a bit of a mystery to us too, but at least he shares his spectacular high living for all to see.

Image: Instagram / Justin Ross Lee

For the holiday season of 2018, he spent his time at the hottest resort in the Philippines – the Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa. He plays up to his hedonistic image on Instagram, writing captions like: “Doing nothing is everything,” and “More champagning, less complaining.”

The Full Treatment

Social media influencer and Russian socialite Veronika Orchid frequently flies across the world on deluxe flights to luxurious locations, staying in some of the best hotels on offer. In 2018 she spent her holiday period in Dubai, flying into Paris in first class with Emirates.

Images: Instagram / Veronika Orchid

You wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who writes in her Instagram biography, “Don’t tell people your dream. Show them.” She’s showing us exactly what we’re missing out on with our budget Easyjet’s flights – an abundance of space, plush seating and a glass of champagne.

Supremely Blessed

Kirill Bosov has barely left puberty but already lives a life most of us can only dream of. His keen interest in fashion is clear to those who follow him on his social channels – he frequently poses up a storm in his latest garms and Christmas was no exception. Bosov flew to the Swiss alps for his holiday break in 2018.

Images: Instagram / Kirill Bosov

On the right, the youngster poses in front of the infamous Matterhorn mountain that straddles the border of Switzerland and Italy. Flying to his trip in the comfort of first-class ensured stress-free festivity for this rich kid.

A Hidden Holiday

Model and mother Elisa Sednaoui has spent her life living between France, Italy, and Eygpt, and extends her itchy feet to her children. Wife to Alexander Dellal, she chose not to disclose where she jetted off her little family for the holidays in 2018.

Images: Instagram / Elisa Sednaoui Dellal

All we know is that they weren’t home, she sought a better climate for time on the beach and a decidedly un-Christmas like vibe. As long as you’re spending the holiday with your loved ones, what does it matter where you go!

No Days Off

Virtual fitness trainer Karli Lindor is a great example of how far social media can help you achieve your goals. She works her dream job, coaching people in meeting their fitness goals, “teaching you how to get unstuck and in motion.” It’s only fitting that she should post pictures of her Christmas celebrations for all her followers to see.

Images: Instagram / Karli Lindor

Lindor spent the holidays with her family up in British Colombia, skiing and exploring hand in hand with her fitness-enthusiast partner and two Pomeranians. She didn’t let the festive fun get in the way of her exercise routine, however, reminding us that your body never has a day off so neither should you.

Ridiculed Ryan

Actor and Instagram funnyman Ryan Reynolds didn’t shy away from shaming himself on social media over the holiday season. In Christmas of 2018, he revealed his embarrassing blunder to his 25+ million followers on the image-sharing platform.

Image: Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Vancouver-born Reynolds was tricked into turning up to his buddy’s Christmas bash, being led to believe he needed to turn up in an out-there festive jumper. Fellow Hollywood actors Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal were at hand to witness the humiliation, and from the looks of it didn’t make it any easier!