How to Become a Supervillain 101: Joaquin Phoenix’s Transformation Into The Joker

Have you heard the news? Batman fans all over the globe have gone into a total frenzy because the latest spinoff to their beloved superhero series is coming to cinema screens in a matter of weeks. In other words, this means plenty more twists and turns are soon to come! This time around, producers are paying a special focus on the man who shook up Gotham City the most.

How to Become a Super villain 101  Joaquin Phoenixs Transformation Into the Joker 1
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We can only be talking about the twisted hooligan that made us sleep with one eye open at night, The Joker. Over the years, we’ve witnessed some of the best actors in the business take on this crazed role. With Joaquin Phoenix next in line, the US actor has shared a few secrets on his drastic transformation to become such a menacing character.

A Whole New Joaquin

If you like to keep updated with the latest entertainment news, you’ll be aware of Phoenix’s sudden shift in appearance. You often hear about actors getting whipped into shape for an upcoming movie role, but this is a weight loss case like we’ve never seen before! If you had any previous doubts about Joaquin being dedicated to the role, this should shut them down.

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So, why did he lose weight? In order to pay tribute to the comics, Joaquin wasted no time and got to reading! One thing the American legend picked up from the series is that every time The Joker appears, the clown-like figure seems to be weighing an impossibly light amount, with his incredibly thin frame just adding a little more to that terrifying nature of his.

Putting Figures to the Facts

Let’s bring in a couple of statistics here, just to let it all sink in for you! Over the course of Phoenix’s pre-Joker shredding, the star lost a grand total of 23.5 kilos, that’s almost 52 pounds! In order to make this dramatic transformation happen, the US actor began consuming just over one apple a day. We certainly wouldn’t have liked to be in his shoes!

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Joaquin Phoenix went through a lot to turn into the most perfect Joker he could possibly be, but it didn’t all happen without a fight! Alongside the obvious strain of consuming such small portions each and every day, the weight loss began making an impact on the famous actor’s psychological wellbeing. The things we do in showbusiness, hey!

Nailing the Most Creepy Aspect

Alongside that totally over-the-top clown makeup, what’s one of The Joker’s most defining features? A lot of you would probably agree it’s that twisted cackle he calls a laugh. Being the skilled actor that we know and love him to be, Joaquin immediately picked up on this trait. It took a little time, but the man worked hard at perfecting this aspect of the creepy character!

How to Become a Super villain 101  Joaquin Phoenixs Transformation Into the Joker 2
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Proving this man’s dedication again, would you believe Joaquin started preparing his Joker laugh before he even got cast for the role? Days turned to weeks before Phoenix decided his laugh was up to scratch. In the end, the actor felt so confident with it that he auditioned for the role with just the cackle alone! It’s safe to say the director was left well and truly spooked.