Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, there’s a high chance that you’ve already binge-watched Bling Empire and followed every single member of the cast on Instagram like the reality-show-obsessed person you are. And we don’t blame you. Bling Empire is like Selling Sunset, The Real Housewives, and Crazy Rich Asians, all rolled into one glamorous and dramatic sandwich. And if you’re hungry for more gossip, you’ll be happy to know that the cast is just as loaded in real life.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast and next number photo will be 42
Image: Instagram/Christine Chiu

Yep, while many reality shows out there are known for being slightly (cough) scripted for the sake of drama, one thing we know for sure about Bling Empire is that these Asians are as crazy rich as they seem on-screen. We’re talking billionaire fathers, a $300,000 sneaker wall, $19,000-a-month-rent, and more zeros on the end of their bank balance than we can count. And at Hype Galore, we’re diving into the extravagant lives of the Bling Empire cast and how rich they really are.

Kelly Mi Li Has a Cool $5 Million To Her Name, and She Definitely Knows How To Spend It

Hands up if you screamed “DON’T DO IT! STAY AWAY FROM HIM!” at the television when Kelly made her way back to Andrew? You’re not alone. And by the way, did you know that he plays the Red Power Ranger? They only mentioned it about 56,000 times. But while Kelly’s relationship choices do have to be questioned, her shopping choices don’t. After all, she has money to spend.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 36
Image: Instagram/Kelly Mi Li

Today, Kelly prides herself on being a producer, entrepreneur, and the ultimate #GirlBoss, and this has allowed her the chance to rack up an impressive net worth. How does $5 million sound to you? While expensive sports cars, couture gowns, and Parisian shopping sprees are alien to us, this is actually just small change to Kelly. She used to be worth a lot more. And we mean a lot more.

Kelly Used to Spend $400,000 a Month When Married to Her Millionaire Ex-Husband…

Before she fell in love with her on-and-off-again boyfriend, Kelly was actually married to a millionaire businessman. In her early 20s, she was living a life of luxury with seven cars and four houses, and she even confessed on the show that she was spending around $400,000 on her Black American Express card. Oh, to be rich and have a car for each day of the week.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 30
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

During this time in her life, Kelly was able to integrate herself within the rich and affluent Asian community in Los Angeles. And the Crazy Rich Asians movie didn’t get it wrong, you know. These guys mix traditional culture with modern investments and power, and Kelly became a force to be reckoned with. She was one of the big dogs.

…But Then He Was Arrested, and All of Kelly’s Money Was Taken Away From Her

While Kelly didn’t speak too much about her former husband on the show, we did learn that her bubble burst a few years into the marriage. Her uber-glamorous life came crashing down around her, and her husband was arrested for crimes that were going on behind her back. Yep, she had no idea that she was sleeping next to a criminal all those years.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 1
Image: Instagram/Instagram/deborahzseo

What Kelly didn’t realize was that her husband was “running one of the largest cyber scams in American history” from their home. In response, they had their assets frozen, and they collectively had to hand over around $168 million to the government. Thankfully, she’s managed to build herself back up again, and she’s quickly clawing back those millions. You go, girl.

Kelly’s New Beau Isn’t Quite as Rich as Her, With a Net Worth of $2 Million

Whatever you think of Andrew Gray, you can’t deny that he’s at least a bit of a step-up from Kelly’s criminal ex-husband. That’s something to congratulate her for, right? While the jury is still out on whether Andrew and Kelly are on or off again, one thing we do know is that Kelly seems to have chosen her new beau on their connection, rather than his money.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 35
Image: Instagram/Andrew Gray

Despite the fact that Andrew has his finger in many pies as a Power Ranger, music producer, dog-lover, and post-shower-selfie-taker, he’s not actually worth that much money. Not in the world of crazy rich Asians, anyway. He currently has a net worth of $2 million, but we have a feeling that that’s going to increase thanks to his exposure on Bling Empire. Perhaps he could afford to buy a shirt next.

Kane Lim Is Sitting on a $20 Million Fortune, as You Do

Anyone else want to be best friends with Kane Lim? Well, you’re going to have to get in line because we called dibs on him first. While it’s clear to see that running with a rich and glamorous circle of Asians can cause major drama, Kane is the Buddhist beauty who calms everyone down when things get heated. And this is pretty surprising, considering he’s one of the richest members of the Bling Empire cast.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 37
Image: The Sun

Despite the fact that he’s sitting on a cool $20 million fortune, Kane seems to be rather humble in terms of his money and his background. During an interview with VoyageLA in 2019, he noted that he had to take the public bus to school and that his father never wanted to spoil him. He said that “He never provided chauffeurs for us… but just the necessities such as the best education, food, and travel.” Erm, we wish we could say the same.

But Kane’s Father Is a Billionaire Businessman Who Has Oodles of Money to His Name

Like most of the other Bling Empire cast members, Kane inherited some of his wealth from his father. And when your dad is a billionaire with companies in real estate, shipping, and oil, asking to borrow a few million isn’t as big a deal as us asking our mom for $10 when we need new books for school. But Kane also wanted to make his own mark on the world.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 41
Instagram/Kevin Kreider

So, when he was 17 years old, he asked his father for a “small” loan. While the exact loan amount isn’t known, we do know that he immediately started investing his money and working alongside his family’s impressive businesses. Because of this, he was able to pay his father back in just a few months.

Kane Racked up $1 Million Before His 20th Birthday and Has Created His Own empire

Despite the fact that Kane has been offered numerous buildings by his father in the hopes that he’ll take over the family businesses, this crazy rich heir decided to do things his own way. He dropped out of college and invested his money in real estate – and judging by his clothes, his apartment, and the fact that he runs in the right circles, it’s safe to say that this risk paid off. Quite literally.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 9
Image: Instagram/Christine Chiu

In fact, Kane had bagged himself his first $1 million just before his 20th birthday. We barely had $1 to our name on our 20th birthday, so kudos to him. In the ten years since that million-dollar-extravaganza, Kane has added around $2 million per year to his net worth. All without the help of his billionaire father. Can he give us some tips? We’re feeling very poor.

Kane’s Epic Wall of Sneakers – Yes, We’re Talking About Shoes – Amounts to Over $300,000

If you had $20 million, what would you spend it on? Perhaps a few vacation homes? Your dream sports car? Or maybe just a lifetime supply of Oreos? Whatever you choose to spend your money on, it’ll probably be because you love them – and that’s exactly why Kane has his giant wall of shoes. We got a closer look at this sneaker wall in Bling Empire, and the cost of them all is astronomical.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 28
Image: NME

It’s been noted that Kane’s shoes amount to over $300,000! From sneakers to bedazzled boots, Kane certainly has a pair of shoes for every occasion. And while many of them are fancy and obviously beautiful, we can’t help but wonder what we would do if the shoe were on the other foot. One of the many shoes that is.

Anna Shay Is the Richest With a Whopping $600 Million Fortune Under Her Gucci Belt

The first time we laid eyes on Anna Shay, she was tearing down her closet wall with a sledgehammer in a couture red ball gown. And we instantly knew that she was going to be our favorite. While she may have found herself involved in a serious turf war, she managed to stake her claim as the matriarch of the hot-shot Asian Community. Please be our friend?

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 34
Image: Instagram/Anna Shay

Naturally, her $600 million net worth might have something to do with her popularity in the community, but it might also have something to do with the fact that actually – despite her incredible wealth – she’s one of the most ordinary out of the lot. Sure, she splashes the cash, but she’s not a fan of bragging about it. She leaves that job for Christine.

Anna Sold Her Father’s Company for a Billion-Dollar Price, and It Was an All-Cash Offer

But we bet you’re wondering where Anna’s fortune has come from, right? Although Anna doesn’t talk about her family on Bling Empire, Kane dishes all the juicy goss at the start of episode one. Thanks, Kane. He noted that Anna is not only half-Japanese and half-Russian but that she was also the daughter of a billionaire businessman. Talk about scoring the genetic lottery.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 29
Image: PopSugar

Anna’s late father, Edward Shay, was the founder of Pacific Architects and Engineers – and that basically means that he made weapons. Not only that, but he then sold these weapons to the United Nations and the U.S government. After his passing, Anna and her brother decided to sell the company, and they got a record-fee for it. $1.2 billion all-cash, to be exact.

When Anna Buys Something, She’ll Always Buy Two for a Special Reason

With a huge fortune to her name, you probably don’t need us to tell you that Anna Shay spends her money wisely. Well, wisely for a member of the crazy rich Asian community, anyway. She goes on huge shopping sprees, she buys expensive cars, and she only ever travels by private jet. But when Anna goes shopping, she doesn’t just buy one of each item. Oh, no.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 33
Image: Instagram/Guy Tang

Thanks to his extremely close relationship with the normally-reclusive Anna, Kane Lim has a good insight into her life. And in an interview with Town & Country, he noted that Anna always buys two of whatever she purchases in a store. She keeps one for herself, and then she’ll gift the other to the salesperson who sold it to her. So, it’s time to quit our jobs and scout out her favorite haunts.

Anna’s Normal Grocery Bill Comes to Around $3,000 Each Time

You can bet your bottom dollar that Anna Shay doesn’t head to the local Target store to buy her groceries, and we’re not even sure if she’d stoop to Whole Foods level. After all, we’ve heard that this heiress doesn’t like to hold back. She goes big or goes home, and both options are equally as extravagant.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 32
Image: Mamamia

In fact, Kane told Town & Country that he’s often been grocery shopping with Anna before, and it’s not uncommon for her to spend around $3,000 each trip. That’s normally because he’s the one driving, but also because she wants a helping hand to show off her charitable ways. These $3,000 grocery bills aren’t to stock up her own refrigerator. They’re to feed those in need.

Caviar at Anna’s Favourite Restaurant Is $330 for 30 Grams, and She Gets It Shipped Over From Paris

Anna Shay should definitely be applauded for gifting hungry people $3,000 worth of food, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t splash the cash on her own edible delights. With a taste for the finer things in life, Anna spends six months of the year living in Paris and eating in her favorite restaurant. She just can’t get enough of their food – and especially their Iranian beluga caviar.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 22
Image: Flipboard

Apparently, Anna loves this specific caviar so much that she will willingly shell out $330 for just 30 grams. And not just when she’s in the City of Lights, either. It’s been noted that Anna regularly gets this stuff flown over to her house in Los Angeles. We can’t even begin to think of how much that airfare would cost. And all just for some caviar? Wild.

The Heiress Recently Put Her $16 Million Mansion up for Sale Because It Feels “Haunted”

Anna’s Beverly Hills mansion appeared a few times in Bling Empire. There was the yoga class that turned into a scene from Magic Mike, and then there was the infamous pump-gate that got everyone giggling. Fond memories, right? Well, it seems as though they weren’t quite as fond for Anna Shay. In recent weeks, Anna has put her mansion up for sale. And she’s asking a cool $16 million for it.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 27
Image: Popcorn and Tequila

Anna’s 9,000-square-foot Spanish-style mansion is just a stone’s throw away from the exclusive Sunset Boulevard, and she reportedly bought it almost a decade ago for around $9.4 million. But Anna now seems to have had enough of the home once owned by Italian mobster Tony Milano, and she’s recently been getting the heebie-jeebies thinking that it’s haunted.

Anna’s Son Has Made Headlines Thanks to His Strange Collection of Items Worth $500,000

Although we never got to sneak a peek of him on the show, Anna Shay does have a son. In fact, 27-year-old Kenny Kemp lives with his mother in the basement of her mansion, and it’s been reported that they’re pretty close. And while it’s strange enough that a 27-year-old lives in his mother’s basement – especially if it’s haunted – it’s even stranger that he collects certain items.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 24
Image: Instagram/florentbonadei

Over the years, Kenny has made headlines due to the fact that he has a very large collection of paraphernalia. $500,00 worth of the stuff, to be exact. He has described himself as a “passionate” lover of a specific illicit substance, and he just loves to collect quirky and kooky items associated with this substance. But of course, he keeps them safe in his mother’s vault. Naturally.

The Elusive Necklace Is Said to Be Worth a Few Million Dollars and Is Supposed to Be One of a Kind

We love a diva showdown, and Bling Empire gave us many of these. Perhaps the most iconic, though, involved a Louis Vuitton high jewelry pink sapphire and diamond necklace. We didn’t know one of those existed until the night of the party, either. But apparently, this necklace was fancy enough to cause a real ruckus between Anna and Christine.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 26
Image: WWD

While the real price of the designer jewelry is unknown, it’s been said that it would be worth a few million dollars. But Anna just doesn’t know why Christine made such a big deal out of it. While talking to Esquire, Anna noted that: “When she was saying to Kane that I have the same necklace, no one necklace is the same as another… And those two necklaces are not identical.” There you have it, Christine.

Speaking of Jewelry, Anna’s Favorite Designer Makes Pieces That Start at $120,000 Each

Although you may not have heard it over the sound of claws hitting together, Anna spoke of her favorite jewelry house during their intense catfight. The weapons heiress defended Boucheron to the highest degree during this argument, with Anna stating that it was the oldest jeweler in Paris. In true Christine form, she had to disagree. Pretty intensely as well, we might add.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 25
Image: The Sun

But when you take a step back and think about what Anna said, you can’t help but feel impressed. Shay has numerous Boucheron pieces in her collection – and probably amongst her son’s paraphernalia in her vault – and these pieces aren’t cheap. They start at around $120,000 each, and that’s just for the smaller pieces. And once again, we feel so incredibly poor.

Friends of Anna’s Get All-Expenses-Paid Trips to Paris, as Long as Your Boyfriend Stays in Check

While Christine Chiu probably won’t be hopping on a private jet with Anna anytime soon, there’s no doubt about the fact that Anna is the kind of friend you want around. After all, who doesn’t want to be whisked away on a private jet to Paris with their boyfriend? In Bling Empire, we watched Anna do just that for Kelly’s birthday, and we’ve never been more jealous.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 39
Image: Digital Spy

But it didn’t take long for Andrew to make things awkward by screaming at Kelly for letting him have a nap, which was pretty confusing. Normally we scream because we’re woken up from a nap, but Kelly experienced something a little different on her birthday. At least she had Anna by her side, and they could sit on opposite sides of the private jet on the way home.

23-Year-Old Jamie Xie Has a Net Worth of $50 Million, Which Means She’s Loaded…

While she’s not one of the main cast members of Bling Empire, 23-year-old Jamie Xie still makes her mark known on the show. She also made her wealth pretty well-known, as well. Not that she really needed to tell us. As soon as we set eyes on this crazy rich socialite, we knew that she had a few more dollars in her Fendi purse than the rest of us.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 19
Image: Husskie

From wearing extravagant gowns with bright blue feathers to her showjumping Olympic dreams, there was no doubt in our minds that Jamie was one of the uber-rich. And that’s true. At just 23 years old, she has a net worth of $50 million! That’s just too many zeros for us to count.

…But Jamie Has Inherited a Lot of This From Her Billionaire Businessman Father

But we wouldn’t be surprised if you were a little confused. Jamie even mentioned on the show that she doesn’t earn a lot of money herself, so where did it all come from? She’s a trust-fund baby, duh! Jamie has the pleasure of being the daughter of a billionaire, and we’d like to volunteer ourselves to be adopted by her father.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 18
Image: Tatler Hong Kong

To be more specific, Jamie’s father is billionaire Ken Xie, who has made his excessive amount of money as a cybersecurity mogul working out of Silicon Valley. It’s been reported that Ken is worth around $3.9 billion, and a huge chunk of that money has trickled right into the bank of his precious daughter. Nice.

Thanks to Her Career as an Influencer, Jamie Has Earned Around $100,000 of Her Own Money

While Jamie could have just relied on her massive trust fund and blown through million after million, this young entrepreneur has decided to put her perfectly pedicured feet forward to create her own career path. Thanks to her love of fashion and her ability to buy expensive clothes, she’s now a hugely established Instagram influencer.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 17
Image: Instagram/Jamie Xie

Jamie has almost 400,000 followers on the ‘Gram, and that number just seems to be growing every single day – just like her bank account. After all, knowing how to work Instagram is a lucrative business that can land you some serious cash flow. And that’s been no different for Jamie. She’s made around $100,000 from her social media career – which is pretty impressive despite Christine’s negative comments.

Spending Over $7,000 on Three Identical Bags in One Sitting Is Nothing for Jamie Xie…

As part of her role as an influencer and a prominent figure within the Asian social scene, Jamie loves to buy the latest designer clothing and accessories. And while most of us could only dream of spending $2,400 on a purse, Jamie Xie thinks nothing of it. It’s just a daily occurrence for her.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 16
Image: Instagram/Brandon Panaligan

When Bling Empire welcomed a Shaman onto the beach (yes, really), Jamie exclaimed about her terrible day. She just couldn’t decide which Bottega Veneta pouch bag she should buy – so in the end, she just had to buy three of them in all different colors. It really was horrific for her, and we’re honestly shocked to see her coping so well. What a trooper.

…And Her Rent Sets Her Back a Whopping $19,000 per Month

If you didn’t pass out and lose your memory due to the shock of her statement, you might remember when Jamie Xie announced to her friends that she paid a rather large amount of money for her rent. But we wouldn’t blame you if you’d tried to block it out of your mind and pretend as though you never heard it because it’s truly something else.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 15
Image: Instagram/Lynn Liou

We were more shocked than Kevin when she let loose and confessed that her rent set her back $19,000 a month. Yes, one single month. 30 days. For a rental. Oh, man. This is a completely alien concept to many people across the world, as $19,000 is some workers’ wage for the whole year. Let alone accommodation for one month.

But Unfortunately, She Missed Out on Buying Her Dream Home Because Eve Jobs Snapped It up Before Her

First world problems, right? We don’t think we’ll ever get to a point where we’re in a bidding war with Eve Jobs, but apparently, Jamie Xie is already there. And we’re not quite sure how to feel about it. This lady may only be 23 years old, but she’s already amassed more money than most of us would even comprehend over the course of our lives.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 14
Image: Instagram/Wonderland

What makes matters even worse is that Jamie was in a bidding war with Steve Jobs’ daughter, who is also only in her early 20s. But considering Eve’s family name comes with a net worth of around $35 billion, it seems as though this heiress takes the biscuit when it comes to the battle of the billionaire fathers.

Professional DJ and Bling Empire Alum Kim Lee Is Worth a Cool $10 Million…

If you’re a fan of dance music, you may have already been a fan of Kim Lee before she made her fabulous and luxurious entrance into the world of Bling Empire. After all, this lady isn’t just a Kylie Jenner lookalike. She’s also one of the most famous DJs that Asia has to offer – and it turns out that she’s a pretty big deal.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 13
Image:Instagram/Kim Lee

Kim has been called “Asia’s answer to Calvin Harris,” and she makes no secret of the fact that she likes to splash the cash on the show. And let’s not forget her Instagram page. Kim is always posing in front of the Californian ocean from her clifftop abode or posing in front of a Rolls Royce because that’s the kind of thing you do when you have a net worth of $10 million.

…And She Walks Away With Around $50,000 After Every Single Show

How much do you make for one shift at work? We’re gonna go ahead and assume that you don’t make $50,000 – because that’s ludicrous, right? Nope, it’s Kim Lee’s life. As a professional DJ, she has been able to work her way up the ladder and play at some of the hottest parties and the coolest festivals the world has to offer.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 12
Image: The Sun

Because of this, she can afford – quite literally – to put her prices up. And that’s exactly what she’s done. If you want to book Kim Lee for your birthday party, a festive shindig, or just a pumped-up Sunday afternoon, you’re going to have to shell out $50,000. That’s how much she earns per show. Madness.

The Dynastic Duo Christine Chiu and Dr. Gabriel Chiu Are Worth a Whopping $80 Million Collectively

You only have to watch Bling Empire’s trailer to know that Christine and Dr. Gabriel Chiu (and, of course, Baby G) aren’t your average crazy rich Asians. In fact, it doesn’t take Christine long at all to let everyone know that her husband is directly descended from Chinese royalty. No big deal, right?

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 10
Image: Instagram/Christine Chiu

Although Chinese dynasties are no longer in place, if they were, her husband’s father would be the Emporer, and her son would be a prince – which is actually pretty cool. Much of their collective wealth has come from this family line, but the couple also runs the exclusive Dr. Gabriel Chiu Plastic Surgery Inc. in Beverly Hills, which helps them rake in those dollar bills. Collectively, they have a net worth of $80 million.

Christine Regularly Sits Next to Royalty, Not That Anna Really Cares

In the slightly remixed words of Patrick Swayze, nobody puts Christine Chiu at the end of the dinner party table. Well, nobody apart from Anna Shay. When it comes to the life and times of the crazy rich and famous, it seems as though table placement means a lot more than we think. And when Anna put Christine on the end of the table, she wasn’t impressed. Especially as she regularly sits next to royalty.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 11
Image: Instagram/Christine Chiu

Thanks to her husband’s place within high society, Christine and Dr. Gabriel often schmooze with others in high places. Including the Royal Family. She made no secret of the fact that she’s pretty close with Prince Charles and that she also sat to the left of Prince Phillip at a dinner party a few months back. But who cares about that when Anna has a dispute to settle?

Baby G’s First Birthday Party Was a Designer Affair and Puts All of Our Birthday Parties to Shame

To this day, we still don’t know what Baby G’s real name is. Is he really called Baby G? Or perhaps Baby Gucci? Or Baby Goodness-Me-I’m-So-Rich? What we do know is that his parents went all out for his first birthday party. Not that he’ll remember it. Although the exact figure spent on his birthday isn’t known, it would have easily been a few million dollars.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 8
Image: Instagram/Christine Chiu

Christine hosted her son’s birthday party in the local museum, and they made sure that it was decked to the nines with everything a toddler could want. You know, like a Gucci claw machine. While we don’t know if Baby G’s thumbs were strong enough to win himself a Gucci purse, we do know that his mom donated $1 million to the museum in his honor. Of course.

Just in Case the Apocalypse Happens, Christine Is Ready With Her Credit Card to Buy a Ducati

With everything going on in the world right now, we really don’t blame Christine Chiu for being prepared. Because you never know; the apocalypse could be imminent – and Christine doesn’t want to be the one floundering around with just a tin of caviar left to feed her family. Instead, she wants to buy a fast motorcycle for the apocalypse. We’re not sure how that would help her, but we’ll roll with it.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 7
Image: Reality Tidbit

Yes, Christine took Kane to the local Ducati store to check out the motorcycles on offer on Bling Empire, and she seemed pretty into the idea of speeding into the sunset. And considering these bikes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, it seems as though she’s not too fussed about the price she’ll have to pay to survive this apocalypse. It probably would be a good way to get away from the zombies.

Over-the-Top Photoshoots Are a Regular Occurrence for Christine and Baby G

If you take a sneak peek at Christine Chiu’s Instagram page, you’ll see that Baby G has become somewhat of a social media influencer. He’s dominating the grid, and his mom has become the queen of OTT photoshoots. But when it comes to the needs of the rich and famous kiddies of California, their moms do whatever they can to get them ahead.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 6
Image: Instagram/Christine Chiu

With only a few places at prestigious (AKA extremely expensive) preschools available, Christine has made no secret of the fact that she wants her child to stand out. So, she’s made it her mission to book as many professional photoshoots as possible so that these preschools will know that the Chiu family means business. We dread to think how much they spend on them.

Their Dinner-Party Drink of Choice Sets Them Back Around $5,000 to $10,000 per Bottle

When we have a dinner party, we head into the depths of our cupboards to find a cheap wine we can mix with lemonade to save money. But they do things differently in the crazy rich Asian circles of Beverly Hills. When Christine and her husband hosted a dinner party for their exclusive set of friends – oh, and Kevin – they decided to bring out the big boy bottles.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 4
Image: Town & Country

Yes, these guys decided to lay on a fancy-schmancy evening that offered a 1982 Rothschild red wine as a refreshment. But what you might not realize is that these bottles don’t come cheap – and you can’t exactly buy them from your local liquor store. They cost between $5,000 and $10,000 per bottle, and you can only buy them from selected stores.

Kevin Kreider’s Net Worth Isn’t in the Millions Just Yet, Contrary to Popular Belief

Although Bling Empire follows the life of the ridiculously rich, Kevin is certainly the odd one out. After being adopted by a white family growing up, he moved to Los Angeles and found himself wrapped up in this new, Asian circle. And a heck load of money at the same time. But what’s so interesting is that Kevin isn’t exactly rich himself.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 3
Image: Instagram/Kevin Kreider

It’s been reported that this model has a net worth of around $10 million, but that’s not actually true. While he has rich friends – who gift him a whole new wardrobe just because they can – he doesn’t even have a million to his name just yet. But we have a feeling that things are going to get better for him money-wise, as fans seemed to have loved him (and his abs) on the show.

And Kevin Only Pays Around $1,000 on Rent per Month, Which Is Pretty Average

When Kevin learned that Jamie pays $19,000 a month for her rent, you could see that he was visibly shocked. And we swear we saw his life flash before his eyes for a moment there. That’s probably because we’ve since learned that Kevin only pays $1,000 a month for his rent. Compared to his co-stars, that’s money they could spend in just one minute.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 31
Image: Oprah Magazine

But what makes things even more bizarre is the fact that the rent is actually pretty cheap – especially for Los Angeles. While he does share his apartment with a roommate, that’s still pretty good going for a cool apartment in California. That just goes to show that he’s more like us than we thought. However, our friends do need to add a few more zeros to their bank balances if we want to keep up.

The Adorable and Unmarried Cherie Chan and Jessie Lee Are Worth $200 Million Collectively

While they haven’t become main members of the Bling Empire cast, we definitely shed a tear or two over Cherie and Jessie’s storyline. As a former pop star and denim heiress, Cherie was both born into wealth and has made her own empire. And in her words, her boyfriend Jessie is a “trust-fund baby” thanks to his family’s furniture business.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 40
Image: Instagram/Cherie Chan

But in a twist that’s extremely uncommon in the Asian community, Cherie and Jessie have welcomed two kids into the world without being married. And it’s safe to say that some people think it’s pretty scandalous. But we guess that when you have over $200 million in your collective bank accounts, you can kind of do what you want. Yep, these guys are super rich.

We Can Expect Cherie and Jessie’s Wedding to Be Extremely Lavish, and We Can’t Wait

With reports of season two of Bling Empire coming our way, we can’t help but think that Cherie and Jessie’s wedding might make an appearance. After all, you just know it’s going to be lavish. And considering they spend all of their money on expensive cars, fancy houses, private jets, helicopter rides, and enough clothes to fill 500 closets, it’s going to be big.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 2
Image: Instagram/Cherie Chan

With such rich friends and family, we have a feeling that there will be no expense spared for their impending nuptials. It will be a party like no other, and we guarantee that they will spend a few million on the whole thing. Their son’s 100-day party set them back around $1 million, and that was just a small gathering of friends. This will be so much bigger and better.

The Bling Empire Cast Wouldn’t Dream of Flying Commerical, Darling

In the world of crazy rich Asians, heading off on a short trip to Paris is second nature to them. Unlike the rest of us, who would have to save for two years before we could even afford an economy ticket. And they don’t even have to deal with the smelly feet of the kid behind them who refuses to put their legs on the floor. They fly privately, darling.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 23
Image: Instagram/Christine Chiu

The Bling Empire cast is regularly posting sultry selfies of themselves hanging out on a private jet, and they even love to sissy that walk just before they board the plane that they have all to themselves. Even when Kane and Kevin searched for Kim’s estranged father in South Carolina, they rented a private jet to get them there. That’s just how they roll. Or fly, should we say.

The Bling Empire Cast All Love Cars as Much as Each Other, and They’re Always on the Lookout for the Best Ride

When you have oodles of money to your name, there are certain things you have to do. And there are certain things you have to spend your money on if you want to keep up with the crazy rich society. The Bling Empire cast has certainly gotten this memo over the years, which is why they all have countless cars in their garages.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 21
Image: Instagram/Cherie Chan

They’re not just any ol’ cars, though. We’re talking million-dollar Rolls Royce’s, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and just about any car they can throw a few million at. Because these guys show off their wealth, and buying the same Rolls in three different colors is one of the best ways of showing them. We wonder if we could borrow one for a while?

Hiring Shamans and Hollywood Mediums Is a Regular (and Expensive) Occurrence

Embracing culture and tradition is hugely important for the cast members, which is why they often showcase their spiritual ways through the help of shamans and mediums. But these guys don’t come cheap – especially in Hollywood. Shaman Durek, who Kevin invited to the beach picnic, is actually dating Norway’s Princess Märtha Louise. And his celebrity status means that private sessions with him cost $1,000 an hour.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 20
Image: Reality Tidbit

And as if that wasn’t enough, Cherie also invited the “Hollywood Medium,” Tyler Henry, into her home to reach out to her late mother – and he seems to be even more expensive. His prices are available on application (AKA too expensive for us), and new customers have to join a waiting list that’s already 15,000 people long! Yikes.

Christine’s Casual Couture Costs Her Around $100,000, Which Is Why She Wasn’t Impressed When a Drink Was Thrown Her Way

If you’ve ever had a drink thrown at you before, we have two questions for you. One; did you deserve it? Two; how did it make you feel? We’re gonna assume that you were a little ticked off because nobody really likes getting red wine stains over their nice, white shirt. But we can understand why Christine Chiu was a bit more than ticked off when she got caught in the crossfire of a flying drink.

Inside the Crazy Rich Lives of the Bling Empire Cast 38
Image: Instagram/Christine Chiu

On the show, she noted that a normal couture dress would set her back around $100,000 each. While that’s enough to make people spit out their drink – hopefully not in the direction of someone else – that’s just a regular day for Christine. With $80 million floating around, she’s the kind of person who never wears the same outfit twice. And that means couture, couture, and more couture.