Instant At-Home Remedies To Help Reduce the Appearance of Under-Eye Bags

Emma Smith | Thu Apr 27 2023

The appearance of dark under-eye circles is a concern for many people of all ages. Cosmetically, eye bags may alter one’s image in an unfavorable way, leading many people to seek professional or even surgical treatment for it. However, it’s possible to help reduce the appearance of a dark and puffy under-eye area if you’re squeezed for time and looking for a quick and temporary fix.

Luckily, it’s possible to achieve a near-instant change in the appearance of under-eye bags through a few simple techniques. And while these remedies won’t eliminate them completely, it’s likely that the swelling will be alleviated so that your delicate under-eye area will appear smoother, more refreshed, and more youthful.

Nasal Rinsing To Clear Congested Sinuses

Blocked sinuses could be a reason why your eyes may appear puffer and more prominent than usual. If you’re congested, it’s wise to flush out the nasal region. In this case, you should look into getting a neti pot or other nasal saline irrigation system to flush out mucus and debris from the nose. If you’re looking for a quick alternative and don’t have something to hand, you can make your own saline solution at home.

Alternatively, you can try soaking a small towel in warm water, squeezing the liquid out from the towel so that it is damp to the touch, and then placing it over your nasal region. Likewise, finding any way to get steam into your sinuses may help decongest the area and therefore bring down swelling around the under eyes.

Ensure Your Allergies Aren’t the Problem

Before you try any treatments, it is best to ensure that you aren’t suffering from allergy symptoms. If it’s allergy season and you find that your eyes are feeling irritated, it may be worth finding out whether or not you need to take antihistamine eye drops, allergy tablets, or essential oils that help alleviate allergy symptoms, such as peppermint or eucalyptus oil.

Should you be a seasonal allergy sufferer or suspect that you may be, it’s highly likely that your allergic reaction will be deepening the appearance of your dark under-eye bags. Whichever method you choose to alleviate your symptoms, it should work within a matter of minutes, helping to reduce the overall dark circle appearance.

Make Sure You Are Well Hydrated

Dehydration is known to contribute to the appearance of darker and more prominent under-eye bags. If you’re looking to help reduce the conspicuousness of your under-eye area, then make sure that you have had a good amount of H2O. Staying properly hydrated is essential to keeping your eye area healthy and well functioning.

Drinking a good amount of water will help the texture of your skin in general, not just under your eyes. Not drinking enough fluid throughout the day can lead to a sunken appearance in the skin around your eyes, making your eye bags more easily seen. Therefore, it’s worth your while to up your water intake before seeking out any other treatments.

Press Something Cold Onto the Under-Eye Area

If heat and steam don’t help to tone down the appearance of your under-eye dark circles, you could try applying something cold to the area. We’ve all heard about placing sliced cucumbers under our eyes, but ensuring that they are straight out of the fridge is essential. It doesn’t have to be sliced cucumbers, however, as any cold compress will do the trick.

Placing a spoon in the fridge for a few minutes before pressing it gently on your under-eye area will achieve the same results. As will using damp tea bags that are colder than room temperature. It won’t eliminate dark under-eye circles, but it might tone down their appearance in the immediate future.

Prominent under-eye bags is a concern for many, but luckily there are options available to those who are looking for a quick temporary improvement. Any one of these techniques can help in reducing the appearance of under-eye bags in a short amount of time and while they won’t combat the underlying causes of dark eye circles, they can greatly improve the overall look of your under-eye area in a short amount of time.