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A Creative Security Measure

There’s nothing creepier than having to be home alone in a big city. Sounds of creaking walls and wailing sirens make for a spooky sleepless night, especially after watching a few episodes of SVU. Although we lock our doors and close our windows, it just never feels safe enough.

Some of us have our own rituals that help us feel safe. For example, we leave a light on to let robbers think we’re awake. In more extream cases, we sleep with a baseball bat or sharp object by our beds in case of emergency. In Japan, however, a new “security” measure is becoming more and more popular, its called “the shadow boyfriend.”

There’s More Than One Boyfriend 

Shadow boyfriends are a projected image made to make women who live alone feel safe. A smartphone connects to a projector that faces the window curtain. From the outside of the window, it seems as if a man is moving around inside the apartment. It would be totally obvious that no man is home if everyone were to buy and use this shadow boyfriend.

However, the inventors of this security system already thought that through. To make the fact that this shadow boyfriend is not real, less detectable, the application comes with twelve different settings.

Users have the ability to choose one of twelve different settings. For example, The projected shadow can be a man playing guitar, swinging a baseball bat, or practicing his boxing skills.  

A member of this Japanese apartment security company explains that this shadow on the curtain is one of their high-security measures developed to help women feel safer in their apartments when they’re living alone. The idea is still in the early stages of development.

Is This a Sexist Security Measure?

Many criticize the whole idea and claim it as something quite sexist. Afterall, it is created off the idea that a woman needs a man to save her. On the other hand, who says a man can’t use it to make potential trespassers think he’s awake?

In any case, there are many who’ve shown interest in the application already. Perhaps to calm the waters, the developers of the application should create woman shadow as well.

Whether the system is bulletproof or not, a lot of times, it’s our mind that needs quieting. So if a shadow man or woman can help us sleep at night, why not try it?