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Jim Carrey Trained With the CIA to Withstand Torture for the Role of Grinch

Jim Carrey wanted to give up on playing the role of “The Grinch,” due to long hours of hair and makeup. CIA agents trained in enduring torture save Christmas as they teach Carrey how to handle the problematic hours on set.



Famous actor, Jim Carrey, is found all over tv screens during the holiday season. In the film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Carrey triggers tears of laughter as he plays the role of the main character, the Grinch. Several films show their versions of the story, but no producer can surpass the level of this one, especially not without Carrey. The actor initially wanted to give up on playing this role, but luckily a CIA agent saved Christmas and convinced him to keep on with the movie making.

Jim Carrey Trained With the CIA to Withstand Torture for the Role of Grinch

The Grinch is a green creature covered with fur from head to toe. His face is scrunched, and his snout is short. To get Carrey to resemble the Grinch he had to go through an extreme makeover lasting eight long hours. “Literally the makeup was like being buried alive every day,” he said in an interview. The actor described the transformation from himself to the Grinch as pure torture. He was so upset by the process that he was going to give up on the movie altogether. After the first time, he was made-up into the Grinch he told the producer, Ron Howard, that he couldn’t do the film.

Producers were persistent and came up with a brilliant idea. Producer, Brian Grazer, hired a person trained to teach CIA operatives to endure torture. Some of the advice given to Carrey was unhealthy but seemed to work. He was advised to eat as much food as he saw, and smoke as many cigarettes as possible. He was also instructed to turn the TV on, punch himself in the leg, or get someone he knows to smack him in the head when he felt he was spiraling out of control.

Carrey had a few of his own methods that helped him get through the problematic long hours on set. He reported that each time he wanted to give up, he would repeat “it’s for the kids, it’s for the kids,” over and over again. He also listened to one of his favorite bands, the Bee Gees.

Jim Carrey managed to pull through and made this Christmas classic. He endured the tortuous makeup process 100 times before the completion of the film.