Kanye West’s Cryptic Album Reveal for “Jesus is King” Has Left Us All With Questions

The word on the grapevine is that one of the leading players in the hip-hop game, Kanye West, is releasing a new album! Usually, the moment this music mogul releases a new anticipated album, it generates a stream of headlines. And we certainly have no qualms about his most recent one to follow suit. So, what’s so interesting about this particular collection of songs?

Jesus is King   Kanye Wests New Album Will Be Released In September 1
Image: Cairns Post

You’d expect it to be the rap legend himself to release the exciting news, right? On this occasion, Mr. West took a backseat. Instead, he allowed his wife, Kim Kardashian West, the green light to generate some buzz and catapult talks of his new album into the public domain. After a series of clues, fans couldn’t help but ponder over the topic of his latest song collection.

How It All Went Down

As we all know, Kim K is the queen of social media, so it would only make sense that she broke the news to the world via the means of Instagram! On 30th August, the future lawyer shared with us all a snapshot taken of what looks like a list of song titles, followed by a couple of interesting clues in the background!

Jesus is King   Kanye Wests New Album Will Be Released In September 3
Image: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Here’s where it gets a little juicier. Alongside the image with clues screaming left right and center at us, Kim captioned her post with the date “9.27.19.” Fans were quick to assume that this meant her hubby’s album would get released on September 27th. So that means there’s not too long to go now, how exciting!

Focusing on a Specific Theme

If there’s one thing fans have been wondering about regarding the release of new music from Kanye West, it’s whether it will link in any way with his newfound passion. What passion are we talking about here? Getting the congregation together through his organized Sunday services. Let’s break this all down for you.

Jesus is King   Kanye Wests New Album Will Be Released In September 2
Image: Rivista Studio

Kanye isn’t the type to do anything by halves. The minute he started his Sunday sessions, almost the whole world knew about it! The services may feature in shows and festival appearances, but at the start, it was a lot more personal. According to Kim, the services began as a form of healing for the artist. Now, he wants to share his faith with all who are interested!

Combining Passions With Music

With all things considered, we think there’s a little connection between Kanye’s faith and his new album. With the rise of recognition his services are receiving, it seems the artist has been keen to spread the word about his faith for quite some time now. Recently, the star collaborated with Chance the Rapper, where his Sunday service took him to Chicago’s Windy City.

Jesus is King   Kanye Wests New Album Will Be Released In September 5
Image: Has it Leaked

How can we be so sure Kanye is combining his religious tendencies with the music? Get this: on top of the many clues Kim gives away via her Instagram post, one thing fans couldn’t ignore was the title of the list. The heading reads “Jesus Is King” which one can only assume will be the title of his new album. It that’s not enough evidence for you, we don’t know what is!