Lady Gaga Just Gave a Hint About Her New Album and We Have One Word for You… Adele!

Being the born performer we all know and love her to be, Lady Gaga is constantly generating new headlines in the media. Last year, the tabloids were going crazy over her feature in Bradley Cooper’s heart-rending drama, A Star Is Born. Now hopping over to the present day, and we’re all obsessing over the news she disclosed on her prospective album!

Lady Gaga Just Gave a Hint About Her New Album and We Have One Word for You... Adele 3
Image: Instagram / Lady Gaga

We can barely contain our excitement over this! As celebrities in the modern world often do, the Poker Face singer took to a social media platform to reveal the big news to her dedicated fans (commonly known as The Little Monsters). What makes this album stand out from the rest, is the unique title she’s decided to give it.

Looking at Every Possible Explanation

The big moment all unfolded October 1st when Lady Gaga took to Twitter to get the news out into the public domain. In the most straightforward way, Gaga tweeted: “I’m calling my next album ADELE.” Well, there you go! The wait is over regarding the name, now all we’ve got to do is hang in there until the music arrives.

Obviously, the unexpected title for Gaga’s sixth album sent fans into a total frenzy. Here and there, people began making their guesses on why Gaga would want to label her latest selection of tracks under the name of popular vocalist, Adele. Some of you put it down to a potential collaboration with the British singer.

Lady Gaga Just Gave a Hint About Her New Album and We Have One Word for You... Adele 1
Image: Instagram / Lady Gaga

A Lady Gaga and Adele collaboration isn’t a totally absurd idea. Both artists have been keen to gush over one another in interviews over the years. As Gaga once admitted: “She’s (Adele) so great and I believe her confidence is the thing I’ve to match. She has set the bar very excessive for lots of ladies.”

This may sound like a reasonable assumption, but it looks like other people have very different ideas. The next theory is a thought-provoking one: searching through the internet, a couple of people have assumed that the title “Adele” is named after a specific type of flower. Gaga has disclosed a ton of clues on her social media showing her interest in the plant.

Arriving at Our Own Conclusions

We can’t be sure about the real reason behind Gaga’s album title yet, but let’s take into account what we do know. Firstly, rumors have circulated about the American singer-songwriter collaborating on the collection with artists including Diplo, Cupcakke, and even Rihanna. If these rumors end up materializing, we sure are in for a musical treat!

Lady Gaga Just Gave a Hint About Her New Album and We Have One Word for You... Adele 2
Image: Instagram / Lady Gaga

At this point, it’s up to you to decide what to believe. Whether it’s a hint at one of the biggest vocal collaborations of the century, or simply a mere joke to get fans riled up for her upcoming music, this vocal powerhouse has got us on the edge of our seats! Keep your eyes peeled for any more news regarding her sixth album.