Life After Love Is Blind: A Relationship Status Update on Each Season One Cast Member

It’s been almost one year since the world was exposed to the experiment of Love is Blind on Netflix. What?! As wild as this show was, it basically predicted what dating in a pandemic would be like – socially distanced and all. After watching 11 episodes full of drama, tears, and the pods, the world just hasn’t been the same since this series was welcomed into our homes. Curious to see what these lovebirds have been up to since their TV debut?

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast51
Image: Instagram / Love is Blind

From proposals to engagements to expedited weddings, the season finale and Netflix reunion kept us up to speed on the latest in these hopeful romantics’ lives. But one year later, are the newlyweds still together? Did the brokenhearted find their missing puzzle piece? Here at Hype Galore, we’ve got the latest scoop on what your favorite Atlanta lovers are up to these days.

Lauren and Cameron Started Their Own YouTube Channel

Your on-screen picture-perfect couple – Lauren and Cameron – are still as happy as ever since the day they said: “I Do.” After overcoming barriers regarding race, family ties, and the other challenges of two people becoming one – these cuties have shown us all that love will always prevail. So now that Papa Speed is cool with Cam, what’s the latest in their lives?

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast5
Image: Instagram / Love is Blind

Well, first of all, you need to go ahead and subscribe to their YouTube channel Hanging with The Hamiltons. On their show, Cameron and Lauren do everything from TikTok dances to taking you through a normal day in their life. Not to mention this power couple made a power move and bought their own office space so they could continue to grow their careers together. If this isn’t a fairytale ending, we don’t know what is.

Lauren’s Content Creation is Thriving

She’s absolutely flawless whether the cameras are rolling or not. Lauren Hamilton has always had a passion for photography and modeling, and since her big break on Love is Blind, every brand is looking to have her as their influencer! These days Lauren’s pictures are no longer selfies with a bad quality camera phone but are nothing short of high quality, professional photos.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast36
Image: Instagram / Lauren Speed-Hamilton

From repping CAA (Creative Artists Agency) to doing paid partnerships with Microban 24, Lauren’s passion for creating content and getting paid for it is finally a dream come true! Not only did she find the man of her dreams on Love is Blind, but the rest of her life has evolved as she’d always hoped, all thanks to her TV time.

Cameron Absolutely Loves Being a Dog Dad

It only took three days for Cameron to fall in love with Lauren. And if their emotional connection wasn’t enough, Cameron was head over heels when he finally met his future bride in person. With dreams of raising a family of his own, he got everything he wanted and so much more with his now Mrs. Lauren Hamilton. While there are no little Hamilton’s running around Atlanta yet, they’ve already grown their family in a pretty exciting way…

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast24
Image: Instagram / Cameron Hamilton

Meet Mr. Sparx Hamilton – the fur baby love child of Cameron and Lauren. This big boy is part of the Airedale Terrier breed and is almost two years old! Whether if it’s long car rides or afternoon walks, it’s so clear to see that Cameron fully embraces and enjoys being a #DogDad. If he’s this sweet with his pup, we can’t wait to see how he’ll be when he and Lauren bring tiny human Hamilton’s into the world.

Amber and Barnett Don’t Hate Each Other Yet

Well, let’s be honest, we’re actually shocked that Amber and Barnett are still together. From Amber’s obnoxious snort and her whopping amount of debt to Barnett’s messy tendencies – crazy enough these two weirdo’s have somehow managed to oversee each other’s flaws and focus on the love that drew them together.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast6
Image: Instagram / Love is Blind

Since the vows and rings were exchanged, these goofballs have been exploring the world and loving every minute of snuggling their wolf-dog Koda. It seems that life has just picked up where the show left off, and this match of the century has been enjoying the life they’re creating together.

Amber’s Been Fighting the Social Media Trolls

From basically being homeless and jobless, you could say that Amber has had quite the upgrade on her life since starring on Love is Blind. She found a new boo, gorgeous ring, and home and dog that came as a package deal when she promised to love Barnett forever. Listen, we’re not saying she’s a gold digger, but her life has definitely turned out better since her reality TV days began.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast52
Image: Instagram / Amber Pike

With all the fame and publicity, it would be foolish to think that this babe didn’t have a few haters haunting her social media platforms. Amber’s been fighting off some cyberbullies trash-talking her on the photos she’s been posting. Yes, she may have edited photos that had been airbrushed and photoshopped, but in no way does that make her fake. Let the haters hate Amber; keep doing you, honey.

Barnett Became a Bang Energy Ambassador

Well, some things just never change, and Barnett’s southern charm and boyish personality are here to stay. We guess that’s obviously a big reason why Amber is still so head over heels for him. While he’s still working hard as an engineer as his main gig, we’re guessing he needed to pick up a side job to pay for Amber’s makeup credit card and school debt.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast25
Image: Instagram / Barnett is Blind

Okay, we’re kidding (sort of), but really, Barnett has totally embraced his identity since being on Love is Blind that his Instagram handle is actually @barnettisblind. His acquired fame from the show now has him being a brand ambassador for Bang Energy. So aside from lovey-dovey posts with his wifey and pup, Barnett is staying busy advertising for the ever so popular energy drink.

Giannina and Damien Are Still Dating – Sort Of

It’s clear to say that their love story is not so typical. When it comes to Damian and Giannina – you name it, they’ve fought about it. Starting from the moment where even Giannina took the reigns by refusing Damian’s proposal to be married so that she could propose to him instead. On-screen, it was constant drama and anger mixed in with lots of love. Which is why it was equally heartbreaking when their “I Do’s” became “I Don’t’s.”

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast43
Image: Instagram / Damian Powers

They may not have signed a marriage certificate by the season finale, but that didn’t mean their feelings ended then too. In typical Damian and Giannina fashion, the couple has been seen dating on and off over the course of the past year. And just like you, we’re still trying to keep up.

Giannina Became a Fur Mom

In the midst of balancing her newly found fame and trying to keep the love strong with her boo thing Damian, Giannina has been keeping busy since her show days came to an end. Maintaining her online presence is no easy task, especially when you’re still trying to grow your own brand, survive a pandemic, and make time for your loved ones. Ugh, being an adult is so hard.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast21
Image: Instagram / Giannina Milady Gibelli

To keep her spirits calm and to have some constant comfort, Giannina stepped up on the responsibility ladder and got herself a puppy! This little furball is snapped constantly in pictured with Ms. G on her Instagram and for sure gives her the love and attention she needs when Damian isn’t around.

Damian Was Injected With Eye Fillers

With the patience of a saint, we all saw how Damian had to deal with Giannina’s high maintenance behavior. We guess love really does conquer all if he can put up with her constant mood swings a year later. But aside from getting more in touch with his feelings and expressing himself, it seems that wasn’t the only thing about Giannina that’s rubbed off on him…

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast38
Image: Instagram / Damian Powers

Does Damian look a little different to you? Not to be superficial, but his face has definitely changed, and that’s all thanks to the eye fillers he recently had injected before the new year came around. He definitely looks less tired, as those bags under his eyes are long gone! But we’re pretty sure there’s no way Damian came to this aesthetic enhancement without some advice and commentary from his Queen G.

Jessica Finally Found Someone That Checks All Her Boxes

Oh, Jessica, we are so relieved to see you smiling and happy. It’s also good that no additional footage of you sharing wine with your pup has surfaced since episode six of Love is Blind. While she left her cradle-robbed fiance at the alter on the show, we knew Jessica had some serious soul searching to do on her own. Aside from her obsession with age differences.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast44

From day one in the pods, Jessica still had her own list of boxes that a man needed to check – even though the purpose of the experiment was to eliminate that. Turns out, Jessica is now dating what seems to be the man of her dreams. He’s a doctor, taller than her, and only one year younger than she is, at the ripe age of 34.

Mark Ended up Being Just the Right Age for Someone Who Is Not Jessica

The show may have been called Love is Blind, but we seriously believe that it was just Mark who was the blind one. Time and time again Jessica had shown all the signs that he was not the one for her, but Mark just refused to lose that battle in hopes that his love for her would be more significant than their ten-year age gap. If you thought Jessica was the woman of his dreams you thought wrong.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast46

Being left at the altar on your wedding day is unimaginable – the embarrassment and heartbreak are just too much for us to even comprehend. But like the man he is, Mark Cuevas picked himself up and moved on. Over the past year, Mark bagged himself a baby mama and girlfriend. Currently, at 27 weeks cooking, Baby Cuevas will be here in no time, and Mark’s family will finally be complete.

Kelly Is Helping Other Single Women Live Their Best Lives

While Kelly and Kenny would’ve been one of the cutest couples ever, unfortunately, that just wasn’t in the cards for this pair. After realizing that she had some growing to do on her own, Kelly ended up not going through with marrying Kenny and completely revamped her life – starting with her career.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast19
Image: Instagram / Kelly Chase

As someone who had always been conscious of her own well-being, she decided to take this passion and pursue it professionally. Today, Kelly is now a mindset coach. Her target audience is primarily single women who are looking to harness the power of loving themselves as well as being successful #girlbosses. As of now, she’s still single but is perfectly happy giving herself the unconditional love and attention she so deserves.

Kenny Has Made a Family of His Own

Kenny had fallen hard for Kelly; there was no mistake in his feelings for her. Being patient with her decisions on the show only showed what a true southern gentleman he really is. Like many others who put their heart on the line, Kenny did not cross the threshold with a new bride on the season finale, and honestly, it was the best thing that could’ve happened to him.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast18
Image: Instagram / Kenny Barnes

With the show ending, Kenny moved from Atlanta to Charlotte and found himself the woman of his dreams. Meeting through a mutual friend, he found “the best girlfriend ever,” who is now his fiance. Now taking on the role of future hubby and dog dad, Kenny’s fulfilling his aspirations of creating his own happily ever after.

Diamond Started Her Own Jewelry Business

After finding out that Carlton kept a huge secret from her, there was no way Diamond was able to rekindle the spark that the two had shared. From exposing raw emotions in the pods to having the courage to become engaged to someone she had never seen, it was almost too good to be true that she would get her fairytale ending from a blind love experiment.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast22
Image: Instagram / The Lady Box

She packed her bags in Mexico and caught the quickest flight back to reality. Since this turning point in her love life, Diamond has gone back to school to pursue her Ph.D. And with a name like Diamond, it makes sense that she’s created her own jewelry and accessory line. Grabbing the bull by the horns, Diamond has taken control of her life, and if she finds love along the way, then that’ll just be a great addition to what she’s created for herself.

Carlton Is Living in His Truth

The courage and strength Carlton displayed on Love is Blind is something to be commended for. Telling the truth isn’t always easy, but Carlton knew there was no way he could continue in his relationship with Diamond without being honest about his sexuality.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast35
Image: Instagram / Carlton Morton

The truth may have set him free, but Carlton has definitely had some setbacks since coming clean. Unfortunately, the foundation of friendship he had created with Diamond had crumbled. On top of that, he’s received various death threats and been the victim of cyber trolls who viciously bully him. These days, Carlton focuses on his faith and doing the best he can to be the best, honest version of himself.

Danielle and Rory Actually Got Engaged!

So you might only remember these faces from literally the very first episode of Love is Blind, but this is no photo op scheme. Aside from the six couples we’ve all come to know and stalk since their trip to Mexico, Danielle and Rory became “Dory.” It looks like the producers left a little something out for the viewers…

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast30 1
Image: Instagram / Danielle Drouin

Yup, Danielle and Rory found love through the pods. So much love that they even got engaged! But the world doesn’t know this story because they were let go from the experiment and never got to go to Mexico. Instead, the two had their own getaway celebration in Miami. So what’s been going on since their pre-marital vacay?

Danielle Found Another Love After Rory

So Danielle risked it all in search of love and ended up leaving the experiment with a ring on her finger and a man on her arm. Within the pods, Danielle’s feelings for Rory had blossomed into love, but sadly their bond in the real world would come to an end.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast31
Image: Instagram / Danielle Drouin

Giving their love a try outside of the pods was the second part of this experiment, but unfortunately wasn’t enough to keep them together. Since exploring this alternative method of dating, Danielle has immersed herself within her yoga practice, traveling, and along the way, has also found herself a new beau. They’re not married or engaged, but so far, it seems like they’re on the right track for their relationship to continue to grow.

Rory Spoke the Truth About His Experience on Love Is Blind

Before he was cut from the experiment, Rory found what he thought was his soulmate on Love is Blind. Trapped in the pods with nothing but emotions, Rory felt a real, deep connection to Danielle and ended up popping the question. What we still don’t understand is why they never made it to Mexico with the other couples?

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast32
Image: Instagram / Rory Newbrough

It’s true – he and Danielle got engaged but were cut from the experiment and didn’t get to enjoy their newfound bliss with everyone else in Mexico. Since his time on the show, Rory has been very honest about his experience in many interviews. For example, he revealed that their rooms were like prison cells and had beds the size of inmate mattresses. They really had nothing and no one to cling to except the thought of finding love.

LC (Lauren) Started Her Own Podcast

The-almost-Mrs-Barnett was crushed when she found out that the stranger she fell in love with didn’t love her enough to marry her. Like almost every other instance in her life, LC felt, yet again, she would always be a bridesmaid and never a bride. Still considered the lovable “girl-next-door” stereotype, and nothing more. As someone who definitely deserved more screen time, what’s happened since her big TV break?

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast33
Image: Instagram / Lauren Chamblin

Now that she’s a Netflix star, life in the spotlight hasn’t been too rough for LC. Aside from making daily TikTok’s, her latest venture includes starting a podcast called Permission To Enter. Here, she’s basically able to vent and dish some serious dirt about the drama she’s faced, life hacks she recommends, and obviously some beauty tips and tricks. And the answer is yes to what you’re all wondering – she’s still single.

Matt Found and Lost Love During the Pandemic

Exhausted from the superficial elements of dating, Matt Thomas jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the Love is Blind experiment. In a world where modern dating applications are focused on a person’s physical appearance, Matt was in search of someone who saw more than his chiseled physique.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast29
Image: Instagram / Matt Thomas

He may have dated 15 girls in the pods, but luck was not on his side in his search for a wife. But have no fear, ladies, Matt is newly single! After dating his ex-girlfriend for the past 8 months, they realized that they just weren’t meant to be soulmates. For a good part of the pandemic, they saw each other through holidays, losses, and everything in between. If you’re looking for any indication of what their relationship was like, his farewell video to the ending of their chapter will just make you swoon.

India Earned Her Masters Degree

Like most women, all India has ever wanted was for someone to fall in love with her inner beauty and not judge her by her looks. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she stated that it “feels like sometimes a person’s exterior can be distracting from finding out what is in their interior.”

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast1 1
Image: Instagram / India Bridgeforth

She may not have found love on the show, but what she did find was a whole new meaning of self-worth and appreciation. By staying off dating apps and focusing on her seven-year-old son, India has prioritized other things before her love life these days. In fact, at the end of 2020, she even earned her Masters Degree from LSU – an achievement that was accomplished amidst international turmoil. You go, India!

Westley Became an Influencer for a Drink Mix Company

The superficial part of dating has become such a crucial and scrutinized element of searching for a partner. Rejection is not an easy matter, and it can definitely hurt more when the reason is part of your physical make-up. For Westley, being short, something he obviously has no power over has been a deterring factor in his dating life. Love is Blind presented him with the perfect opportunity to date without being sized up in the process.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast9
Image: Instagram / Westley Baer

As powerful as some of his connections were in the pods, they just weren’t powerful enough. To this day, it seems that Westley is still single – but we hope it’s not because of his physical appearance. Instead of spending time feeling bad, he’s spending his time feeling good and promoting Liquid I.V. Apparently, this drink mix is great for your body, and Westley’s anatomy is a true test to that.

Aly Fell in Love With Someone Who Doesn’t Yell at Dogs

She may not have been proposed to, but it’s impossible to forget Aly Costa’s time on Love is Blind. Awkwardly enough, on her date with Cameron, there was that weird moment where she said she could love someone who never had a dog as long as they didn’t yell at them. And Cameron being the normal and lovable guy he is, responded, “well, who does?” That was only one date we saw, but that gave us an indication of how the others went.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast16
Image: Instagram / Alyson Costa

There’s no dog in the picture, but at least there’s a new man for Aly! From holidays to vacations, the two have already shared quite a few memories and photo ops since they started dating. No talk of an engagement yet, but don’t worry Aly, we’re all rooting for you!

Taylor Experienced Love and Heartache but We’re Not Sure if He Lost His Virginity

So yea, this isn’t exactly the kind of thing that’s featured on an Instagram post, but if Taylor was brave enough to talk about his virginity on TV, what’s the difference? On the show, Taylor came off as the perfect gentlemen during each of his dates, but there just wasn’t enough Prince Charming in him to charm his way into the hearts of the other ladies.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast8
Image: Instagram / Taylor Lupton

While he was in a relationship since the show, the last picture of them together was from August of 2020. It seems he’s been focusing his energies and all of his love on his baby nephew and family. There’s got to be someone for everyone, and we just know Taylor’s person is out there.

Briana Became a Rent the Runway Ambassador

Briana Holmes has been very open about the challenges she’s faced in connecting with a man on every level. She even said that she “feels that if given an opportunity to finally be herself, without feeling paralyzed by how she looks, she could succeed and truly fall in love.” While Love is Blind was the perfect show for her to test this theory, it didn’t work out on her behalf.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast13
Image: Instagram / Briana Holmes

Post Love is Blind, Briana has had quite the year. She’s survived through a pandemic, voted in an epic election, traveled with friends, and even became a Rent the Runway ambassador! She may not have a man on her arm, but that has not stopped her from living her life to the fullest.

Andy’s Been Working on His Fitness

Before and after the show, Andy “not only believes love is blind, he also believes it is unconditional.” Even though he didn’t walk away with a wife, it didn’t deter him from getting back out there in hopes of finding his Mrs. Forever. While he did find love after the show, that’s even more in the past and irrelevant now.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast10
Image: Instagram / Andy Rickert

Spotted on his Instagram account, there were definitely photos of who his former girl was, but she’s nowhere in sight on his feed these days. Focusing on his fitness, Andy has spent most of his days working out and on his body. We see you, Andy, your summer body for 2021 is loading and we’re here for it!

Lillie Mae Now Has an Official Trademark

When Lillie Mae found out that an experiment sought out both women and men looking to be in a committed relationship, she couldn’t have applied to be on Love is Blind any faster than she did! Like many women, Lillie has constantly run into the issue of dating men who don’t want something long-term or aren’t looking for anything serious. The polar opposite of what she and many others are out there searching for.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast12
Image: Instagram / iamlilliemae

Her husband may not have been on the show, but Lillie has found so much more happiness in growing her own brand. In April of 2020, her Trademark “Glambitious” became certified and official. How many people can say that they’ve done something like that? On top of that, she’s been featured as a host on several different platforms as well as featured in many an article. Keep up the good work, Lillie!

Lexie Created Her Own Styling Company

Known as the stereotypical blonde cheerleader, you would think that Lexie Skipper would have no problem bagging a boo thang. But like the rest of us, Lexie understands and wants more than a superficial relationship, and expects the same from her future partner. She is living proof that being picky isn’t a bad thing.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast47
Image: Instagram / Lexie Skipper

While it didn’t hurt to try, Lexie walked away without a man from the Love is Blind experiment. But since then, this powerhouse has not only moved to two different cities and started fresh, but she even created her own styling company called Skip the Line. Her love life may be uncertain, but her future certainly is not.

Ebony Achieved the Perfect Christmas Card Aesthetic

Being a make-up artist, it’s expected that Ebony’s own look should be flawless at all times. Dating in the pods may have given her brushes a break, but it seems that even her bubbly personality and investigative spirit as a media journalist, wasn’t enough to bait the fish of men in the other pods on Love is Blind.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast15
Image: Instagram/ Ebony Alexis Entertainment

As someone who deals with fake news on a daily basis, Ebony even opened up about her dating challenges by saying it’s hard to know if someone is trustworthy “because everything seems to be so disposable, including people.” Well, luckily, she has bagged herself quite the man with who she can trust and take gorgeous pictures with. I mean, come on, their Christmas card photo is enough to make you cry!

Kay Nicole Persevered in Obtaining Her Master’s Degree

In hopes of finding a spiritual man who can make her laugh her socks off, Kay Nicole became a part of the Love is Blind experiment. With respect being the foundation of all things in her life, she thought for sure, that this would be her ticket to happily ever after.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast49
Image: Instagram / Kay Nicole

Truth be told, Kay didn’t find her Prince Charming, but she did leave the experiment with a whole new appreciation for the dating world. While she hasn’t stopped putting herself out there, she did put her studies first. By October of 2020, Kay managed to obtain her Master’s Degree from Brenau University. And this picture was proof that she celebrated the right way, as she should have.

Wait, Why Does He Look So Familiar?

Okay, you’re probably wondering who this is. And we don’t blame you. Because Kenneth Smith literally never said a word in the episodes aired on Love is Blind. Truthfully, he was only seen at random times in the opening scene of the boy’s pod and a handful of other times. So while he may have been known as a silent cutie, we’re here to put a name to his face – meet Kenneth Smith.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast52 1
Image: Instagram / Kenneth Smith

The world may have never had a chance to know him on Love is Blind, but let’s update everyone on what Smith has done since his TV debut, shall we? While attempting to sharpen his modeling and acting skills, he’s making an income for himself as a barber. He even opened his own shop in Gainesville, Florida, called Sticcks Barbershop.

Amber and LC Became Friends Despite Their Battle Over Barnett

Do you think you could ever be friends with someone who loved your husband? Much less take a picture with them? Honestly, we’re not sure how Amber and LC are even posing together, but we’re all for letting the past be the past. And that’s exactly what these #BarnettBabes did.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast34 1
Image: Instagram / Lauren Chamblin (LC)

Of course, these two fell in love with Barnett before they ever had a chance to lay their eyes on him. And in the pods, Amber let it be known that she wasn’t going down without a fight to win her man. Spoiler alert: LC didn’t stand a chance in a smackdown against Amber, but even Barnett’s heart remained true to Amber and not Lauren. Luckily, these girls have been able to put all the drama behind them and become friends. At least for the cameras.

The Boys Are Still Working on Their Fitness

If you recall, in the very first episode, the boys started to lose their minds without having any videogames to play or even access to the outside world. So what did they do? Naturally, they had a push-up contest. Whether they’re in the pods or in the real world, these guys refuse to compromise their toned bodies.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast39 1
Image: Instagram / Damian Powers

Season one of Love is Blind may have come to a close, but that doesn’t mean the bonds formed during the experiment were broken. For these guys, Damian, Barnett, and Cameron – they were on this wild ride until the very last episode. And since they all remained in Atlanta afterward, it made it that much easier for them to schedule guy time in the gym on a more frequent basis. Nothing makes us smile more than this bromance.

From Pod Parties to Business Buddies

They say the best thing to hold onto in life is each other, which couldn’t be more true for Diamond and LC. While these ladies may have been cut from the show early on, their time in the pods proved to be more than enough to become close friends. Endless chatting about their dates, their futures, and just girl talk was enough for this pair to become fast besties.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast3 1
Image: Instagram / The Lady Box

It’s no surprise that when the show ended, these two still kept in touch. Not only did they have a surface-level friendship, but LC was even a part of the launch of Diamond’s jewelry business. Diamond and LC did a photoshoot together to advertise all of Diamond’s new merchandise, and LC is still featured in posts all over the company’s Instagram account. Their hearts may have been broken, but their friendship is still as strong as ever.

These Macho Men Have Become Besties

Matt and Damian couldn’t be more alike. From their tough-guy exterior to their warm and fuzzy feelings, these men may be buff on the outside but still have some pretty fragile hearts. These two have been on their own crazy love journeys since the show ended – Matt was in an eight-month relationship, and Damian is still on and off again with Giannina. Thankfully, the boys’ pod-frathouse made them friends for all seasons of life.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast50 1
Image: Instagram / Damian Powers

These Atlantians are sticking together no matter what comes their way. From spending weekends at car shows to supporting each other’s business moves, these buddies are in it for the long haul when it comes to their friendship. And as most guys do, you can often see them with their former cast mates just being guys and pumping some iron in their free time.

They Put the Awkwardness Aside So They Could Do Fun Stuff Together

If you’re this far into the article, we’re assuming you’re as obsessed with Love is Blind as we are. That being said, let’s travel back in time – a time when Mark was in love with crazy Jessica, who was still secretly obsessed with Barnett, who had already fallen in love with Amber, who was ready to brawl it out with Jessica if she came anywhere near Barnett. Still with us?

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast54
Image: Instagram / Mark Anthony Cuevas

And who could forget where Jessica was practically drooling all over Barnett when they were all having a get-together in the apartment complex? Not only were Mark and Barnett uncomfortable, but utterly confused on how to react to it all playing out. Oh, and Amber, well, we know she was not settling for that type of behavior. But all that is history, as Mark has basically become newfound besties with his rival couple.

And Now They Hang Out All the Time

Leaving Jessica behind, the three amigos joined forces and are now as close as ever. And since Mark has found love in new fiance and baby mama, this quad is taking over Atlanta one weekend at a time. From puppy play dates to date nights, these four absolutely love spending time with each other!

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast40 1
Image: Instagram / Mark Anthony Cuevas

I guess thanks to Jessica, they actually owe her a “thank you” for helping create this crew. After all, if it wasn’t for the drama that she had caused, their mutual hate for her would have never brought them together. Apologies may have been shared on the reunion episode, but that doesn’t mean that this squad is going to start inviting Jessica and her new man out on the town with them anytime soon (or ever).

They Had a Man, Lost Their Man, but Had Each Other to Lean on

Kelly and Giannina – well, the two couldn’t be more different when it comes to their personalities, but yet their love journey on Love is Blind couldn’t have been more similar. Giannina was left at the altar on her wedding day, whereas Kelly said “I Don’t” to Kenny – leaving them both as single girls yet again. Their rocky TV relationships drew them together as friends where they could lend an ear when trouble struck their love lives.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast51 1
Image: Instagram / Kelly Chase

Making it all the way to the season finale, Kelly and Giannina either fought or put on an excellent front to try and make their individual relationships work. While they’re still on the market today, this show taught both of them that they really didn’t need a man to be the best versions of themselves. And in the moments where they need that extra support, they still have each other to count on.

This #PodSquad Is Still as Close as Ever

When you’re basically trapped in a building with no access to the internet, friends, or family and are surrounded by complete strangers – you have one of two options. Be a total recluse or make the most of the situation. And for Alyson, Diamond, and Lauren – they became part of the girls’ #podsquad that would help get them through this unique period in their lives.

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Image: Instagram / Alyson Costa

From spending countless hours together revealing their deepest emotions, concerns, hopes, and dreams – these are conversations that aren’t just considered small talk. The connections these girls made in the pods were too real to leave behind on a TV show, and thankfully they didn’t have to. These Atlanta girls have the opportunity to still catch up over happy hours, and of course, the occasional Love is Blind reunion.

They Actually Show up and Support Each Other

Love is Blind truly cannot be compared to any other reality TV show. The living situations and the emotional process each person went through were incredibly personal and unique to the show. It’s as if this experience was the initiation to a super-elite club that no one else can understand or be a part of. We guess that’s why the castmates are still so close, even though their stardom days had ended over a year ago.

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Image: Instagram / Lauren Chamblin (LC)

This picture is a true testament to the friendships the show created. Matt Thomas, a season one participant, is the founder of Brawl for A Cause. This picture was taken at his charity event, where Kenny and LC showed up to support their dear friend. And it probably was a good publicity appearance anyways.

After Being Trapped in the Pods, They Know How to Party and Prefer to Do It Together

They may not be the most well-known “celebrities,” but they sure do know how to party like some. Aside from morning mimosas in the pods and getting wild in Mexico, these blind lovers couldn’t wait to get back to the real world for some good ole fashioned fun. And to make it even more fun, they stick with each other when it comes to going out.

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Image: Instagram / Danielle Drouin

Before everything closed due to the pandemic, this crew of experimentees took to the streets of Atlanta to celebrate their newfound stardom and probably were still in search of love. If you can’t tell, all of the castmates in this picture ended up alone – like they were at the start of the show. Now more than ever, I bet they’re reliving their pod days again and are probably wishing for one more night out with each other.

So What’s Going on With the Show’s Celebrity Hosts?

You only saw them in the beginning and in the end, and yet – Nick and Vanessa Lachey are still considered TV hosts. I guess the network needed some big names to lure everyone into watching the show, right? This picture-perfect couple makes it seem easy to fall in love and talks about it casually during their time on the show, but what’s happened with them since they became the “mom and dad” of Love is Blind?

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Image: Instagram / Nick Lachey

Well lucky for them (and us), Love is Blind will be back for a second season! Of course, the pair made sure to make a public announcement that they will obviously be hosting for another season. In the meantime, they’ll be spending their days doting over their precious children until it’s time to get back to #podlife.

Mark and Lauren Are Atlanta Icons (and Friends)

Of all the people we saw on Love is Blind, it was the easiest for us to fall in love and obsess over Mark and Lauren. When it comes to Mark, our hearts ached for his stupidity and actual blindness in his hopes of trying to make Jessica his wife. And for Lauren, her bubbly personality and heart were so pure and true that it was impossible not to want to be her best friend. This is why we’re not surprised that the rest of Atlanta has fallen for them too.

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Image: Instagram / Mark Anthony Cuevas

Okay, not just Atlanta, but literally everyone everywhere are crowd favorites of Lauren and Mark! Even though they’re not together, they’ve done various interviews and press tours together for the Tamron Hall Show, Fox 5 News Atlanta, Daily Mail, and more! From getting to know each other on the show to continue their PR moves post-season, these two are as tight as ever.

They May Not Have Found Love but They Did Find Friendship

So they didn’t make it past episode three of Love is Blind, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be accounted for. From this selfie, you would never be able to tell that these individuals lost or never found love from their time on the show. Like we said before, they may have been trapped in the pods for a bit too long because when these friends go out, they show out.

Life After Love Is Blind  An Update on The Relationship Status of The Season 1 Cast59
Image: Instagram / Danielle Drouin

From one of the many reunions that Love is Blind has hosted, these reality TV stars like to get down and drink up! And obviously document it all for their followers to gush over. While it may seem like a great publicity stunt, these pictures are actually pretty genuine and depict the fun that they have as friends and not just former costars.

Was Mark Trying to Hook up Damian With His Sister?

We all know the saga of Damian and Giannina. One minute they’re together, the next they’re fighting, then they’re broken up, engaged, broken up back together again – on repeat. At this point, we can’t even keep up with their current relationship status. But what shocked us most was when Mark posted this picture on his Instagram. Yes, that is Mark’s absolutely gorgeous sister cozied up to a smiley Damian.

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Image: Instagram / Mark Anthony Cuevas

We’re not exactly sure what went down this day or the days that followed, but rumors have it that maybe a love connection was trying to be sparked? After all, Giannina is nowhere in sight and her “stand-in” looks like her perfect substitute. Can you imagine what would happen if this relationship were to ever flourish? Honestly, we’re too scared just thinking about Giannina’s reaction to it all…