Lil Hailie All Grown Up: How Eminem’s Daughter is Taking Instagram by Storm

The rap legend that is Eminem has been around for so long, that it’s hard to remember a time we weren’t bopping our heads to his music! Just recently, news has shifted to another member of the Mathers crew. Eminem’s daughter, Hailie, is now 23 years old and is killing the social media game right now. Feel old yet?

Lil Haile is All Grown Up. Eminem’s Daughter is No Longer a Baby and Shes Taking Instagram by Storm 5
Image: Instagram / Hailie Jade

It seems like just yesterday Hailie was a little baby that the iconic Marshall Mathers was cradling in his arms and singing about in his songs. Now that she’s entered the world of adulthood, the world has become fascinated by what the beauty is keeping herself busy with. Hype Galore is here to give you the lowdown on how the rapper’s daughter has made a name for herself as a modern-day influencer.

Back to Where It All Began

To give you a full review of how far this youngster has come, here’s a look at her past. Miss. Mathers was born on 25th December 1995, to Eminem and his high school girlfriend, Kimberly Anne Scott. You could say, she was the best Christmas present the rapper could ask for! As his only biological daughter, Mr. Slim Shady dedicated a string of hit songs to his little girl.

At times, it almost felt like we knew little Hailie personally, considering how many tunes we’d listened to about her! It wasn’t until Eminem released one particular single that things got just a little emotional for the fans. This was a tribute like no other.

Lil Haile is All Grown Up. Eminem’s Daughter is No Longer a Baby and Shes Taking Instagram by Storm 2
Image: Popdust

In 2004, Eminem released his fifth studio album, Encore. Within this collection of tracks, was his single “Mockingbird.” In this tune, (based on the popular nursery rhyme) Marshall Mathers tells his fans the story of how he works hard to be a good father to his little girl, Hailie Jade.

We bet the 23-year-old must feel pretty special to know there’s a whole song discussing how special she is. Just to add to the sentimentality of this all, the music video which got released in 1999 had us all reaching for the tissues; it’s filled with old home videos of the two playing together. They grow up so fast!

Moving on to Bigger and Better Things

Clearly, all of Mr. Mathers raps about improving himself to become a good father paid off, because his conscientious little girl has done nothing but make him proud. After spending time at Michigan’s Chippewa Valley High School as an honors student, the young Hailie went on to study at the prestigious Michigan University, majoring in Psychology.

Lil Haile is All Grown Up. Eminem’s Daughter is No Longer a Baby and Shes Taking Instagram by Storm 3
Image: Instagram / Hailie Jade

It was paramount for Marshall to be the most hands-on father he could possibly be to Hailie. This included attending all of the parent-teacher conferences, every school play, and even the field trips. He may have become quite a household name by this point, but nothing was stopping him from showing the support!

Getting Herself Known in the World

Due to the succession of songs written about her all those years ago, most of Eminem’s fans still think of Hailie as a little girl; that all ends now. If you’re an avid social media user, you may have stumbled upon Hailie’s Instagram handle once or twice. The reason for that being, she’s become an influencer on the world wide web!

If there’s one thing that will strip this Detroit-born woman from her “daddy’s little girl” image, it’s the gorgeous pics Hailie frequently uploads to her page. The account started up back in October of 2016. Today, fans can expect to see the influencer posing at trendy festivals, chilling at her house in Detroit, Michigan, or channeling her inner travel blogger on vacation.

Lil Haile is All Grown Up. Eminem’s Daughter is No Longer a Baby and Shes Taking Instagram by Storm 6
Image: Instagram / Hailie Jade

Let’s now focus on the statistical side of things. It looks like Miss. Jade Scott Mathers has done pretty well with her growing fan base. At this current point in time, Hailie’s follower count on Instagram stands at an impressive 1.7 million, and we suspect this figure is only going to continue rising. What can we say, success quite clearly runs in this family!