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Lindsay Lohan Weighs in on Ariana’s “Mean Girls” Remake & it’s Awesome

Ariana Grande is turning her new hit single into a mini-Mean Girls remake video, and we were all worried about what Lindsay Lohan would have to say about this. Ariana and Lindsay don’t have the best history, but Lohan’s comment makes us think that they forgot about their little rough patch.



Thank You, Next:

Ariana Grande’s latest song, Thank You, Next, is hit the top of the Billboard 100 list for two weeks in a row and is still going. To celebrate this huge accomplishment, Grande decided to put together a music video based on the most beloved movie in the 21st century, Mean Girls. Ariana and her best friends dressed up like the characters in the movie and even got some of the original characters to join in.

The main character of mean girls, Katie, is played by Lindsay Lohan. With all the hype, Instagram pictures, and teaser video trending on social media; fans expected Lindsay Lohan to weigh in on the whole thing. But, we didn’t expect her to say what she did.

Ariana and Lindsay’s Bad Blood:

Grande and Lohan have had a rough history in the past. While we all love us some Lindsay Lohan, we also know that she’s not so good about staying in her lane when it comes to voicing her opinion.

Lohan commented “Too much makeup” on a Selfie Ariana Grande posted back in 2016. That’s why we all expected her to say something on the negative side this time around.

Lindsay Surprises Us All:

To our surprise, Lindsay had something good to say. Lohan wrote “Behind the scenes, ain’t nobody Lindsay Lohan like the real Lindsay Lohan. But so flattered by Ariana Grande loving mean girls. Also, I love Dynasty.”

Wow, that couldn’t have gone better. Not only did she say she was flattered but she also showed her support for the Netflix drama that, Dynasty. Elizabeth Gillies plays Lindsay Lohan’s character Cady Heron in the “Thank You, Next Video.” She also stars as the main character in Dynasty… so this compliment is big!

Arianna is probably too busy to figure out how to reply to Lindsay, but hopefully, this comment cleared the air between these two celebs.

OMG It’s Aaron Samuels:

Everyone is super hyped about the appearance of Regina and Cady’s love interest in Mean Girls…Aaron Samuels. The actor who plays the popular yet sweet guy in the movie, Jonathan Bennett, agreed to be part of the music video.

Today the actor is a trainer at the popular spinning fitness center, Soul Cycle. However, he will forever be Aaron Samuels to the rest of us; that’s why everyone freaked out when they saw him in Ariana’s teaser video.  He and other actors from the original movie are featured in the video teaser.

We can’t wait to see how this video comes out! Dynasty, Lindsay Lohan and Mean Girls all collided… what can be better than that?!?