Lockdown Dating: How Potential Lovebirds Date During Social Distancing

As the world continues in its effort to try and stop the spread of the outbreak, social distancing measures remain in place. But life goes on. So what happens when an activity that is inherently not socially distant must be carried out during these strange and confining times? Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the world of romantic dating during a global pandemic.

Lockdown Dating  How Potential Lovebirds are Finding Ways to Date During Social Distancing1
Image: Quarantine Together Dating App

Humans are extraordinarily resourceful creatures, and we are pros at finding ways to cope. There’s no exception when it comes to romantic relationships. Across the world, singles are taking to their screens and their balconies and doing the best they can to keep their romantic ambitions flowing. The results are amazing and will warm your quarantined heart.

Dating During a Global Pandemic

Thankfully, our technology is advanced enough so that we can still talk to other people in realtime. Facebook, Zoom, Facetime, Bumble, Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp… the list of internet-based communication services merrily goes on and on. Singles are well aware that although they can’t date physically face to face, they can still go on virtual dates. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Lockdown Dating  How Potential Lovebirds are Finding Ways to Date During Social Distancing2
Image: Business Insider

Why should a pandemic stop people from trying to find love? It doesn’t. The Huffington Post recently published statistics that showed how the U.S. cities that were the most heavily affected by the outbreak, also saw the most drastic increase in messaging app use, including the dating apps. For example, there was a 26% increase in New York City.

Though online dating does provide hope for potential lovebirds, it’s not without its difficulties. A sociology professor from the University of California said, “It sucks to have no opportunity to meet other singles in person while much of the rest of the world is hunkering down with loved ones.”

Others, however, think the virtualization of the dating scene has a silver lining, such as a comedian from New Orleans, who wrote on Twitter, “Welcome back to courtship, Brad. Welcome back to talking to a gal for WEEKS prior to meeting. We’re pen pals now, my dude.” However you think about it, the dating world goes on.

Quarantine Cutie

One of the cutest and most heartwarming tales of lockdown dating we came across comes from New York City. As one of the cities most heavily hit by the pandemic, the lockdown restrictions there are justly very strict. One Instagrammer, Jeremy Cohen, one day noticed a woman he called the “Quarantine Cutie” dancing on the rooftop of her apartment.

Lockdown Dating  How Potential Lovebirds are Finding Ways to Date During Social Distancing3
Image: Instagram / Jeremy Cohen

After waving and receiving a warm wave back, he sent her note on a drone with his digits. His note was well received and the two started to correspond. They had amazing chemistry, so Jeremy decided to ask her out on a date. She agreed, but she was puzzled because she wasn’t sure how they could make it happen.

Lockdown Dating  How Potential Lovebirds are Finding Ways to Date During Social Distancing4
Image: Instagram / Jeremy Cohen

Jeremy said that being confined by the walls of his apartment sparked some creativity. He was able to reach out to her roommate through messages, and then he arranged a romantic dinner. Tori, a.k.a. the Quarantine Cutie was on her roof, and Jeremy was on his balcony. The whole setup was a complete surprise for Tori. They both sat down at their tables, fired up a video chat, and had their date. It went fantastically! The two continued to talk and date, and now they’re pretty much a couple.