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Only in Florida: Man Attacks ATM for Giving Too Much Cash

Florida man attacks an ATM causing $5,000 in damage. His reason for his aggression is completely unexpected. Apparently, the ATM gave him too much cash.



A Florida man is spotted beating an ATM for a surprising reason. This holiday season, people are scrapping the bottom of their pockets. Shopping season is at its peak, and the price for checking off peoples wish lists is not at all low. Most people are praying for a pile of money to fall right into their laps, except for Michael Joseph Oleksik.
Florida Police charged Oleksik with criminal mischief. He was under investigation for nearly one month after causing a disturbance at a Wells Fargo branch in Cocoa, Florida. Surveillance cameras showed Oleksik punching an ATM touchscreen. Bank officials reported that the mishap resulted in $5,000 in damages.

Shortly after destroying the bank’s property he called the branch and apologized for his actions. Oleksik claimed his anger was a result of a machine malfunction. According to this Florida man, the ATM gave him too much money. Most people might either walk away with the cash or, for the guilty conscience, return the extra money. However, Oleksik’s reaction took a surprisingly aggressive turn that won’t go unpunished. Wells Fargo called authorities and asked to press charges. The Cocoa Police Department arrested Oleksik and booked him in Brevard County Jail Complex in Sharpes, Florida.

Without a doubt, this goes down as yet another “only in Florida” moment.