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Celebrating the big 100 usually entails a mini party at a nursing home, some sugar-free cake, and a family photo shoot. This was not the case for Al Blaschke. Rather than staying indoors, this Texan decided to make his 100th birthday a bit untraditional for a man his age. He took the 18-year-old rout and took on a thrilling activity; skydiving.

Al’s 10,000-foot jump would be his first ever skydive. Wendy Faulkner is one of the skydiving staff at Skydive Temple in Salado, Texas. She helped organize the birthday leap. Apparently, Al planned on skydiving for a while, but he wanted to wait to be a century old.  “Three years ago, a friend had brought up the idea of skydiving, but he told them that he wanted to wait till he was 100,” Faulkner told ABC News in an interview.

Man Proves He’s a Daredevil and Skydives for His 100th Birthday

Most people are terrified of skydiving, but Al is not one of those people. A year before his 100th birthday, Al paid a visit to the skydiving center with his 72-year-old friend Betty Schleder. Usually, skydiving companies do not accept people whose health is at risk, but they noticed that Al was in tip-top shape.  “He came in, and we saw that, amazingly, he was in great shape for a 100-year-old,” she said. “He still golfs every day and even does yoga, so we agreed to take him up,” Faulkner said.

On the afternoon of his birthday, Al and his friend were flown 10,000 feet in the air to make the jump. The two had an audience. Al’s family flew in from all over the country to celebrate his 100 years of life and witness his jump. Surely, there were some nervous members in the crowd. He and Schleder each jumped separately. Their age and lack of experience required them to have to jump with an experienced instructor attached to them.

Man Proves He’s a Daredevil and Skydives for His 100th Birthday

The daredevils experienced a 40-second free fall and a five-minute ride to the ground after the parachute opened. They landed in perfect shape. Al even mentioned how he wished the fall lasted longer. Al and Betty are living proof that age is just a number. Al’s bucket list doesn’t end with skydiving. He plans to see the northern lights with this nephew.