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A Perfectly Dark Lie: Conman Convinces a Family That He’s Their Missing Teenage Son

a 24-year-old man pretends to be a missing 16-year-old child. He looked nothing like the boy he said he was but the family took him in as their own. Why did they go along with the lies? Why did this man want to be a child? What happened to the actual missing young man?



1. The Man Behind The Lies.

Frederic Bourdin wanted one thing; to be loved. He wanted a chance to have a childhood surrounded by people who care about him. Growing up, he felt like his mother and stepfather wished he was never born. Through twisted lies and fabrications, he got what he wanted.

Frederic Bourdin

But Bourdin found himself in a mess he didn’t expect. He obtained his version of happiness at the expense of so many around him. The French conman convinced a U.S family that he was their missing 13-year-old son, Nicholas Barclay, three years after the last time they saw him. For some odd reason, the Barclays believed 23-year old Bourdin was their 16-year-old boy –  but that’s not the strangest part of this story.