McDonald’s Has Launched a Line of Mariah Carey Merchandise For the Holidays – Here’s Why It’s Completely Free

Thu Dec 16 2021

McDonald’s is hoping to draw in Mariah Carey’s large fanbase by offering a line of limited-edition Mariah-themed merchandise for this Christmas season. Best of all, it won’t cost a thing. The fast-food conglomerate is offering these complimentary gifts alongside their “Mariah Menu,” and include a black knit beanie hat with embroidery or a black T-shirt featuring the pop queen at one of their restaurants. Yep, apparently, Mariah’s a big fan of Mickey D’s.

What’s on the Mariah menu? You can grab yourself a Big Mac or a classic cheeseburger and finish the meal with one of their infamous baked apple pies or chocolate chip cookies. After all, it’s Mariah Carey-approved. “I always get a sense of nostalgia when I see the Golden Arches, so creating throwback merch with one of my favorite photos from the 90s was really fun for me,” the Grammy-winning star said in a press release. But you might find yourself wondering why McDonald’s is going to the trouble. Naturally, there’s a very good consumer-led reason for why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Fast Food Chains Are Looking To Drive App Downloads From Gen-Z and Celebrities Are Making It Happen

As long as you’re one of the first 10,000 customers to spend $1 or more on the McDonald’s app, you’ll be getting you’re freebie. The chances that you’ll be early enough to catch the deal are slim, but that’s not the point. Celebrity collaborations are proving to be an effective way of connecting with the TikTok generation, and McDonald’s recent track record proves it. When the fast-food company collaborated with BTS and Travis Scott in September 2020, over 10 million people downloaded their app.

And McDonald’s isn’t the only fast-food chain that we’ll see with celebrity endorsement. Dunkin’ Donuts is collab-ing with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio this Christmas season on a cold brew coffee, and Popeyes is releasing the hot sauce “Hottie” with rapper Meg Thee Stallion. Gen-Z doesn’t stand a chance against their in-app loyalty programs. “Some of my favorite memories with my kids are our family trips to McDonald’s, and of course, each of us has our go-to order,” Mariah claims. There’s a question around whether or not stars should endorse unhealthy fast-food chains to the younger generation. But since these collabs are specific to the Christmas season o’ plenty, stars like Mariah Carey might be let off the chain.