Meghan Markle Flew in to Support Serena Williams at the U.S Open Proving Royalty Always Sticks Together

While Meghan Markle and Serena Williams are both considered royalty in their own fields, the Royal Duchess and the tennis champ, Serena Williams are also the cutest BFF’s. So, when Serena competed for the crown in the 2019 US Open, Meghan threw her royalness to the wind. She flew over 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, to cheer her pal on in the cutest possible way.

Image: Cosmopolitan

When Meghan sat courtside to watch Serena compete in the singles women’s final, she really stole the show. It was clear that she was rooting for her all the way and experienced every emotion. As Meghan got lost in the moment, she really lived that match. Still, it might surprise you that this unlikely duo are even friends. So let’s take a look inside the cutest cheerleading moments in their empowering friendship, and see why all eyes were on Meghan during that legendary match.

Where It All Began

Way back when, before Meghan had even met Prince Harry, she met Serena. The besties first locked eyes at a Super Bowl party in 2010.
Meghan described how the pair “hit it off immediately”, and the duo were happy to chat about everything, laugh and pose for photos.

Image: HuffPost

And that was the start of a beautiful friendship. Once they became friends, they supported and confided in each other through it all, from charity work and career endeavors to every life-changing moment. Serena once said, “We have always supported each other, just been there for each other through a lot.”

Empowering Moments

During this match, Meghan watched Serena in awe. She was beaming with pride and proved once again that she was the sweetest friend of all. After all, this match was just another milestone in their friendship. The BFF’s had already been there for each other through every high, low, heartwarming and special moment.

Image: The Telegraph

Serena once said, “We have known each other for a long time, but we really kind of are relying on each other a lot recently.” In 2018, Serena had flown to London to attend Meghan’s royal wedding. Serena had also co-hosted Meghan’s infamous baby shower in New York. Similarly, Meghan was there for Serena’s wedding and often sat courtside to watch Serena at tennis tournaments, including Wimbledon.

The Cutest Cheerleader

During the US Open Singles Final, Meghan watched Serena in a casual denim shirt-dress, she was beaming with pride. She also let her royal guard down and couldn’t conceal her expressions. We could all relate. She was animated, wrapped up in the moment and went through every kind of emotion.

Image: Tatler

While Meghan was just so proud of Serena, all eyes were also on Meghan. Her face was a picture and her expressions captured the entire story of that match. It’s clear that Meghan got swept up in the game, from the highs to the lows, twists, turns and every nailbiting moment. She smiled cutely, she clapped, she was stressed, she even prayed! Meghan was joined by the likes of Serena’s sister Venus Williams, Serena’s mom Oracene Price and Vogue guru Anna Wintour. However, Meghan proved to us all, that she and Serena are friendship goals personified.