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Meghan Markle & The Life Changing Steps She Must Take to be Royal

Becoming a member of the royal family is super glamorous. However, a royal reputation calls for some serious upkeep. Meghan Merkle has a lot to learn before she becomes royal. The crown has a strict code that dictates everything a royal family member must do, From the way she does her nails to the board games she plays at home.



Many people believe that becoming royal is all glamor. However, these people forgot about what being royal actually means. Celebrities do their best to shy away from the camera, yet we still learn about a scandal here and there.

The royal family takes avoiding scandal to a whole new level. A member of the royals must follow strict rules to uphold their reputation, and the newest addition to the Royal family member is not excluded from them at all.

The precautions they take may seem harsh but in most cases, they make a lot of sense. Being royal is in no way similar to being a celebrity. Celebrities have some unspoken free “mess up” card. They’re always able to make a comeback when they do something that catches the media’s eye in a negative light. Justin Timberlake’s Superbowl scandal got him a bad rap but his talents proved he was worthy of getting back a great reputation as the singer we all know and love. Let’s face it, even if a celebrity made a bad move, they know that all publicity is good publicity on the red carpet. That’s what makes it so different from the Royal carpet.

However, when a person is Royal, they’re expected to uphold a sense of class and poise at all times. There is little room for mistake, but of course, we are all human. The rules and guidelines for a royal family member are strict and interestingly specific. Some rules they follow have nothing to do with reputation and everything to do with traditions made up along the way.

Being Royal is not for everyone, but those who know anything about Meghan know she is more than fit for the title. Markle is way more than an actress on suits. She’s an active feminist as well. She travels the world to promote gender equality in African countries. She has such a big heart and so much to give, that a closer look under the spotlight only made her look better. Her characters and altruistic traits even let her bypass the first rule on our list. Now that just says it all!

1. The Queen Makes This One Exception Just for Meghan

Merkle’s engagement is not just historical because of her previous acting job. The engagement is breaking records because she was divorced!
The royal family used to prohibit members from getting married to someone who was divorced. However, Queen Elizabeth signed off on the marriage anyway… She saw the love in Harry’s eyes.