Miniature Obsessions, Why Are People Obsessed With Tiny Sized Foods

We are not sure when and where this obsession with miniature food came from but we are absolutely mesmerized by these tiny creations. The biggest player in the game is the YouTube account Miniature Space. If you haven’t already, you need to check it out! They have over 3 million followers, so it clearly something the world is loving, and we have to admit, so are we.

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Image: Design Taxi

Yes, It Is All Edible

We find it hard to believe that these items exist in the first place. All of the kitchen equipment, cooking ingredients, and small articles are bought in from Japan. So we guess that Japan is the capital of miniature cooking because we can definitely say we have not seen these items in our grocery stores! Next time we visit Japan, we want to find the mini store full of mini goods.

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Image: Food and Wine Magazine

How does a stove that small even exist? It is heated up by a tea light candle that sits underneath it like a stove burner. And it actually works! The food is actually being cooked, the water is boiling and the pan is frying. A lot of people think it is all for play and that it is not actually cooking, but they are mistaken, it is all edible and hopefully cooked perfectly!

But Why Are We so Captivated?

This little obsession of ours is just so random. We generally want our food to be supersized. The bigger the serving of fries the better, right? So why is there an obsession with food that is almost too small to hold? Maybe it is just all small things, like the baby and puppy effect. For some of us, it might also be like playing with a dollhouse and reminds us of our childhood memories.

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Image: Deviant Art

Either way, these videos, and photos have gone viral and other similar accounts have started popping up all over the place. And we’re loving it. We have spent hours going from one video to the next. From mini pancakes to mini sushi rolls, we’re addicted to watching these tiny culinary creations.