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Munich’s Newest Club For Wealthy Men Prohibits Women From Speaking Unless Spoken To

Munich is only months away from opening a men’s club where women can only speak when spoken to. Female workers are selected based on looks, and male partiers enter based on the size of their bank accounts.



Munich’s nightlife just got super creepy. An all men’s club called The Contenance Club is collecting membership fees from wealthy men. The 300 square meter club is located in a basement in the middle of the city. The guests are rich, powerful men and the women are beautiful models that can only speak when spoken to. It’s a slight mix between a brothel and a “misogynistic macho club.”The fees range from $12,000 – $1.3 million. The official members are granted anonymity and for a good reason.

Munichs Newest Club For Wealthy Men Prohibits Women From Speaking Unless Spoken To 1

The German word “contenance” means composure. The reason they call this the “composure” club is because of its strict rules prohibiting men and women from engaging in any inappropriate behavior. In short; people are expected to keep their composure no matter what’s in front of them.  While wealthy men will be partying it up, beautiful women will serve them their drinks and food. Guards will be looking out for any member who’s getting too “handsy” with the women. Meanwhile, the women are not allowed to speak to the men unless they are spoken to. This club wants the woman to focus on their job rather than flirt with the powerful, wealthy men. “We practice restraint. Hence the name,” A co-founder said.

The women chosen to work at the Contenance Club are anything but ordinary. The director of the club created a rigorous list of criterion that potential female employees require. The list objectifies women and is highly discriminatory. The women must be single, childless, taller than 5,7 ft., under 30 years old and have a maximum weight of 130 lbs.

Munichs Newest Club For Wealthy Men Prohibits Women From Speaking Unless Spoken To 2

The owners, whose identities remain private, justifies this objectifying behavior. He believes “women sell themselves one way or another.”  He believes he’s giving women an opportunity to safely flaunt their beauty. Whereas strippers and escorts are expected to engage with men physically, the women at the countenance club will make around $250 a night knowing the rules of the club will protect their bodies.

Walter Dietrich is an owner who’s comfortable to own up to his new project. He explains  “We are a fine club, nothing commercial. Like a dating site, sex only exists in our heads.” He also tried to separate the clubs reputation from any form of sexual harassment by saying  “The women are fine with us, no one is groped like Harvey Weinstein.” Any man that behaves in such a way will be forcefully thrown out and ban from the club.

Munichs Newest Club For Wealthy Men Prohibits Women From Speaking Unless Spoken To 3

However many women still find these guidelines extremely offensive. The owner mentioned that a model angrily turned down the position as she was offended by the whole idea of his new club. Surely much more will turn down the offer as well.

The nightclub is strictly open to wealthy men. So far, Contenance club receives around two applications for a membership per day. A total of 200 men paid their annual fees already. The owners promise these men “incredible shots,” and by “shots” they mean women.