Mr. Tinder, the Most Right-Swiped Man Is Single and Ready to Mingle

29-year-old Stefan-Pierre Tomlin was awarded the title of “Mr. Tinder” in 2017 after the dating app announced he had hit a record-breaking 14,600 matches in two years. Living in south London, he’s both a model and a trained pilot who had spent five years looking for love online. As it turns out, he met his dream woman the “old-fashioned” way; through mutual friends.

MR Tinder the Most Right Swiped Man Is Back on the Market1
Image: Stroy Trender

He revealed to the world that he was happily off the market due to his new girlfriend Natasha Boon in August 2019. After five years of swiping left and right and matching with 20 women a day on average, the 27-year-old former X-Factor contestant had managed to keep his eyes on her.

“When I first saw Natasha, she instantly reminded me of Marilyn Monroe,” Stefan admitted a few months ago. They met in a nightclub, swapped numbers, and had been “obsessed” with each other since that moment. “She wore a tight red dress, red lippy and her trendy blond hair was styled amazingly,” he continued, adding “She knocked me off my feet and that rarely happens with me.”

Things Were Going so Well

Natasha didn’t jump at the opportunity to date “Mr. Tinder,” initially having had reservations. She explained; “At first, Stef’s nickname was weird for me because I didn’t understand why he would need to use an online dating app – he’s so handsome.” But such a reputation can be difficult: “I do get a little jealous when I think about all the women he’s matched with, but I appreciate that a lot of people fancy him and I feel privileged to be with him.”

MR Tinder the Most Right Swiped Man Is Back on the Market2
Image: The Sun

Stefan gushed just as much about his partner in crime. “I love the way Natasha is so patient and that she’s a great team player, she’s kind, importantly she understands my industry and work because she’s a signed singer [having] been on national television,” he swooned. He even let us in on there future plans: “We’d like to start making music together and vlogging, and if things continue to go well in the future we’d like to get engaged, buy a house and start a family together.”

Back on the Market

Stefan’s new flame didna make it to 2020 unfortunately, with him explaining to the papers that things just weren’t meant to be. “I became single last week when my ex and I agreed our relationship wasn’t working.” He revealed in late December. “We were arguing and clashed a lot and agreed we were different.”

MR Tinder the Most Right Swiped Man Is Back on the Market3
Image: Vroders

After getting 15 dates and three relationships out of the app, it looks like Mr. Tinder’s going to return to his old swiping habit. “I’ll be getting back on it soon and I’m going to try and find a lucky lady,” he told the Daily Mail. “It would be great to do what I did before on the app because I would talk to lots of different people and go on dates, it was fun.” But he’s open to meeting someone special IRL, too. As he put it, he’s just looking for someone that he can grow with.