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Murder Trial of the Century: Amanda Knox, Guilty?

The murder trial that had America convinced was done incorrectly. Amanda Knox was arrested while on a study abroad program in Italy for the murder of her roommate. Her boyfriend at the time was also arrested with her. The initial trial found her guilty but many American’s would argue against that. Is she innocent or guilty?



The Trial No One Will Forget

Flashback to 2007 when news of British exchange student Meredith Kercher took the world by storm. The 22-year-old was on a study abroad program in Perugia, Italy when she was found murdered in her home which she shared with other international students. One of these students was Amanda Knox. Knox would later be charged for the murder of Kercher with her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito.

How It All Went Down

In 2007, Amanda was just like any other student abroad. Bright eyed and bushy tailed she loved learning, going out with friends, and working in her spare time to support herself. Hailing from the University of Washington she was looking forward to her year in Italy.

When she landed in Italy she immediately met her other three roommates. The four girls would all live in a shared house together for the next year. Their living conditions were fine with the occasional spat over the cleanliness of the house.

Knox eventually met an Italian student, Raffaele Sollecito, who she would spend a lot of her time with. Kercher, the victim, wasn’t interested in finding a relationship abroad.

On November 1, 2007, Kercher and Knox were the only two roommates at the house because everyone else was out of town visiting family. Meredith Kercher started the evening by having dinner at a friends house but was home around 9 pm. Little did she know her night was about to take a turn for the worst.

Amanda says that she and Sollecito were out that night and when she returned home in the morning she saw drops of blood in the bathroom. She claims that she checked on Meredith’s door but it was locked. Thinking one of the girls had “menstrual issues” Knox ignored the blood and took a shower. This decision to shower would come back to look very bad during the investigation.

After her shower, she went back to her boyfriend’s house and came back home later. On returning home they noticed a broken window in the room of another roommate. This sparked the two to call the police.

Amanda called the third roommate Filomena Romanelli who returned home as fast as she could. Romanelli was the one whose room had the broken window so she checked to see if anything was missing from her room. Romanelli found Meredith’s two cell phones in a nearby garden which made her suspicious. Now suspicious, she asked the police to break into Meredith’s room.

The police refused to break in. Romanelli did not give up. She asked a friend to break into Knox’s room and when they did, they found more than just textbooks and clothes.

The body of Kercher was lying in a pool of her own blood on the floor. There was blood splattered all over the room.


The autopsy revealed several bruises and cuts on Kercher. What killed her was a cut on her throat. The autopsy also found that she was a victim of sexual assault. Immediately, Knox and Sollecito were arrested. People report that when the body was first discovered, instead of crying at the crime scene, Knox kissed and embraced her boyfriend.

The Controversy

Since Knox and her boyfriend were arrested by Italian police, Knox says that the lack of an interpreter confused her. She also claims she was subjected to verbal and physical abuse from the officers.

When the two were found guilty by the Italian justice system, America had Knox’s back. People were outraged at the way that the case was handled.

Knox and Her Boyfriend Are Found Guilty and Innocent Multiple Times

The trial finally ended in 2015 when the Supreme Court of Cassation appealed the case and declared the couple as innocent.

After 2015, Amanda took to a career in writing and public speaking. She travels the country helping other women who are victims of abuse by the justice system or discriminated against by the press. To this day we still don’t know the truth but Knox still upholds her innocent image.