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Here’s Why Neon Yellow Socks are a Business Person’s Secret Weapon

Studies show that wacky socks are a secret weapon for an interview. They change the way a person is classified by others as well as make someone feel confident.



You see a businessman or woman looking serious to the point of intimidation until you get a glance at their socks. A pop of color on the ankles is an immediate relief. You think to yourself: “this person is not so bad after all.” Wacky socks are associated with a variety of attributes. When they are mismatched, they might suggest that a person is disorganized, lazy, or just careless. However, a crazy pair of socks that are polka dotted, striped, rainbow or any other nontraditional pattern are actually said to be associated with traits that are desirable in the business world. They hint towards rebellion and expression.

Here's Why Neon Yellow Socks are a Business Person’s Secret Weapon

Nowadays successful business models are the ones that are untraditional and disruptive; kind of like a pair of pineapple socks. When someone wears a strange hat, dress, shoe, or shirt, they’re likely to make others uncomfortable. It’s a whole new game when it comes to socks. They are less obvious than other articles of clothing, but at the same time are noticeable enough to catch one’s eye. Wacky socks with a classy outfit hint to a certain edge that all the other corporate suites are lacking. This does not mean that if you slap on a pair of multicoloreds than your personality will rapidly transform to a genius, rebellious rule-breaker. However, studies do suggest that other people will assume those traits to be a part of your character. You could be the most boring, anti-risk fellow out there, but as long as you have flashy socks you on, you might be the talk of the company’s Christmas party… in a good way!

Psychologist Dr. Adam Galinsky does, however, mention that what you wear can change the way you feel. Although you can’t become open-minded and creative overnight, a pair of daring socks can sure make you feel that way. Rocking a bold pair of those bright pink socks you got swore you would never wear to an interview can actually influence the outcome of it. The interviewer will view you as being creative and innovative, and you’ll feel more confident knowing that you’re secure enough to leave the house dressed in a way that stands out.