Not Just Any Kind of Barbershop – These Hairdressers Are Styling People Living on the Streets

    Hairdressers and barbers from around the world have been cutting hair and trimming beards of homeless people on the streets. We’ve seen hairdressers in the UK, America, and Australia who have all gotten involved, and we are sure there are many more around the world doing the exact thing.

    Image: Instagram / Joshua Coombes

    When it comes to human grooming, there is a direct correlation between peoples’ physical aesthetic and the way others engage and understand them. On top of this, there is also a connection between the way we look and the way we feel. Naturally, if we look better, we feel better, it is just the way it goes. So, these really cool hairdressers are giving homeless people a chance to feel good, and also to not be ignored or avoided. Simple, we like it!

    From New York

    Mark Bustos is the New York-based hairstylist who spends the one day off a week that he has, giving haircuts to people living on the streets. He walks the streets of New York City offering trims to those who are interested but could not otherwise afford a haircut. Mark’s story is adorable, with him starting this all because he was in the Philippines and would give haircuts to needy children. Now, he just realizes the impact he can have and continues to do so.

    Image: Instagram / Joshua Coombes

    To London

    Joshua Coombes is another one of these legendary hairdressers. The London based cutter has been traveling all over the world cutting the hair of homeless people. He travels with his kit in his bag so he is always prepared wherever he is. Joshua believes his work is about improving inward emotions through outward appearance.

    He has now started an actual project “Do Something for Nothing” and documents all of the work he does on Instagram. He shares the stories of the people he meets and photos of their new dos, and it is heartwarming. Our favorite part is that Joshua doesn’t set out to solve anyone’s problems, but he knows that he can still have a positive impact on someone nonetheless.

    Image: Instagram / Joshua Coombes

    To Melbourne

    And to take it to the other side of the world, Nasir Sobhani, is a Melbourne Australia based guy doing the same, known as the Street Barber. He spends one day every week giving haircuts to the homeless. Nasir believes that “A haircut can do so much for someone. That’s why I name what I do ‘Clean Cut, Clean Start.” Nasir’s story is inspiring for us all!

    He is a recovered drug addict and sees hairdressing as what saved him. Now he does not hold back hard questions when he is cutting the hair of homeless people, many of whom are addicts. Nasir is simply trying to help them get a new clean start.

    It is so simple but so powerful, and the work these guys are doing is so inspiring. We should all be more like them and do whatever we can, big or small to make a difference. We had never thought about the significance of a haircut until now and definitely won’t take it for granted anymore.