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Not Their Finest Moment: Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Don’t Want You to See

Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing celebrities look like they have everything together? We know we are, which is why we’ve compiled a collection of photos to remind us that famous people embarrass themselves on a regular basis. Just because they’re swimming in money and have tons of adoring fans, doesn’t mean they don’t have bad days.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See2
Images: eBaum’s World (left and right)

Their most goofy and awkward moments have been captured by the paparazzi, but are rarely seen by the public. But we think it’s high time we see them for who they really are – regular people! Rest easy knowing that Hollywood A-listers aren’t always picture-ready.

The Queen Attends To Personal Business at a Horse Show

Her Majesty the Queen of England is as prim and proper as they come. But even she messes up and forgets to keep her etitquette in check. Pictured in 2014 in Windsor, England, Queen Elizabeth II had an itch that just had to be scratched regardless of who was looking and pointing a camera at her.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See21
Image: HuffPost

She was watching her beloved horse, Balmoral Gemini, compete in day three of the “Highland Class” at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. It was in the middle of May, and we all know how a change of seasons can mess with allergies. Perhaps that explains why her finger was lodged halfway up her nose.

Britney Spears Gives Us an Eyeful of Her Exposed Roots

Popstar Britney Spears needs no introduction. She’s the teen idol turned troubled star who’s been in the news a lot lately due to her controversial conservatorship. Her career and finances have been in the hands of legal guardians as her mental stability has been called into question. But many feel that the restrictions on her freedom are unjust.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See33
Images: E! (left and right)

Will all that going on, it’s no surprise that Britney should be caught having an off day once in a while. Here she is with frizzy, unkempt hair that looks like she’s been skipping wash days. The most awkward thing of course has to be the hair extensions showing through. We think she needs to get a new stylist… yesterday.

Justin Bieber’s Slippery Fingers Almost Ruin a Fan Encounter

Popstar Justin Bieber has tons of adoring young fans all over the world. Wherever he goes, young female die-hards line up for the chance to catch a glimpse – or a picture – of the 27-year-old. One particular fan was lucky enough to get a selfie with the Canadian singer, but she didn’t know it would come at the expense of her phone.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See22
Images: Daily Mail (left and right)

In the photos above, we can see that Justin obliges his young fan with a quick selfie, before dropping her phone on the concrete pavement altogether. The look on her face is priceless, as is Justin’s reaction to the situation. Luckily for the girl, her phone remained somewhat intact. That is to say, it was useable, at least?

Lindsay Lohan Hits Rock Bottom During Her Partying Days

Actress Lindsay Lohan is probably more famous for her personal struggles than for her acting these days. It is often thought that her childhood stardom was too much to handle and lead to her party lifestyle and eventual rehab stints. Because of this, she fell out of favor with filmmakers.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See27
Image: The Sun

As we can see, times could get pretty rough. Lindsey is literally crawling on her hands and knees after leaving a nightclub, looking drunk as heck. We’re sure everyone can relate to having been through these moments, but few of us get snapped by the paparazzi after a particularly messy night.

Patricia Arquette Almost Moons the Pesky Paparazzi

Television and film actress Patricia Arquette has been a Hollywood star since she starred as Kristen Parker in 1987’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. She was a striking beauty, with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Now at 53, she shows no signs of slowing down career-wise.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See8
Image: Daily Mail (left and right)

Patricia obviously couldn’t have cared less what people thought of her on this particular day. She left her car with her pants totally undone and falling below her hips! Perhaps Patricia didn’t realize that she’d forgotten to button them up, or perhaps she just had too many things to carry and adjust herself. Either way, we’re pretty sure she doesn’t want this on the internet.

Leonardo DiCaprio Proves He Was Last To Be Picked in His School Days

Actor and film producer Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the highest-paid actors in the world and a firm favorite of director Martin Scorsese. Aside from that, he’s an infamous playboy who doesn’t seem likely to settle down any time soon. In the summer of 2019, he was photographed playing volleyball with friends on a sunny day in Malibu.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See34
Images: The Sun (left and right)

As we can see, the active sport doesn’t come easy to Leonardo. A hilarious set of pictures showed the actor struggling to keep his cool on the court, with one photo capturing the exact moment the volleyball hit him in the face. It went viral on Twitter at the time, as people couldn’t help but make a ton of memes about his sporting fail.

Britney Spears Doesn’t Need To Explain That Wet Patch to Anyone

Popstar and 90s teen idol Britney Spears gets enough attention from paparazzi and fans wherever she goes. The last thing she needs is another reason to draw everyone’s eyes to her. On this particular day, she decided to dress down and keep it relatively low-key in grey sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See28
Image: TheRichest

But she messed up by going outside while there was a huge suspicious wet patch on the groin of her pants. Had she just completed a workout and sweated exclusively in that region? Or did she have an accident and decided to drive home to deal with it? However it came to be, it’s pretty embarressing and definately not a moment she wants many people to see.

Bella Hadid Contradicts Her Boots by Proving They Clearly Aren’t Made for Walking

Supermodel Bella Hadid is one of the most in-demand fashion models around. You can find her walking down the catwalks at every major fashion event, show, or season. But even though it’s her job to walk up and down a runway, she’s been known to take a tumble once in a while.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See10
Image: Metro

Bella was partying in New York with famous friends like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Justine Skye when she took a dive on a staircase. The irony was, she was wearing a pair of tall boots that literally have the phrase “FOR WALKING” etched onto the side of them. Luckily, there was a security guard near the side who was ready to soften her fall.

Kanye West Upstages Kim by Letting It All Hang Out

Rapper Kanye West and reality star Kim Kardashian have been in the news a lot lately due to their upcoming divorce. But back when things were good between the two in 2012, the paparazzi captured a major wardrobe malfunction suffered by the hip hop artist. We wonder how Kanye didn’t notice the breeze against his thighs.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See20
Images: theJasmineBRAND (left) E! (right)

Pictured out and about in the big apple, Kanye’s pants slipped way past a socially acceptable point revealing his exposed thighs and underwear. It’s so comical that it almost looks like he let it happen on purpose. Either way, we think he can afford to invest in a belt that actually holds his pants up.

Kate Middleton Quickly Learns How To Squat Like a Lady

Royal fashion icon the Duchess of Cambridge is always picture-perfect – well, almost always. In 2013, a pregnant Kate and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, attended a St Patrick’s Day parade. But the duchess found herself in a spot of bad luck, and the paparazzi caught it on camera.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See25
Image: Hello!

Kate almost always wears heels on an official engagement and this day was no different. The heel on one of her four-inch court shoes got stuck in a drain and almost resulted in her tumbling over. She had to awkwardly bend down in a dress and free her shoe, while two standing soldiers looked on and tried not to laugh.

Peaches Geldof Never Lets Anything Come Between Her and Her Social Life

Model, television presenter, and daughter of Irish singer-songwriter Bob Geldof, Peaches Geldof was a 25-year-old mom of two when she unexpectedly passed away. But a couple of years before that happened, she showed the world she was a master of multitasking when she accidentally tipped her baby onto the sidewalk in the streets in London.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See36
Images: Daily Mail (left and right)

Don’t worry – baby Astala was absolutely fine! As was her phone conversation, which also remained intact throughout the whole ordeal. When these pictures surfaced, the public was shocked to see her carry on the conversation and called her out for her bad mom behavior. No one is perfect, but this was definitely not a moment she wanted anyone to see.

Paris Hilton Rages on a Particularly Messy Night Out

Socialite and television personality Paris Hilton is famous for her late-night antics. But on one particular occasion, things got a little more out of hand than usual. It was 2007, and the Hilton Hotels heiress had allowed herself a little too much to drink at the Emmy Awards after-party’s open bar.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See26
Images: Smashingtops.com (left and right)

Not only did she stumble her way out of the party and almost fall flat on her face, but she even tried to climb her way out of a friend’s home later that night by sneaking over a huge iron gate. All the while wearing a sparkly minidress and gold heels. Needless to say, it definitely wasn’t Paris’ finest hour.

Adam Sandler Gives the People Something To Laugh At

Actor, comedian, and filmmaker Adam Sandler is a seasoned comedic actor who is famous for always playing the dimwit in successful and critically panned film alike. But in 2017, art imitated life when he suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in New York City. Of course, the paparazzi were there to capture every second of it.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See7
Images: Daily Mail (left and right)

Adam didn’t realise he’d left his fly undone until it was too late, and tried to quickly rectify the situation. He leaned into his jokey persona and tried to laugh the whole thing off, which was probably a good move. Rather than running off to the side, he decided to just deal with the open zipper then and there. Even multi-millionaire celebrities have their off days.

Katherine Heigl Is Left Red in the Face Thanks to a Lousy Film Crew

Actress Katherine Heigl made a name for herself in movies and television alike. But on the set of the drama series Doubt, she was left red in the face when she had to have a quick costume change. It looks like someone forgot to bring a screen or changing tent to the set, so Katherine had to undress and dress in full view.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See3
Image: GotCeleb

As we can see, Katherine tried to hurriedly pull up her skirt to try and save her some embarrassment. But of course there were paparazzi sneaking around the corner, and they captured the whole thing. It’s a comfort to know that even famous people have to just roll with the punches when things don’t turn out as planned.

Steven Tyler Decides To Be Different and Forgo Using His Hands To Eat

Rockstar and frontman to the iconic band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler is frequently seen flouting his flamboyant style at live performances or on television. Everyone knows him for being a pretty weird guy, but that doesn’t make it any more normal when you see him licking popcorn at a sports game.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See42
Image: The Chive

The rockstar decided to forgo using his hands like everybody else and instead dipped his tongue right in the middle of the snack bucket. It’s one thing to do this in this privacy of your own home, but was it really necessary to eat this way in public? Let’s just hope he wasn’t sharing snacks that day.

Penelope Cruz Shouldn’t Have Been Running on the Slippery Wet Floor

Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz has appeared in tons of Hollywood productions since her debut in the 90s. She was on the set of a new movie, The Counselor, in September 2012 when the paparazzi caught her, quite literally, with her knickers in a twist. One second she was running, the next she was pictured sprawled out on the floor.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See17
Images: Bollywood Biography (left and right)

The Oscar-winning actress appeared to have slipped on the wet ground and fallen on her back. Her dress flew up and revealed her underwear, and those standing by her rushed to check that she was ok. She was fine – but the photos of her on-set accident will live on the internet forever.

Taylor Swift Rings in the New Year With a Bang

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is at the top of her game at the moment, having recently released two critically acclaimed albums in 2020, “Folklore” and “Evermore.” In 2015, however, she was performing on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest when she had an accidental slip on the staircase.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See23
Image: Just Jared

Taylor had just finished her performance at the New York City venue and was exiting via the back stairwell when the slip-up happened. She was fine of course, but the paparazzi were quick to capture the whole ordeal. Even though she’s having a potentially scary moment, her outfit and makeup are totally on point.

Madonna Unleashes Her Inner Beast for Italian Food

Popstar Madonna has been one of the biggest names in music since the 80s. These days, you’ll find her wrapped around her 27-year-old toyboy Ahlamalik Williams, one of the star’s backup dancers. But in 2009, you could have seen her chowing down on a slice of pizza with basil and olives.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See41
Image: Daily Mail

The paparazzi are definitely skilled at capturing celebrities’ least flattering moments. In this photo, we can see the “Like a Virgin” singer mid-bite, with all the greasy cheese and tomato paste stuck in between her teeth. All we know for sure is, we’ve never seen the icon quite like this. Here lies our confirmation that there is no glamorous way to eat pizza.

Robin Thicke Secures His Reputation as a Total Sleazeball

Singer-songwriter and musician Robin Thicke is a newly engaged man these days to his much younger fiance, April Love Geary. But back in 2013, he was married to actress Paula Patton when this awkward image surfaced. In the photo, Robin is pictured posing with a young woman called Lana Scolaro in a New York City nightclub.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See40
Image: Mirror

If you look in the mirror, you can see him grabbing an inappropriate grabbing Lana’s butt. He was suppodedly happily married, so this photo caused quite the scandal. We don’t know what conversations this image might have lead to in his marriage but let’s just say, Paula ended up filing for divorce a few months later after nine years of marriage. And infidelity was cited as being one of the reasons.

Nicole Richie Morphs Into a Spider-Like Creature and Crawls Down Some Steps

Television personality, fashion designer, and daughter to star Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie first became famous after starring in The Simple Life with her famous friend Paris Hilton. Like her fellow socialite, Nicole is almost always seen looking stylish and graceful. This is why we love this perfectly-timed paparazzi photo so much.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See6
Image: Indiatimes.com

Pictured leaving Caitlyn Jenner’s son Brody’s house in 2006, Nicole accidentally loses her balance while walking down a flight of stairs. And we’ve never seen her looking so awkward and spindly. Luckily, she appears to be laughing off the unfortunate situation, and considering there were paparazzi about, she probably wasn’t alone.

Jessica Alba is Not Prepared For Infamous New York Winds

Actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba spends most of her time working behind the scenes of her consumer goods business, The Honest Company. But she’s best known for starring in numerous box office hits such as Fantastic FourLittle Fockers, and Sin City. In 2014, she was busy promoting her new movie, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See4
Image: Perez Hilton

Pictured leaving a car and walking in the streets of New York City, a gust of wind came and blew her skirt up right in from of a row of paparazzi. Her lace trim underwear was revealed, and the cameramen and women got the shots that they wanted. The lesson is – always use dress weights when you’re out and about in the Big Apple! Especially if you’re a movie star.

Emma Watson Only Has Herself To Blame for This Wardrobe Mishap

British actress Emma Watson will forever be known as the star who played Hermione Granger in the immensely successful Harry Potter film franchise. It’s a film series for kids. But in 2009, she accidentally gave the fans an x-rated performance when she tried to pick up the skirt of her gown.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See24
Images: New York Daily News (left and right)

Emma was walking on the London red carpet for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when her gorgeous 1970s Ozzi Clark dress was split aside. She obviously forgot how fragile the placement of the gown was, and it dawned on her too late. Oh well, who hasn’t accidentally flashed thousands of people?

Salma Hayek Goes Down and Drags Her Daughter Down With Her

Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek confirmed she was an international star when she portrayed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in the 2002 movie Frida. But all that success didn’t stop her from goofily tripping up outside her hotel in Paris in 2011. She was hand-in-hand with her adorable four-year-old daughter, Valentina, at the time.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See30
Image: The Sun

But as we can see, she almost took Valentina down with her and the photo is hilarious. Salma is even grabbing on the hinge of the front door in desperation, trying not to fall flat on her face in front of the paparazzi. We know we’d grab anything we could to stop from making a fool of ourselves in the most romantic city in the world.

Lady Gaga Keeps Her Poker Face Intact While Taking a Tumble

Popstar Lady Gaga is known for her dramatic sense of fashion. But wearing such out-there designs sometimes comes at a price. The singer had just landed in London’s Heathrow Airport when she became a victim to her sky-high leather boots, which had an insanely lofty heel on them.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See5
Images: Racked (left and right)

We’re surprised she didn’t break her ankle. The paparazzi photos show the moment when she misjudged her steps and fell to the floor, before trying to crawl her way back up again. The “Poker Face” hitmaker stayed true to the 2008 song title, as she didn’t try to laugh it off or even attempt to crack a smile.

Pete Wentz Prioritizes Emo Hair Over Having Full Vision

Bassist and lyricist for American rock band Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz used to be a fixture on the emo music scene back in the 2000s. He proved to be true to his band’s name when he actually fell over while walking in the street. Was it the sunglasses that obscured his vision, or his long emo bangs?

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See35
Images: The Telegraph (left and right)

Whatever the reason for it was, the series of photos that the paparazzi captured are kind of iconic. Not only did he actually fall to the floor, but he rolled over and readjusted his sunglasses before even attempting to get back up again. Somehow, the hood on his jacket remained exactly in place.

Elizabeth Olsen Flashes the People of Paris in an Ill-Advised Mini Skirt

Actress Elizabeth Olsen is no longer living in the limelight of her older twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley. She’s been receiving tons of attention for her recent performance as the lead character on WandaVision, the new Disney+ show. But even her superpowers can’t help when she’s met with a strong gust of wind.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See14
Images: Yahoo (left) Elle (right)

Mariah Carey Makes Quite an Entrance While Boarding Onto a Mega Yacht

Singer-songwriter Mariah Carey has one of the best vocal ranges in the business. Over the years, she’s gained a reputation for being a bit of a diva. But she’s also known for tripping up while wearing heels. You’d think she’d learn her lesson, but she insists on wearing super tall shoes whenever she can.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See32
Images: Daily Mail (left and right)

In 2015, she narrowly avoided a potentially painful situation when she was walking down the stairs to board a mega yacht. Mariah was holidaying in Formentera, Spain, when she lost her balance on her tall wedges and grabbed at the deckhand for stability. Annoyingly for her, a gust of wind then came and blew up her sarong.

Alicia Arden Has To Attend to an Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction

Actress Alicia Arden is best known for starring in the movies Enemy Within and Trojan War. But in 2018, she had to rectify an awkward situation with her wardrobe in broad daylight, to try and save her from an even more embarrassing situation. Her turquoise blue dress had become unzipped in the back.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See12
Image: CelebMafia

Alicia had to put her phone on the floor and attempt to zip the dress up herself – which anyone can tell you, is no easy thing to do. She was leaving a boutique in Los Angeles when the wardrobe malfunction occurred, and was left totally alone to deal with the situation. But, like a champ, she smiled off the moment.

Fergie Gets Pissed, But Way Too Literally

Fergie is a singer that became famous for her front role in the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas. From Let’s Get It Started to My Humps, fans loved her sass and class. But what’s going on here? It seems that the songstress may have gotten a little too excited about the music. Yes, she wet herself.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See46
Image: Buzzfeed

According to Fergie: “We were late for stage, driving down the freeway, it’s Friday traffic…get to the stage, we have to start right [into] the show…I’m running on and we jump and do ‘Let’s Get It Started’, and I get crazy and I jump and I run across the stage and my adrenaline was going and gosh, I wish it didn’t happen. It was so embarrassing!”

Ashley Graham Doesn’t Notice Her Front Slit Has Slipped

Ashley Graham has become a bit of a sensation in recent years for her role as the most famous plus-sized model in the biz. Her gorgeous face and unconventional body have led her to the very top of an industry that used to snub larger women. She must be proud of all her photos on the wall. This one will not be part of that collection.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See45 1
Image: Daily Express

The yellow dress was a great idea, in theory. But the front slip just doesn’t seem like it sat right on her, this time. A member of the press easily captured her white underwear peeking out in the middle. Wardrobe malfunctions are no fun. But knowing Ashley, she had a good sense of humor about it. Fans all know she is down to earth, no matter the spotlight!

Vince Vaughn Couldn’t Help but Scream for the Ice Cream

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are both known as hilarious comedy actors, and they’ve proven that they can turn their acting talent to any funnyman role that comes their way. But it seems as though ice cream turns them into completely different people. Sure, these guys may make us laugh on a regular basis, but they’re extremely serious about ice cream.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See39
Image: 9gag

When the stars were given the chance to have a sweet treat on set, they made sure that they were sitting down for the occasion. They opened their mouths wide, stuck out their tongues, and got ready to lick away. Unfortunately for them, the cameras seemed to capture this rather intimate moment and now it’s readily available for us all to gawk over. Gosh, they just really love ice cream, don’t they?

Bailey Noble Gets More Exposure Than She Knew

Bailey Noble has gotten a lot of deserved buzz in recent years for her portrayal of Adilyn Bellefleur, the half-fairy on True Blood. Fans liked the storyline, sure. But they didn’t miss her beauty, and they’ve been staring ever since. Unfortunately, that means people are always looking when a mishap inevitably occurs.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See44
Image: Egotastic!

Bailey was smart to pick a nude-colored bra for this outfit. After all, no one likes when an undergarment shows through. But due to the wind, that was the least of her problems in the end. The bra was completely exposed, for all to see. Hopefully, she at least enjoyed her time at the Emmy party at the SLS Hotel.

Khloe Kardashian Has a Windy Day Indeed

Khloe Kardashian sure has been through a lot in the public eye. As a socialite, TV personality, and model, people are literally always watching. Just being on Keeping Up with the Kardashians must be intrusive. But here, it seems she shared more than any contract required.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See47
Image: The Huffington Post

Bending down, it’s easy to see her tan Spanx in action. This just goes to show that sometimes we all need a little support, even someone as fit and fabulous as this member of the Kardashian royalty. No shame here. You work those Spanx Koko!

Pamela Anderson Is a Little Windswept As She Leaves the Hotel

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Pamela Anderson is one of the most stylish women out there. The Baywatch star is known for her blonde hair and her beautiful figure, but it seems as though she’s not perfect all the time. And these pictures are here to prove it.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See37
Images: CelebMafia (left and right)

During a trip to Dublin in 2015, Pamela made her way out of the hotel and obviously wasn’t prepared for the drizzly Irish weather. While her dress was stunning and luxurious and her hair had been blow-dried, the weather outside was not cooperating. In fact, it completely ruined her whole look! Let’s hope that her hairstylist was on speed dial.

Paula Abdul Couldn’t Match Her Purple Ensemble to the Weather

When you’re a celebrity, it’s all about keeping up appearances. You have to look the part and you can’t be seen wearing the same outfit twice. Unless you want to be scorned online, of course. But even when Paula Abdul did wear this glitzy purple number for the first time during a trip to the city, she forgot to check the weather forecast.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See13
Image: Yahoo!

Wearing any kind of skirt or dress in the wind is just asking for a wardrobe malfunction, but it seems as though Paula Abdul learned that harsh lesson a little too late. Thankfully, she decided that holding her dress together was much more important than keeping the hair away from her face. And we think she made the right decision. Who doesn’t love a good Marilyn moment?

Jessica Simpson Takes a Tumble at Her Husband’s Birthday Dinner

From her Dukes of Hazzard role to her Newlywed days, Jessica Simpson has won over countless fans over the years. And this triple threat can act, sing, and even dance! But one thing she can’t do is hold herself up after a night on the town in Hollywood. Especially just after her husband’s birthday party.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See18
Image: Daily Mail

This picture was snapped in 2017 just after Eric Johnson’s birthday dinner, and as she left Craig’s restaurant at two in the morning she couldn’t even stand up straight! It was down to her husband to help carry her to the car, and it looks like that was pretty difficult. She could barely keep her two feet on the ground.

Ashley Benson Takes a Tumble in Her Flat Boots

In an A-list world where celebrities daren’t leave the house without wearing high heels, it’s not uncommon to see them falling over on cobblestones or just tripping over their stilettos. So, how did Ashley Benson get this so wrong? Not only was she walking on a flat surface, but she was also wearing flat boots!

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See9
Image: Daily Mail

But we guess these celebs can’t have it all, and we have a feeling that Ashley wasn’t exactly feeling like the emoji on her shirt after this moment was caught on camera. Not only would she have had bruised knees and maybe even a bruised chin, but she probably had a bruised ego as well.

Jennifer Lopez Forgets Her Outfit and Wear a Bathrobe

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got. She is still Jenny from the block. She used to have a little, and now she has a lot. But she never forgets where she came from. That would be the Bronx, of course. And on this day, she decided to take a stroll and remember her roots.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See43
Image: In Style

Here, Jen wears a cozy bathrobe as she takes a stroll around NYC. The fashion police might call it tacky. But when you have everything already, maybe it’s refreshing to dress down sometimes. In this case, way, way down. And right on cue, the paparazzi was there to document it all.

Kendall Jenner Doesn’t Realize How Sheer Those Leggings Are

Supermodel, socialite, and reality television personalty Kendall Jenner is often thought to be the most shy momber of the Kardashian clan. She frequently shies away from attention when she’s out and about, and never looks too pleased to see the hoards of paparazzi around her.

Not Their Finest Moment  Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Dont Want You to See19
Image: PopSugar

But the supermodel suffered a wardrobe failure when she stepped outside in 2018. She was in Cannes for the annual film festival and pictured off-duty wearing some leggings. But the material was far too thin to protect her modesty and showed her beige briefs in all their glory. Note to self – check that people can’t see your underwear through soft-touch leggings.