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Ohio Bride Brings Her Wedding to the Hospital to Surprise Her Father Who Couldn’t Make It

All Janae Price wanted was for her father to walk her down the aisle and have a special father-daughter dance with her. When she discovered he couldn’t make it, she brought the wedding to him. His reaction is priceless



1. Janae’s Distance from Her Family Family

Janae Price grew up in a religious home. Her parents are devout practicing Christians and her siblings follow the same path. Many children have a rebellious phase, but Janae’s pushed her away from her family. Her behavior did not align with her parent’s beliefs and rules.

They tried to warn her but Janae could not understand. She left home.  “I sacrificed a life with my loving family to follow a boy that walked a wayward path, leading to nothing but a dead end and loss of self. I was willing to compromise my faith, my values, and disappoint my family in an attempt to please a person who did not have my best interest at heart.”