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Oklahoma Mom Kicked Out of Mall for Breast Feeding

An Oklahoma mom finds it hard to be a mom outside of her home. An officer kicks mom out of the mall for breastfeeding on the grounds of indecent exposure.



Feminism has been on the rise in the past decade. Yes, women can vote, but the discrimination gets way more complicated than that. Women are standing up for their rights and ensuring that they get the same treatment men do. While the feminist movement is making loads of progress, mainly by spreading awareness to inequality, it somehow feels as if modern-day America is made up of two time periods. We are living in 2017 and 1920’s at the same time. Women are now bosses, CEOs, doctors and hold many influential positions. However, there’s still a very old-fashioned view about a woman’s decency that just won’t budge

An Oklahoma mom was shopping at a local mall when suddenly her baby got hungry. The normal and natural reaction is to breastfeed her hungry child, and that is exactly what she did. A security guard approached her saying that her breastfeeding was an indecent exposure and that she needed to leave immediately.

In the midst of all the progress, people forget human nature. Women get pregnant, they have babies, and their babies are hungry, so women breastfeed. It’s natural. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an invention that can program a baby’s hunger to happen at a set time. That means a baby will be in need of some breastfeeding at any time in any place.
Lately, our “modern” society is shunning this natural process. In fact, some people even find the whole breastfeeding thing, that has been around since the beginning of time, to be offensive.

It seems as if all the hard work that feminists did to allow women to be equals in society is being pushed back when it’s still hard for women to be a woman in public. The mall made a statement saying they are addressing the situation in the best way they can.
“At Central Mall Lawton, we are committed to providing our customers and employees with an enjoyable shopping environment. As part of this commitment, we provide many offerings designed for families including family bathrooms, nursing areas, and play areas. We also have a private nursing area in our ladies restroom. As a family-friendly destination, we do allow women to breastfeed in the center and are addressing the recent situation involving a nursing mother.”