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One for the Germaphobes: Hotel Offers Fresh Remotes

Germaphobes alike are ecstatic about Best Western’s newest hygienic improvement. They now offer a fresh remote in each hotel room after hearing how germy they actually are.



We’ve all seen the countless articles dubbing a remote  “the dirtiest item in your hotel room.” Most people never considered the fact that a remote can hit the top of the germ list when it comes to a hotel room. The first suspects are usually the doorknob, the shower, and that oddly-designed thin blanket on top of the sheets. However, it turns out that the remote takes the prize for “germiest object.” It’s the thing everyone touches, and no one thinks to clean. Ever since news got out about this dirty little secret, (literally) people just cannot get the thought out of their minds.

One for the Germaphobes: Hotel Offers Fresh Remotes

Customers are more concerned with cleanliness then they are with room service and wifi. People are grossed out by the studies on hotel sanitation, and it makes it hard to enjoy a vacation stay knowing that your room is crawling with filth. Cleanliness recently became a top priority for customers and hotels got the message. One chain of hotels, in particular, took care of any potential competition by making a move no one would have expected.

Best Western offers a “fresh remote.” It’s a heavenly concept for the average germaphobe. The hotel room’s remote is found in a white sleeve labeled “fresh remote.” Of course, a remote is not the only concern when it comes to cleanliness; there are tons of other major germ collectors to think about. For example, that duvet on top of the sheets, the drinking glasses in the shower, the bathtub and so much more. However, the fact that Best Western heard the germaphobes cries is one step towards a world filled with perfectly clean hotel rooms.