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Ordinary People Who Freakishly Resemble A-List Celebrities

Some say that everyone has at least six people who look exactly like them in the world. The chance of knowing who your “doppelgangers” are is super slim – unless they’re a celeb! HypeGalore is happy to share this list of ordinary people who freakishly resemble an A-list celebrity.



Some say that everyone has at least six people who look exactly like them in the world. Although the chances of running into your “doppelganger” are super slim due to the overload of people on this planet, it has happened before. The chances that you’ll ever meet your doppelganger are slim to done. To be exact, you have a one out of 7 billion chance of seeing them.

Doppelgangers are not people who kind of look like you. They’re people who look so similar to you that your parents will mistake them for being their kid. Some people have stories of casually going on with their daily routine and then running into someone who looks like their twin. The similarity is so striking that you might even think your parents forget to tell you a little something about a long lost twin. Those who experienced it will tell you just how creepy it is. But wait till you see celebrity doppelgangers.

The resemblance between you and your “twin” is something you both, immediately recognize. Sometimes people travel abroad and meet the person who looks like a reflection in the mirror. Although most of us hardly ever get the opportunity to run into their doppelganger,  celebrities have a better chance of knowing who their identical pal is.

Celebrities are not excluded from the six-person rule. These public faces have their “dopple-gang” traveling the world just like the rest of us. The people who look like a spitting image of celebrities get stopped and chased with cameras all the time. Some of the people we’re about to show you look so much like the real thing that fans follow them around and ask for autographs. 

A few of these celebrity doppelgangers even say how their resemblance makes like more difficult. Just imagine what its like to have to keep letting people down when you tell them you’re not the famous person they were expecting to meet. On the bright side though, loads of privileges come when you look like a star. Just think of all the lines these people will be able to skip.

Once you see these shocking resemblances you’ll be a full believer in the fact that doppelgangers are totally real! It may even be hard to differentiate between who the real celeb is and who their doppelganger is. Good luck with that!