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FDA vs Juul: The War on the Teen Vaping Epidemic That Hooks Young People on E-Cigarettes

September 28, 2019

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been trying hard to crack down on the teen vaping epidemic for the last five years and in light of New York’s recent sales ban of most e-cigarette flavors, the pressure is only increasing. Catch up on the latest news on the vaping crack-down in the US and around the world, in a global pandemic that has other countries fighting for an addiction-free future. At Hype Galore, we’re taking a look at the current vaping climate in regards to young people.


A Different Perspective: Life Drawing Models Reveal What It’s Like to Bare All in Front of Strangers

September 21, 2019

Whether or not you’ve attended a life-drawing class before, you’ve likely asked yourself the question, “why would someone opt to model nude in front of a group of strangers?” As we at Popular Everything have come to learn, all walks of life are drawn to this unusual activity, with some even managing to turn it into a full-time career. Such an odd experience is surely noteworthy, not just what it feels like but why someone might opt for it in the first place. Check out some of the daring individuals who chose to expose!


Cardi 2020: How Cardi B Is Ditching the Bling to Suit up and Speak Out

September 18, 2019

Cardi B has now cemented her status as the global rapper and straight-talking superstar the world never knew we needed. While she has unapologetically bounced onto the scene as a true Bronx girl, dripping in bling, Cardi has gradually evolved her style. Lately, she seems to be heading in a different direction. So we’re here to chart the evolution of Cardi B.


Reaching for the Stars: Before Becoming Hollywood’s Top of the Class, These Celebs Attended Prestigious Ivy League Schools

September 16, 2019

Time and again, we’ve heard celebrities get criticized in the media for not having a lot going on in the brain department. We’re here to prove the tabloids wrong! In an attempt to turn this stereotype around, Hype Galore is paying a visit to some of the biggest A-listers in the business. What do these stars have in common? They all attended Ivy League schools! They may enjoy lavish lives now, but it wasn’t without a little hard work!

Around the World

Celebrities Who Are Actually Taking Action to Save the Amazon Rainforest

September 12, 2019

The Amazon rainforest fires are now raging at a record rate, and Brazil has officially declared a state of emergency. The Amazon has now become a hotbed of debate in the media and many celebrities have also been going the extra mile to help too. So let’s shine a spotlight on some celebs who are actually doing great things to help the situation.


Meghan Markle Flew in to Support Serena Williams at the U.S Open Proving Royalty Always Sticks Together

September 10, 2019

While Meghan Markle and Serena Williams are both pop royalty in their own fields, the Royal Duchess and the tennis champ, Serena Williams are also the cutest BFF’s. So, when Serena competed for the crown in the 2019 US Open, Meghan flew to cheer her pal on in the cutest possible way. So let’s take a look inside the cutest cheerleading moments in their empowering friendship, and see why all eyes were on Meghan during that legendary match.


The Most Memorable Award Show Moments That Will be Trending Until the End of Time

September 8, 2019

Award show ceremonies may be prestigious and follow a tradition, but it turns out, they’re not nearly as mundane as you might think! Over the years, some of the most notable A-listers have stepped out to do the unexpected at these events, which have in turn gone viral and will forever go down in history. Here’s our line up of the most memorable highlights from award shows over the years.


Behind the Scenes Green Screen Photos Reveal the Secrets Behind Hit Blockbusters

September 5, 2019

Have you ever wondered how big-time productions end up looking so impressive by the time they hit our screens? The time for wondering is no more, as Hype Galore is taking you through some of the biggest onscreen franchises, and how through the power of green screen, they can edit their shots to look as impressive as ever.


First Woman to Officially Run The Boston Marathon Heads Back to the Track 50 Years Later

September 4, 2019

Kathrine Switzer is a hero of the women’s rights movement. In 1967 she completed the Boston marathon which, at the time, was forbidden to women. The exclusion of her gender was not enough to keep her off the track and today she is a symbol of woman strength. Switzer serves as a role model for all female athletes that are told they’re just not good enough.


Trending: #Minimalism. Joy of Missing Out?

September 3, 2019

We’re all a victim to the marketing of “millennial minimalism”. We’ve witnessed its rise through social media; Instagram posts of bleached white bedspreads and plant pots on empty surfaces. While minimalism is nothing new, it’s hard to deny its surge in popularity among millennials. These days more and more of us are resisting the culture of overconsumption. Read about the first steps you can take to deculttering your life, from avoiding consumer traps to owning with more intention.